Mill Reef Stakes

The Mill Reef Stakes in the United Kingdom is a two-year-old flat event.

Every year in September, at a distance of 6 furlongs, it takes place at Newbury.

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Mill Reef Stakes

Mill Reef Stakes 2023 Odds

Here are the latest odds for the Mill Reef Stakes in September 2023:

These odds have not yet been released.

Mill Reef Stakes Tips

Here are some tips for Mill Reef Stakes in September 2023:

  • 2 points to win for TBC at odds of TBC
  • 1 point each way for TBC at odds of TBC

Some of the horses in the Mill Reef Stakes will run in other events later in the year. Stay updated on the horses and place ante-post bets if you want to wager on them.

Mill Reef Stakes Previous Winners

Year Winner Jockey Trainer Time
1972Mon FilsRon HutchinsonRichard Hannon Sr.1:18.40
1973HabatPat EdderyPeter Walwyn1:13.40
1974Red CrossPat EdderyPeter Walwyn1:18.90
1975Royal BoyBruce RaymondMichael Jarvis1:16.80
1976AnaxGeoff LewisBruce Hobbs1:16.40
1977FormidablePat EdderyPeter Walwyn1:12.50
1978King of SpainPaul CookPeter Cundell1:14.80
1979Lord SeymourPat EdderyMichael Stoute1:12.80
1980Sweet MondayPhilip WaldronJack Holt1:13.20
1981HaysBruce RaymondGuy Harwood1:16.50
1982SalieriLester PiggottHenry Cecil
1983VacarmeLester PiggottHenry Cecil1:15.50
1984Local SuitorWillie CarsonDick Hern1:17.60
1985LuqmanNicky HowePeter Walwyn
1986Forest FlowerTony IvesIan Balding1:14.03
1987Magic of LifePat EdderyJeremy Tree1:16.51
1988Russian BondWillie RyanHenry Cecil1:14.07
1989WelneyGary CarterGeoff Wragg1:12.11
1990Time GentlemenWillie CarsonJohn Dunlop1:15.21
1991ShowbrookWillie CarsonRichard Hannon Sr.1:13.95
1992Forest WindFrankie DettoriMohammed Moubarak1:14.80
1993Polish LaughterWalter SwinburnBen Hanbury1:15.59
1994Princely HushMicky FentonMichael Bell1:17.23
1995Kahir AlmaydanWillie CarsonJohn Dunlop1:16.28
1996Indian RocketRichard HillsJohn Dunlop1:11.52
1997Arkadian HeroKieren FallonLuca Cumani1:15.05
1998Golden SilcaSeb SandersMick Channon1:12.85
1999Primo ValentinoMichael RobertsPeter Harris1:11.52
2000Bouncing BowdlerRichard HillsMark Johnston1:13.56
2001FirebreakMartin DwyerIan Balding1:11.79
2002ZafeenSteve DrowneMick Channon1:12.91
2003ByronJamie SpencerDavid Loder1:12.68
2004GaleotaRyan MooreRichard Hannon Sr.1:13.84
2005Cool CreekRyan MooreRichard Hannon Sr.1:11.85
2006Excellent ArtKerrin McEvoyNeville Callaghan1:11.68
2007Dark AngelMichael HillsBarry Hills1:11.68
2008Lord ShanakillJim CrowleyKarl Burke1:11.82
2009AwzaanRichard HillsMark Johnston1:12.40
2010Temple MeadsRichard MullenEd McMahon1:11.73
2011Caspar NetscherKieren FallonAlan McCabe1:13.49
2012MoohaajimAdam KirbyMarco Botti1:11.19
2013SupplicantTony HamiltonRichard Fahey1:13.59
2014ToocoolforschoolSilvestre de SousaKarl Burke1:14.35
2015RibchesterJames DoyleRichard Fahey1:14.39
2016Harry AngelAdam KirbyClive Cox1:13.18
2017James GarfieldFrankie DettoriGeorge Scott1:10.64
2018KessaarFrankie DettoriJohn Gosden1:14.23
2019Pierre LapinAndrea AtzeniRoger Varian1:10.90
2020AlkumaitJim CrowleyMarcus Tregoning1:09.70
2021Wings Of WarAdam KirbyClive Cox1:12.40
2022SakheerDavid EganRoger Varian1:13.53

Mill Reef Stakes Previous Result

Popular Questions

Where is the Mill Reef Stakes held?

The Mill Reef Stakes is held at Newbury Racecourse.

Summary of Mill Reef Stakes

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