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Tote Survivor is an exciting pool bet that challenges players to select the winners of six designated Saturday races before the first race begins.

The objective is to remain the sole Survivor by correctly picking the winners in each race.

The Survivor who successfully accomplishes this feat wins the entire prize pool.

In contrast to the Tote Scoop 6, where all six winners must be selected, Tote Survivor allows for the possibility of winning or sharing the prize pool without picking all six winners.

Let’s delve into the details of Tote Survivor betting.

How does Tote Survivor Betting Work?

Tote Survivor operates on a simple premise: choose a single horse in each of the six designated Survivor races.

This is referred to as a single line, with a unit stake.

Players also have the option to increase their chances of winning by selecting more than one horse for one or more legs, resulting in multiple lines, each worth the unit stake.

Calculating the Number of Lines in Tote Survivor

To determine the number of lines in your Tote Survivor bet, multiply the number of selections in the first leg by the number in the second leg, then continue this process for each subsequent leg until you have covered all six legs.

  • Leg 1: 2 selections
  • Leg 2: 1 selection
  • Leg 3: 1 selection
  • Leg 4: 2 selections
  • Leg 5: 3 selections
  • Leg 6: 2 selections

Multiplying these numbers together: 2 x 1 x 1 x 2 x 3 x 2 = 24 lines.

Tote Survivor Prize Pool Calculation and Distribution

The Survivor prize pool is calculated by taking the total number of bets placed on the Survivor game for the week and subtracting 27% from running costs.

The remaining pool is shared among the Survivors.

Backing the Un-named Favourite

In Tote Survivor, you have the option to select the un-named favourite as your choice in any leg.

By doing so, you will be backing the starting price (SP) favourite at the time the race commences.

Backing the un-named favourite can be a sound strategy, particularly in situations where the betting market is volatile, and it serves as a valuable indicator of a horse’s chances.

In cases where there are joint or co-favourites, the un-named favourite applies to the horse with the lowest race card number among those contenders.

Tote Survivor Strategy

Developing a successful Tote Survivor strategy involves striking a balance between selecting the most favoured horses and identifying potential underdogs.

While choosing favourites may seem like a logical approach, it’s important to consider that many other Survivor players may have similar selections.

This increases the likelihood of the prize pool being divided among numerous participants.

To maximise your chances of winning a larger share of the prize pool, consider selecting unexpected winners that have been overlooked by other Survivor players.

By doing so, the number of participants remaining in the game may significantly decrease, providing you with a greater opportunity to claim a substantial portion of the prize pool.

Where Can I Play Tote Survivor?

Tote Survivor is exclusively available on, offering a unique and thrilling betting experience for participants.

Upon accessing the race card for the first leg of the day, you can input your selections for that leg and proceed to do the same for subsequent legs until you have chosen at least one horse for each leg.

After finalising your selections, input your stake on the bet slip and click on the “place bet” button.

It’s important to note that your stake will be multiplied by the number of lines in your Survivor bet.

What is the Minimum Stake for Tote Survivor?

The minimum stake per line in Tote Survivor is 50p, allowing you the option to place a single line if you prefer.

As with all Tote bets, the dividend will always be declared to a £1 stake.

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Tote Survivor betting offers an engaging and strategic approach to pool betting.

By selecting winners in six designated races, players aim to be the last Survivor standing to claim the entire prize pool.

With careful selection and an understanding of the Tote Survivor strategy, you can enhance your chances of securing a significant share of the prize pool.

Visit to embark on your Tote Survivor journey and enjoy the excitement of this exclusive betting opportunity.