Welsh Racecourses

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We have reviewed all the best racecourses to visit in Wales, so if you are looking for a day at the races look no further. 

Welsh racegoers have plenty of options with three great horse racing venues to choose from.

Our Welsh Racecourses guide explains all the leading racecourses in Wales.

Find out more about the top Welsh racecourses:

Welsh Racecourses

Welsh Racecourses List

Here is the full list of Welsh racecourses:

  • Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse
  • Chepstow Racecourse
  • Ffos Las Racecourse

Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse

Bangor-on-Dee racecourse, located in Wrexham, is one of Wales’ few horse racing venues.

Opening back in 1859, this particular venue hosts national hunt racing throughout the year, with racing taking place almost every year since the racecourse first opened.

This racecourse offers a family-friendly atmosphere that makes for a terrific day out.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse for more information on tickets, fixtures and betting opportunities.

Chepstow Racecourse

Chepstow racecourse, located in South Wales, is an excellent horseracing venue with great hospitality for the guests that attend.

Chepstow is one of two racecourses in South Wales with Ffos Las being the other racecourse in south wales.

Chepstow racecourse is home to the most prestigious race in Welsh horse racing, The Welsh Grand National, which is held every December.

This racecourse, hosting both flat and national hunt racing, is also one of 16 racecourses to be owned by The Arena Racing Company.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Chepstow Racecourse for more information on tickets, fixtures and betting opportunities.

Ffos Las Racecourse

And finally, there’s Ffos Las racecourse. This Welsh horseracing venue is very new by modern standards, opening in June 2009.

Since then, this racecourse has grown significantly in popularity and is now known for hosting the famous Welsh Champion Hurdle each October.

Ffos Las is one of two racecourses in south wales with Chepstow being the other racecourse in South Wales.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Ffos Las racecourse for more information on tickets, fixtures and betting opportunities.

Why Watch Horse Racing In Wales?

Wales is an excellent location for horse racing, as its natural beauty, friendly locals and excellent venue options make it a brilliant day out for all.

Whilst there are not as many racecourses in Wales as in other countries, the few you do have to choose from are all brilliant in their own right, and definitely worth checking out.

So whether you’re local to Wales yourself or just going for a weekend break, the horse racing is definitely something you should consider.

Which Racecourse In Wales Is The Best?

With Wales only being the home to a few racecourses, there are not too many to choose from. Despite this, our racecourse of choice in Wales would be Chepstow.

Chepstow racecourse offers brilliant hospitality for its guests, and has been the home to some tremendous races in the past.

You can almost guarantee you’ll have a good day out at Chepstow, whether attending as a keen horseracing fan, going out with mates or for a fun family day out.

Wales Horse Racing Fixtures 2023

Here is the horse racing calendar for Welsh Horse Races in 2023:

5/1/2023ThursdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
8/1/2023SundayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
12/1/2023ThursdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
17/1/2023TuesdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
31/1/2023TuesdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
3/2/2023FridayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
9/2/2023ThursdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
10/2/2023FridayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
25/2/2023SaturdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
5/3/2023SundayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
19/3/2023SundayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
22/3/2023WednesdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
23/3/2023ThursdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
25/3/2023SaturdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
9/4/2023SundayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
10/4/2023MondayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
15/4/2023SaturdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
22/4/2023SaturdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
25/4/2023TuesdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
28/4/2023FridayChepstowEvening – Jump – Turf
9/5/2023TuesdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
16/5/2023TuesdayChepstowAfternoon – Flat – Turf
20/5/2023SaturdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
22/5/2023MondayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
27/5/2023SaturdayFfos LasEvening – Jump – Turf
2/6/2023FridayChepstowAfternoon – Flat – Turf
8/6/2023ThursdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
10/6/2023SaturdayChepstowEvening – Flat – Turf
10/6/2023SaturdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
16/6/2023FridayChepstowAfternoon – Flat – Turf
25/6/2023SundayFfos LasAfternoon – Flat – Turf
26/6/2023MondayChepstowAfternoon – Flat – Turf
4/7/2023TuesdayFfos LasEvening – Flat – Turf
10/7/2023MondayChepstowEvening – Flat – Turf
14/7/2023FridayChepstowEvening – Flat – Turf
20/7/2023ThursdayChepstowAfternoon – Flat – Turf
28/7/2023FridayChepstowEvening – Flat – Turf
31/7/2023MondayFfos LasEvening – Flat – Turf
4/8/2023FridayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
8/8/2023TuesdayFfos LasAfternoon – Flat – Turf
16/8/2023WednesdayFfos LasEvening – Flat – Turf
21/8/2023MondayBangor-On-DeeEvening – Jump – Turf
24/8/2023ThursdayChepstowAfternoon – Flat – Turf
25/8/2023FridayFfos LasAfternoon – Flat – Turf
28/8/2023MondayChepstowAfternoon – Flat – Turf
1/9/2023FridayFfos LasEvening – Flat – Turf
4/9/2023MondayChepstowAfternoon – Flat – Turf
5/9/2023TuesdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
14/9/2023ThursdayFfos LasAfternoon – Flat – Turf
1/10/2023SundayFfos LasAfternoon – Flat – Turf
4/10/2023WednesdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
13/10/2023FridayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
14/10/2023SaturdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
15/10/2023SundayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
31/10/2023TuesdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
31/10/2023TuesdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
8/11/2023WednesdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
12/11/2023SundayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
15/11/2023WednesdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
22/11/2023WednesdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
24/11/2023FridayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
2/12/2023SaturdayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
9/12/2023SaturdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf
15/12/2023FridayBangor-On-DeeAfternoon – Jump – Turf
21/12/2023ThursdayFfos LasAfternoon – Jump – Turf
27/12/2023WednesdayChepstowAfternoon – Jump – Turf

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Popular Questions

Is Horse Racing Popular in Wales?

Wales is a very popular country for horse racing.

How many horse racecourses are there in Wales?

There are three racecourses in Wales.

The 3 Welsh racecourse names include Bangor-on-Dee Race course, Chepstow Race course and Ffos Las Race course.

What is the history of horse racing in Wales?

Welsh horse racing started with the gentry and aristocracy, and the earliest racing was point-to-point horse races.

By 1833 there were many international flat races across Wales, including Cowbridge, Haverfordwest, Conwy, Aberystwyth, Brecon and Wrexham.

What is the most popular type of horse racing in Wales?

One of the most popular forms of horse racing in Wales is harness racing; it has been a premier Welsh horse event for over 100 years.

Other events include steeplechase, flat racing, and the national hunt.

What is the prize money for the Welsh Grand National?

The owners of the horse that makes it to the finish line first will win a total of £150,000.

The £150k will be added to the purse which is split between the owner, jockey, trainer, and stable.

What are the consequences for a horse that is found to have been drugged before a race in Wales?

If the horse has been found to ingest performance-enhancing drugs, it will be expelled from the race, and the horse’s personnel may face criminal charges.

You can learn more about horse doping regulations by reading the Federation Equestre Internationale’s (FEI) equine anti-doping and controlled medication regulations (EADCMR).

What words are associated with horse racing in Wales?

You may find the following words if you search for Welsh horse racing:

  • Last
  • Gallop
  • Gate
  • Lap
  • Pace
  • Bangor-on-dee racecourse
  • Chepstow racecourse
  • Trainers
  • Racing fixtures
  • National hunt

Summary of Welsh Racecourses

The biggest horse racing meetings attract massive crowds in Wales.

We strongly recommend visiting if you have never attended a horse racing venue in Wales, they have a great atmosphere and great racing.

If you are a horse racing fan, who likes attending other racecourse venues, check out our guides to all UK horse racing track guides or all Irish horse racing track guides as well.

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