Sedgefield Racecourse

General information & history of Sedgefield Racecourse
The earliest stories of racing at Sedgefield are from around 1732 but no events were recorded until 1846. In 1804 an official club was established and Sedgefield became host to the Ralph Lambdon Hunt. In 1846 meetings were officially recognized and established.
Prior to WWI, when races were temporarily put on hold, the Sedgefield racecourse only held a single two-day event per year, which gradually increased to at least monthly meetings and continues to increase up to 20 fixtures of today after a new racecourse company was founded in 1927.
Over the years, the facilities have improved slowly with most happening after 1977 with the death of the Chairman at the time and a new chairman stepping into the role. The new chairman appointed numerous refurbishments to take place including the demolition of tin sheds and new restaurants and bars to be put in their place, in addition to a new pavilion and a number of corporate suites. The stables were also improved for both horses and staff. 1996 saw another change in chairman and another round of refurbishment with a new betting ring, Parade ring and weighing room complex for jockeys, medical staff and officials.
In 1999 a horrific accident threatened to close the Sedgefield racecourse. It was only saved by a purchase by Northern Racing, who invested largely in renovations to enclosures, eateries, and bars and also an improved drainage system.
Sedgefield Racecourse is a left-handed course now owned by Arena Racing Company and hosts solely jump racing meets, in addition to social functions such as weddings and conferences.
Where is the Sedgefield Racecourse?
Sedgefield Racecourse is located in Durham, which is close to the town of Sedgefield. It is easily accessible from Racecourse Road, just off the M1. There are also options for both flight and train, however, alternate transport is required to bridge the gap in these cases.
What is the highest attendance at Sedgefield Racecourse?
With at least one monthly meet, Sedgefield racecourse is home to a number of well-known events including the Durham National. There are around 20 fixtures a year in addition to events such as weddings, conferences festivals, markets and shows. The site is licensed for a total of 5,000 people.
How do I bet on horses at Sedgefield?
Sedgefield racecourse provides tote betting facilities in most of their restaurants and bars. Tote betting is where when placing a bet, the stake goes into a cumulative pool of money. Each type of bet has its own pool. The betting odds are affected by how many people bet, which horse they bet on and how much they choose to bet. The fewer betters backing a particular horse means the more the winnings.
The popular ways to bet through the tote option include win (where one chooses a single horse to win a single race), each way (the selection of a single horse which will either win or place in a single race)place (the selection of a single horse which will place in a single race and the specification of the position it will place), double (the selection of two separate horses in two separate races), exacta (the selection of two horses which place in the top two in a single race, the order must be specified), trifecta (the selection of three horses which place in the top three in a single race, the order must be specified), swinger (the selection of three horses which place in the top three in a single race, the order does not need to be specified), quadpot (the selection of four horses which will place in specifically races three, four, five and six at a single meet), placepot (the selection of six horses to win the first six races of a single meet), jackpot (the selection of six winners from a selection of ‘jackpot’ meetings from a single day) and swoop6 (the selection of six winners from high profile ‘scoop6’ meetings from a single day)
Outside of the Paxton Stand, there is a tarmac betting ring for the bookmakers. Bookmakers are companies or sometimes individuals who specialize in calculating the odds of race winners. They also take bets and distribute the winnings.
Sedgefield Racecourse also provides free WiFi for the increasingly popular online betting.

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