How To Delete Bet365 Account

If you want to delete your Bet365 account, our guide has step-by-step instructions on how to close your account.

You may wish to delete your Bet365 account for many reasons, such as gambling limits, marketing spam, lack of use or just because you fancy a change of online betting site.

Fortunately, this leading company makes it easy for you to close your account via their website.

You have the option to close your account Bet365 account by going into your account online and clicking to close your account. This means that you can delete your account yourself and it’s relatively straightforward and easy.

  1. Log into your account at Bet365
  2. Click on ‘Service’ in the top right then click ‘Members’ option
  3. Click ‘My Account’ option then on ‘Responsible Gambling’
  4. Click on the ‘Close My Account’ button

You may not be able to do this from the Bet365 app and so closing your account might require access to a computer.

Bet365 Alternatives

If you are closing your account with Bet365 because of the service, odds or want to make the most of sign up bonuses elsewhere here are alternative bookmakers you may wish to consider:

What Is Bet365?

Bet365 is a UK-based online betting service, where customers can place a bet on sports and other competitive games. Players can also play casino games on their platform.

They are one of the most respected and liked betting sites in the UK and indeed the world.

They promote responsible gambling on their site by offering options like deposit limits, reality check alerts, and self-imposed bans that lock you our of your Bet365 account for a set duration.

How To Contact Bet365?

If you want to confirm that your records and information have been deleted from their database, or if you would rather speak to Bet365 about cancelling your account, you can contact them by email or phone, these details are below:

Email Bet365

You can contact Bet365 by emailing: [email protected]

Try to email Bet365 using the email address associated with your account and use the subject line: Account Closure.

Call Bet365

You can call Bet365 on 01782 684 757

Make sure you have your name, email and other account information to hand when contacting Bet365 about closing your account.

Delete Bet365 account

How Do I Reactivate My Bet365 Account?

If you have successfully deleted your Bet365 account but want to reopen it, you need to contact the company directly either by phone, email, or live chat. An associate will be able to help you to reinstate or recreate an account on their website.

However, be aware that closing your account may also delete any personal information from their databases, so you may not be able to reopen your old account. Instead, you might need to re-register but you can use your old details to do so.

You cannot reopen your Bet365 account while you are in a self-exclusion period. For the duration of a self-imposed ban, you will not be able to reopen or access your account. They will also try to prevent members who are in a self-exclusion period from rejoining their website or using their services with another email address.

Disclaimer: always read the terms and conditions on the Bet365 website


If you want to close your account with Bet365 Betting Account follow the simple steps above and this leading UK bookmaker will action this.

If you are struggling with debts please get professional advice; there are some debt help companies who could also help.

If you are deleting your bet365 because not happy with their specific odds or bonuses there is plenty of new betting sites available to try your luck with.

Remember to always bet responsibly and when the fun stops, stop.

Deleting Other Accounts

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