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    Huntingdon Racecourse History

    Many of you are familiar with racecourses as a place where most horse races are held. But how do your racecourses began? In the United Kingdom, Jockey Club is a popular name when racecourses are talked about.
    This first popped up in 1750 when a group of men was brought together by their love for horse racing. Then history began. It established the Jockey Club Racecourses to manage the track of these gentlemen. This organization is what we know as The Jockey Club today, the owner of different racecourses in the U.K., including Huntingdon Racecourse.
    Acting as one of the racecourses owned by the Jockey Club, Huntingdon Racecourses is a horse racing venue. It can hold about 19 jump race meeting in nine months for a year. Two of its notable races include the Sidney Banks Memorial Novices Hurdle, a hurdle held in February with a distance of 2m 3f 110y, and Peterborough Chase, a chase held in December with 2m 4f 110y.
    Like other racecourses in the country, Huntingdon has many attendees and betters every year. Because of the popularity of horse racing, more and more people attracted to the idea that they can spend money on their favourite racers and win great prizes.

    About Huntingdon Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

    Speaking of betting, did you know that you can already use websites to place your bets? In the past years, betting is just a pastime for many. The traditional way of placing bets began through bookmakers until betting shops opened. In the year 1996, the first-ever online betting site was launch, and it was named as Intertops. This might not sound popular for you because betting sites continue its evolution until hundreds of them are formed. Try to search the internet. You will see a lot giving free bets and freebies for first-time betters.
    Today’s betting sites become more innovative in a way that the audience can bet on the races happening in different racecourses. There are Huntingdon Racecourse odds betting sites available on the internet. Some of the top-ranked betting sites you will discover are Flutter, Betfair, Paddypower, Fanduel, TVG, Adjarabet, and Sportsbet. Usually, you will get free cash from these sites that you can use for betting. Some are offered for first-time users only while some are free for every bet you place. Either way, free chances are still open, so there’s no harm in using them.

    Where is the Huntingdon Racecourse?

    If you are wondering, the exact location of Huntingdon Racecourse is on Thrapston Road, Brampton, Huntingdon, in England. To describe, this racecourse is a right-handed one with an oval shape and gives tricky jumps to racers. If you try to look at it, it seems like a perfect trial track for horses. Huntingdon Racecourse is where 19 horse races are conducted each year, including the Juvenile Novices, Veteran’s Handicap Chase, and Peterborough Chase Day. Even the Mascot Grand National is held here. This event is all about the annual hurdle race with football team mascots.

    Huntingdon Racecourse’s Attendees and Capacity

    Huntingdon Racecourse has a capacity of 10,000 people. Attendees increase every year. What attracts these people the most is the Peterborough Chase event or Boxing Day. In 2015, the most massive crowd was recorded for the past ten years because of Boxing Day.

    How do I bet on horses at Huntingdon?

    If you are interested in betting on horses at Huntingdon, you have many options to choose from: the tote, the bookmakers, and gambling sites. In tote, your bets go into a pool instead of a bookie. If you win the race, your winnings depend on how many winning tickets exist. The bet is a minimum of £2. You can tell the tote attendant how much do you want to bet. The bookmaker is the typical type wherein signs are shown in the racecourse to determine how much is the minimum bet. There are also odds screens for the succeeding races. Just pick your horse number and how much you are willing to bet. Lastly, there are betting websites that accept online transactions. If you don’t have time to go to racecourses, you can look for a top-rated webpage where you can bet. These websites offer free bets too, so don’t miss that out.

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