Kelso Racecourse

People are so fond of horse racing that they are willing to put money on their favorite rides. This has been a means of entertainment for quite a while now. You will see gentlemen grouped at home watching horse racing through a television. You will hear a racing update from your grandfather’s radio. You will find people reading the newspaper for winning riders and horses. But these are from the earlier era before betting sites were introduced. The traditional way of betting still exists. However, there are horse racing lovers who choose to bet online, so they won’t have to leave their homes during the race.

About Kelso Racecourse

In the United Kingdom, there are plenty of racecourses available. You’ve probably heard about The Jockey Club and its racecourses. This name is very popular in the region as it is an organization that owns many horse tracks. It was initially formed in 1750 by a group of men who have the same level of preference in horse racing. They gathered together and came up with an idea to collect horse tracks. Eventually, the idea evolved into a modern concept that is now being enjoyed by racers and horse racing lovers. The Jockey Club control Exeter and Huntingdon today.
Kelso Racecourse is another story. It is a horse racing venue owned by Kelso Races Ltd. and was opened in 1822. It claims that it is the friendliest racecourse in Britain. It is also a racecourse track that was voted as the Best Small Course in the tear 2007, 2012, and 2014. These achievements truly define how great the venue is not just for racers but for attendees too. Before, Kelso was called the Duke’s Course. It was just a flat racing track until the United Border Hunt was positioned to the course in 1888. This racecourse is now under the National Hunt rules.

About Kelso Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

During the past years, people are contented to bet the traditional way. Well, that was easier because you could have the chance to watch the race live and place your bet on your top rider. Because of the rapid changes in technology, there are betting sites people can utilize now. What’s right about this is that it is more convenient than going to racecourses. Plus, you can get free bets and bonuses if you choose to transact with betting sites. There are a lot of websites on the internet, but not all of them can give you satisfaction.
Some of the top-rated betting sites you will find online are Paddypower, Betvictor, and 888 sport. Paddypower gives a £20 free bet and a bonus. It’s also rated as 5.0 by the users. Betvictor has £30 free bets with bonuses and rated as 4.5 by online users. 888 sport has £30 free bets for every £10 bet with a bonus. This is rated as 4.5 as well. The secret to choosing the best betting site online is by assessing the ratings of the clients. The higher the rating, the more reliable the website is.

Where is the Kelso Racecourse?

Kelso Racecourse is in Golf Course Road, Kelso, in Scotland. It is where the scenic Scottish borders lie. This is a left-handed course and is popular for rough uphill three furlongs. The length is almost the same as the Aintree Grand National. This racecourse conducts 14 horse races annually, and some of the significant events are Morebattle Hurdle held in February and John Smith’s Scottish Borders National Day in December.

Kelso Racecourse’s Attendees and Capacity

This racecourse is designed to hold up to 10,000 attendees at a time. But since there is an increasing number of attendees every year, a £300,000 facelift is planned. This is such new entrance, and offices will be constructed for the benefit of the racers and audience.

How do I bet on horses at Kelso?

To bet on horses at Kelso, you can choose the tote, bookmakers, and gambling sites method. The tote lets you bet in a pool, and all the winners divide the winnings after the game. There can be more than one winner in this method. The bookmaker is the traditional way wherein you will see a sign of the minim bet and an odd screen for the next game. Lastly, betting sites are a new way to bet. You can browse the internet for top-rated betting sites that offer free bets.

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