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The Tote supports and sponsors an incredible amount of money every year into the horse racing industry.

Tote sponsorships have been important to the survival of the sport.

“The sport of horse racing would not be here today if it was not for The Tote and World Pool generous sponsorship deals, over the past decade. It’s great to witness World Pool and the Tote investing in British racing the way they are. This boost benefits owners, trainers, jockeys with better prize money, and punters with improved value.”

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In our Tote Sponsorships guide, we provide all the latest sponsors and information updated in July 2024.

Why Does The Tote SupportBritish Racing?

The UK Tote Group is backed by racehorse owners and breeders from around the world who love the sport of horse racing.

The passion of the Tote company is clear to see with huge sponsorship deals with British racecourses every year.

Tote Horse Racing Sponsorship Deals

Here are some of the horse racing sponsorships provided by the Tote.

Multi-Million Pound Agreement With British Racecourses

Agreement with British racecourses that will see the Tote contribute a minimum of £50 million to the sport over 7 years.

The £50+ million support for the UK Racecourses and Irish Racecourses is key to the survival of many of the facilities.

Horseracing Betting Levy

Huge contribution payments to the Horserace Betting Levy.

5% of Tote Gaming Revenue Goes Back to Horse Racing

At the Tote, they love to support British horseracing and every game you play gives back to horse racing.

Tote contributes 5% of net gaming revenues to the sport of horse racing.

Tote will continue to involve customers in deciding how these funds are distributed each year andTote also sponsors several racecourses.

Charitable Donations

Every year Tote makes a wide number of charitable commitments, including contributing 5% of our net gaming revenues to horseracing charities.

Tote Supporting British Horse Racing

After asking our customers where the funds should be distributed, the donation is split between:

  • Racing Welfare
  • Racing to School
  • Greatwood
  • The Injured Jockeys Fund

All four horse racing charities do amazing work supporting people and horses in the racing community and will make excellent use of these funds.

Race Sponsorship

Most horse racing meetings have several races sponsored by the Tote.

Racehorse Owners Association Sponsorship Scheme

The Tote supports the Racehorse Owners Association Sponsorship Scheme, with over 1,800 ROA members having horses in the scheme and carrying the Tote logo on their silks.

This is a huge benefit to ROA members, enabling them to recover VAT on racing-related expenditure, benefiting British racing to the tune of over £7.5 million a year.

Alex Frost, Chief Executive of the UKTote Group, said:

We are committed to ensuring the Tote makes a positive contribution to British racing. Owners are absolutely crucial to the future success of the sport and we are delighted to be able to support this important scheme

Download the Owner-Sponsorship Agreement Form and send it to the ROA office either by post or email [email protected].

Who Are the Top Gambling Brands Sponsoring Horse Racing?

The biggest sponsors of horse racing are:

  • The Tote Betting Company
  • World Pool
  • Sky Bet
  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • Betway

Tote has been voted to provide the “largest horse racing sponsorships” for horse racing in 2024.

Has Tote World Pool Saved The Future of Horse Racing?

The Tote World Pool has saved the future of horse racing with its large charitable donations.

With the numbers dropping for people going to the races, the cost of living increasing, and pressures on animal-welfare concerns, the sport of horse racing was struggling.

But Tote Worold Pool’s charitable commitments to support horse racing have helped hugely to save the future of this amazing sport.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA), the sport’s governing body,has grabbed the reins and set up the foundations for horse racing to grow as an industry.

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The Tote is always on the lookout to sponsor horse racing events in the UK and globally.

Sponsoring so many horse racing events, racecourses, and racehorse ownership schemes truly helps support the future of horse racing.