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Punters enjoy studying the horse racing form to make calculated decisions on their daily selections.

Top Speed Ratings also commonly known as speed figures and provide bettors with a numeric to compare runners’ speeds.

Other important metrics to study are the official rating where you can find horses ahead of the handicapper and then the RPR rating where you can find more in our guide to racing post ratings explained.

An important part of the race cards is the Top Speed Ratings provided by the Racing Post.

In our Horse Racing Top Speed Ratings guide, we provide you with all today’s runners who are top officially the highest-rated top-speed horses in each race.

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Top Speed Ratings

Today’s Top Speed Horses

Here are all today’s top-speed horses:

MeetingTimeNameTS RatingsBet Slip
Ayr14:05Indian LouisTop Speed Horse
Ayr14:35Bleu D'EnferTop Speed Horse
Ayr15:05BallycooseTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Ayr15:35Eire StreetTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Ayr16:10I Am MaxTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Ayr16:45FiveafterfourTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Ayr17:20Red NedTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Plumpton14:20Winter RepriseTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Plumpton14:50SanitiserTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Plumpton15:20AtakanTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Plumpton15:55Dear RalphyTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Plumpton16:30Robins FieldTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Plumpton17:05Our Bill'S AuntTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton16:55Asgard'S CaptainTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton17:30Breguet BoyTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton18:00SiobhanbroganTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton18:30IppotheosTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton18:30Love YoursTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton19:30The DefiantTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton20:00Lunar RocksTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton20:30UpepoTop Speed HorseAdd to BetSlip →

What Does TS Stand For in Race Cards?

The column marked TS on the horse racing form guides are the top speed ratings of the horses compiled by the Racing Post that is designed to rate a horses ability based on how fast a horse has run in a race.

The more seasoned punters research and use the TS ratings to make decisions on the possible outcome of the race.

Top Speed ratings are calculated by comparing the time it took for a horse to finish a race.

The TS figures will then be compared to the racing posts’ standard time for that course and adjusted by a few factors such as distance, going and weight carried.

Should Punters Place Bets on Top Speed Horses?

The top speed ratings are a fairly accurate way of comparing the ability of horses.

But top-speed horses are only one metric of many to consider and other factors have to come into the reckoning when making your picks.

Checking the ground conditions, the form of the trainer, jockey booking and previous course is just a few other important factors to check.

Top Speed ratings can be a very useful tool to use when analyzing a race and are certainly important for tipsters to use during the research and analysis to predict the outcome of the race.

How the Racing Post’s TS ratings are calculated?

The top-speed rating is based on the horse’s actual finishing time along with other factors such as post position and track condition.

The higher the TS rating the better, with the fastest horses achieving in the 100s.

There are 2 types of TS ratings in the Racing Post.

The first is the adjusted TS ratings that you see on the race cards (This adjusted speed rating is based on the horses’ best speed rating over the past year by the Racing Post’s Top Speed Handicapper).

The second is the raw TS ratings that you see in the horses’ history.

When is Top Speed Rating Interesting To Follow?

Paying attention to the top speed rating is interesting if you see an outsider getting heavily backed and you notice that the horse has a high adjusted TS.

The adjusted TS is based on the best speed rating over the past year. The old form can be of interest to outsiders.

If a horse is being backed in the betting market this suggests that stable connections believe that their horse is back to its best form.

When is Top Speed Rating Not Valuable?

If a horse has not raced or has always performed poorly on the going the TS speed ratings are of little interest.

The top speed ratings are only valuable when the speed rating reflects the horse’s best performance on the going it is running on today.

Shrewd sports bettors can go through the raw speed ratings and convert them to adjusted speed ratings ourselves, but the calculations are pointless if the horse does not perform on the ground.

Popular Questions

What is at the races speed ratings?

At the races speed ratings is is exclusive ratings by speed expert Lawrence Taylor.

Every day the horse racing speed specialist Lawrence Taylor provides tips and predictions for today’s runners.

Sports bettors follow Lawrence Taylor’s best bets on a daily basis.

Summary of Top Speeding Ratings

The Racing Post’s top speed (TS) ratings are certainly a great metric used when studying the form and looking to make predictions on today’s racing.

Speed is one of the most important factors for determining a horse’s chance of winning a race.

The chances of the horse’s winning are increased slightly if the Top Speed Ratings is showing the horse to be the fastest on the TS metrics.

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