Favourites Horse Racing System

Punters are regularly looking for the most profitable systems for winning on horse racing betting.

The top-rated horse racing tipsters have some amazing betting systems we explain to give punters a higher chance of making a profit.

In our 1st and 2nd Favourite Horse Racing System guide we explain how you can make your betting profitable by backing favourites.

Today’s Best Favourite

Here are all today’s favourites with good chances:

Chelmsford City17:30Okeanos
Chelmsford City18:00Villalobos
Chelmsford City18:30Prenup
Chelmsford City19:00Stormy Entry
Chelmsford City19:30Shalaa Asker
Chelmsford City20:00Pending Appeal
Chelmsford City20:30Heath Rise
Doncaster13:50Loaded Gun
Doncaster14:25Harswell Duke
Doncaster17:20Mrs Meader
Doncaster17:50Kalahari Prince
Kempton Park13:30My Lion
Kempton Park14:05Secret State
Kempton Park14:40Al Marmar
Kempton Park15:15Aztec Empire
Kempton Park15:50Fix You
Kempton Park16:25Dora Penny
Kempton Park17:00Chantico
Stratford-On-Avon14:52Feel The Pinch
Stratford-On-Avon16:02Dellboy Trotter
Stratford-On-Avon16:37Vision Des Flos
Uttoxeter14:45Mr Vango
Uttoxeter15:20Corey'S Courage
Uttoxeter15:55Real Stone
Uttoxeter16:30Last Quarter
Uttoxeter17:05Breizh Alko
Uttoxeter17:35Shirley Knott
Bellewstown (IRE)13:20Firm Handshake
Bellewstown (IRE)13:55Master Garvey
Bellewstown (IRE)14:30My Little Tip
Bellewstown (IRE)15:05Sam'S Xpress
Bellewstown (IRE)15:40Inishmot Prince
Bellewstown (IRE)16:15Dollar Value
Bellewstown (IRE)16:50Star Kissed

1st Favourite Horse Racing System

Plenty of punters avoid backing the favourites and talk badly of horse racing tipsters that have favourites in their predictions.

But the data shows the most profitable tipsters regularly find value in the betting markets on the shortest price horse in the race (fave).

Backing the right favourites really is the way to long-term profits.

If you are looking for the best favourite horse racing betting systems you need to follow these rules:

  • Money talks – look which favourites are being backed in the betting
  • Source 2nd faves who you think have a lot to find with the current fav
  • Do not blindly back faves as sometimes there is a false fave

2nd Favourite Horse Racing System

The 2nd favourite horse racing betting system can be a great angle for sports bettors as in many races the betting odds is big enough to allow each way bets and get money back for a place.

If you are looking for the best second-favourite horse racing betting systems you need to follow these rules:

  • Look for favourites for are weak in the betting market
  • Find races where each way bets return your money back
  • Research selections who might seek improvement in form

What percentage of favourites win horse races UK?

The percentage of favourites winning their race in the UK over the last five years is 34.4%.

With over 1 in 3 favourites winning the statistics shows the strike rate and returns for the clear favourite in the Betfair market at the off.

The Favourite-Longshot Bias Rears Its Head

The “favourite-longshot bias” is where bookmakers overvalue the “longshots” and undervalue favourites or in other words, favourites are underbet whilst longshots are overbet.

Data and stats over the past decade show outsiders (odds of greater than 20-1) have a loss strike rate of over 40%.

Horses sent off between 5-1 to 14-1 fared slightly better but still provided a loss strike rate of 12%.

Favourites (inc co-fav or joint-fav) showed a lower loss strike rate of 7.8%.

Odds on favourites won around 58% of their races and provided the lowest loss percentage of 6.7%.

From the statistical data the “favourite-longshot bias” is real and generally speaking the larger odds runners generally return punters a higher loss percentage.

Backing the Right Favourites

If you want to back favourites for profit the key is to find the right favourites to back.

The assumption is wrong to assume that each favourite has the best chance in the race.

Only one third of favourites win their races which still means two-thirds of favourites don’t so they must be “False Favourites”.

Here are a few filters you can use to not place bets on “False Favourites”:

Jockeys – Avoid favourites not ridden by a top jockey
Course – Avoid favourites that have yet to prove they handle the track they are racing on.
Trainers – Avoid trainers with low winning strike rates at the track.
Going – Avoid favourites that haven’t proven they handle the prevailing going.
Draw – Avoid favourites that haven’t got a good draw which is very important on some tracks.

The savvy favourite backer, won’t bet on all races but they will limit their investments to only those favourites with a strong chance.

Never dismiss a favourite that’s odds on if you feel strongly it will win. A short-priced favourite can still be a value bet if the selection wins.

Find The Right Sort of Races for Backing Favourites

The higher the winning strike rate of races the better it is for sports bettors.

Big field handicaps have a very low strike rate for backing favourites and is a type of race to avoid.

Non-handicap races are the most interesting with a win strike rate of 45% and level stakes profit.

Looking for the listed, group 1,2 or 3 races are showing the biggest profits for the favourite horse racing betting systems.

Always remember to be selective and look for the right races to bet in.

Can You Make Profit Backing Only Favourites

If you follow the highest profitable betting tipsters and only wager bets on their NAP selections the data shows you can make a significant profit.

With all gambling, there are huge risks involved and there is no such thing as a certainty or banker.

If you study the form or follow the highest-rated tipping services you can make money from online bookmakers.

What is the Beaten Favourites System?

The beaten favourite system involves placing a bet on a horse that lost its most recent race but had a track record of winning prior to that defeat.

This approach assumes that the horse’s previous successes are indicative of its ability and that its most recent loss was a temporary setback.

By betting on such a horse, punters are essentially wagering that it will bounce back and perform well in the next race.

Laying The Favourite

A popular strategy among bettors is to make a lay bet against the favourite in a race, commonly referred to as “laying the favourite”.

The reasoning behind this approach is that while a horse may be designated as the favourite, it may not necessarily be the most likely to win the race.

There are often weak favourites in the racing calendar, and there may be valid reasons to oppose them.


Many 1st and 2nd Favourite Horse Racing Betting Systems were invented, but none can guarantee a return on investment.

The strategy involves betting on horses that were the favourites in their previous race but lost, on the assumption that they may have been unlucky or had an off day and are therefore undervalued by the bookmakers.

Studying the form and understanding the risks involved are hugely important when gambling online.  But investors or professional sports betting experts let the data do the talking and study the angles to give them the best possible chance of improving their strike rates.

Having a solid betting strategy is essential for success. One useful resource for horse racing enthusiasts is the Racing Post website, which offers a wealth of information on horses, jockeys, and trainers, as well as expert analysis and tips.

At British Racecourses, we try to provide all the important statistical data needed to make calculated decisions on your daily bets.

The betting industry as a whole has undergone significant changes in recent years, with the rise of online betting and the increasing popularity of betting exchanges, which allow customers to bet against each other rather than against the bookmaker.

Understanding these trends and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry can help you stay ahead of the curve.

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