ITV Pick 7 Tips

Get ready to be a winner with the ITV Pick 7, a thrilling free-to-play game that gives you a chance to win massive cash prizes by selecting 7 winning horses in your chosen race.

Want to boost your odds of success? Check out these top tips for playing ITV Pick 7.

ITV Pick 7 Tips Today

Here are today’s ITV Pick 7 Tips:

MeetingTimeNameBet Slip
Beverley14:05Midnight AffairAdd to BetSlip →
Beverley14:40Ascot AdventureAdd to BetSlip →
Beverley15:15Cuban SlideAdd to BetSlip →
Haydock Park13:15EquilateralAdd to BetSlip →
Haydock Park13:50Mr WagyuAdd to BetSlip →
Haydock Park14:25CumulonimbusAdd to BetSlip →
Haydock Park15:00Time LockAdd to BetSlip →
Haydock Park15:35The AstrologistAdd to BetSlip →

ITV’s Lucky Seven Predictions are selected by our panel of experts and professional horse racing tipsters.

ITV Pick 7 Predictions – How It Works

ITV 7 is a free game in collaboration with Sky Bet, similar to the Super 6 game for Premier League Football matches.

Unlike the weekly Super 6 game, ITV 7 is a more frequent competition and offers a daily chance to win £1,000, except when additional jackpots are available.

Assessing the form for seven races can be time-consuming, leading bettors to rely on ITV Pick 7 tips.

It is similar to a seven-fold accumulator, where all seven legs must win to collect the jackpot prize, but with a few differences:

  • It is free to enter.
  • Picking all seven winners isn’t required to win.
  • The jackpot and other prizes are fixed.

If multiple players select the same winning horses, the prize will be divided equally, and the consolation prize of £1000 will be given to the earliest submission.

How We Make Selections for Lucky 7

We have a highly experienced team in horse racing betting at British Racecourses.

Our research for ITV Pick 7 tips ensures you have the best chance of winning the competition.

With year-round monitoring of horse form and results, we can identify the horses most likely to win your ITV Racing Pick 7.

ITV Pick 7 Rules

ITV Pick 7 tips are used for entering the ITV 7 competition, governed by the following rules:

  • The jackpot prize is won by selecting seven winners; if a non-runner is included, the bet is on the SP favourite.
  • In the event of a dead heat, all involved horses will be considered winners, and if races are abandoned, the jackpot prize will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Consolation prizes are also offered if no one picks all 7 winners.

While it’s difficult to predict the outcome of seven races, the competition’s simple task, free entry, and attractive prizes make subscribing to ITV Pick 7 tips a good incentive.

ITV 7 Jackpot

The ITV pick 7 competition offers various prizes, with the Jackpot being the most desired.

During special events throughout the year, the competition features a daily Jackpot prize of £50,000, which rolls over to the next day if not won.

For instance, if the Jackpot is not won throughout a festival like Royal Ascot, the prize money accumulates, potentially resulting in a £250,000 payout on the final day.

This presents a significant opportunity to win big without any cost to play.

How Can I Enter The ITV Competition?

The ITV 7 competition is free to play, so how can you get involved? Here are the steps for getting started with the ITV 7 competition:

  1. Create a “Sky Games” account by visiting the Sky Bet page and checking out what they offer before signing up.
  2. Log into the ITV Lucky 7 website at /
  3. Use the login section at the top right of the page to sign in to your account.
  4. Click the “Enter Now” button to start selecting your horses.
  5. Pick 7 horses from the available options on each page, taking note of the odds and trainers.
  6. Once selected, click the “Submit Entry” button to lock them in.

Make sure you are happy with your choices before clicking the button because they cannot be changed once the first race has begun for that day.

You must be 18 or older and live in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man to play.

How Do I know If I’ve Won the ITV 7 Competition?

If you win the ITV 7 competition, you don’t need to take any initial action to claim your prize. ITV 7 will contact you via the email or telephone number registered with your account.

You must verify your age, identity, and residency to receive your prize.

The prize money will be transferred to a bank account owned by the named winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ITV 7 real races?

ITV 7 is a real horse racing competition that is free to enter for UK punters.

Has anyone won the Jackpot on ITV 7?

24-year-old Jordan Reynolds won the biggest jackpot ever given by ITV7 in collaboration with ITV Racing after accurately predicting the winners of all seven races at the Cheltenham Festival.

What are the ITV 7 prizes?

The ITV 7 competition offers a jackpot prize of £50,000 or more on big racing occasions.

Do you need a sky bet account for ITV 7?

To participate in ITV 7, you must either sign up or log in to a Sky Games account, which is completely free.

How to enter ITV 7 racing?

Participants can enter the competition through the ITV Racing mobile app.

How To Check If You've Won ITV 7 Competition?

The official ITV 7 website provides all the results, which can be found at

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