How To Delete Ladbrokes Account

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There are many reasons you might want to close or suspend your account with Ladbrokes racing. But whatever your reason, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help and show you how to delete your Ladbrokes account.

All the information you need about your account closure and suspension with Ladbrokes, as well as a few tips to help make sure you don’t lose out on any funds or credits you’ve earned.

Find out how to delete your Ladbrokes account:


How to delete Ladbrokes Account

What Is Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes is a UK online gambling and bookmakers site where customers can place bets on horse racing, football, and other sporting events.

There are lots of betting options available from straight bets, two-way bets, and more. You can also play games like slots on their website.

Reasons To Close Your Ladbrokes Account

Despite all the games and betting Ladbrokes has to offer, you may want to close your account for several reasons.

Marketing Preferences

Like many gambling and betting sites, Ladbrokes send regular emails and spend a lot of money on marketing. Although their marketing efforts help their customer retention, they can also be a reason some customers choose to leave.

Constant emails and offers can be an issue if you’re trying to gamble responsibly or limit your gambling exposure. When you close your account with Ladbrokes, you should also stop receiving marketing communications, like emails, from them.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling can be addictive and you might want to take control of your gambling by suspending or leaving sites, like Ladbrokes that facilitate it. Ladbrokes gives you two options in this case: account closure or self-imposed exclusion.

What’s The Difference Between Closing And Suspending Your Account?

Closing Your Account

If you choose to close your gambling account, you are essentially deleting all your history, information and card details saved at the site.

So you won’t be able to log back in at any point or see any of your history or winnings. You should be able to reregister at a later date with the same details though if you choose to.

Suspending Your Account

If you choose to impose an exclusion on your account, you are only temporarily closing it. You’re essentially suspending it.

So you will not be able to log in, access your account, or access your winnings for the duration that you set in your self-imposed exclusion. After the duration of your ban passes you will be able to log in as normal using the same details.

How To Delete a Ladbrokes Account

You can delete your Ladbrokes account yourself without needing to contact their customer support for help. Here are the steps to close your account:

  1. Log in and select ‘my account’
  2. Click the option called ‘gambling controls’
  3. Then click ‘account closure’
  4. Fill in the short form about why you’re deleting your account
  5. Confirm your account email address & password
  6. Click ‘confirm’ and finish

Make sure that you have made any withdrawal of funds before you delete your Ladbrokes account as you will lose any all winnings, bonus points, and VIP status you had when you request to close it.

How Do I Reopen My Ladbrokes Account?

If you have decided to close your Ladbrokes account you will not be able to reopen it. Instead, you will have to create a new Ladbroke account but you should be able to use the same details as before.

If you want to reactive your account after a ban or a suspension you will need to contact Ladbrokes customer service team. They will review your account and ask you some questions in order to remove the ban. However, you may not be allowed to reactivate if you are still on a self-imposed ban.

How To Contact Ladbrokes

If you need to contact Ladbrokes to either delete your account with them or reactivate it, you can do so either by calling or emailing them.

Call Ladbrokes

You can call Ladbrokes on 0800 731 6191. It’s free for landlines and some mobiles.

Email Ladbrokes

You can email Ladbrokes on [email protected]

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Why is My Ladbrokes Account Suspended?

If “Ladbrokes closed my account” or your “Ladbrokes account suspended” you need to contact them directly to get it reinstated.

Summary of Closing Ladbrokes Account

It is simple and easy to delete your Labrokes account as shown above.

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