How To Delete 888Sport Account

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There are many reasons why you might want to delete your 888Sport account.

No matter what reason you have, here’s how to delete a 888 Sport account with an email template example you can copy and paste to save you time.

Find out how to delete an 888 Sports betting account:


What Is 888Sport?

888Sport is an online gambling portal that offers sports games, casino games, and betting to any customer.

The leading betting website allows you to deposit money and place bets on sporting events, and gives you several withdrawal methods to collect your winnings.

They offer a number of betting services and gaming options, whether you want to bet on horse racing or play casino games.

Reasons To Delete 888Sport Account or Close 888 account

You might want to delete your 888Sports account for many reasons. Whether you’re fed up with receiving email marketing from the company or are actively trying to reduce your gambling habits.

If you are trying to delete your 888Sports account because you want to limit your gambling then you may also want to consider a self-exclusion first, which suspends you from betting, playing games, and accessing your account for a time period set by you.

However, if you don’t think that a self-imposed ban is right for you, here’s how to delete your 888Sport account.

How To Delete 888Sport Account

If you’re in the UK, to delete your 888Sport account you will need to email the customer service team using the email associated with your 888Sport customer account.

You will need to email: [email protected]

Provide the following in your email: full name, 888 account number (if possible), location (UK), address, email address, and username. You should also try to email from the email account that you use to log into your 888 account.

As you can see, how to close 888sport account is relatively easy.

Example Of Account Deletion Email

Start with a subject line of: ‘Account Closure Request

I am writing to request the deletion of my 888Sports account.

Could you help me to delete the account and all account information associated with my email address [email protected] and name Your Name?

Would you also be able to confirm if there is any deposit money associated with my account for withdrawal, please?

Many thanks.

What Is The Difference Between Deleting And Suspending My Account?

Here’s how to tell and what to do if you find that your 888sport account is deleted, suspended, or locked.

Deleted Account with 888

A deleted account is when all of your information, history, funds and data have been permanently removed from the 888Sport database. You will not be able to log back in or access any account details associated with it.

Suspended Account with 888 Sport

A suspended account is when your account, information, and history is temporarily inaccessible to you. This may be because of a self-exclusion period, which is designed to promote responsible gambling.

You will be able to log back into your account once this temporary period has ended. With most sites, customers can choose to set deposit limits so you don’t overspend on betting.

Locked Account

A locked account has been blocked by 888Sport and is temporarily inaccessible. This might be because you haven’t provided evidence for age verification or you have entered the incorrect login details 3 times in a row.

You will need to contact a member of the support team to unlock your account.

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Summary of Deleting an 888 Account

Many punters choose to delete or close an 888 account for a number of reasons. This leading bookmaker makes this process easy and simple as highlighted above.

Closing Other Betting Accounts

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At British Racecourses, we strongly recommend responsible gambling at all times. So please always play within your means and reach out for professional advice should you need to.