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Horse racing is one of the top entertainments today. Horse lovers tend to spend more time watching horse races on television and online platforms rather than going to racecourses, thanks to the internet! But, some people are still very fond of watching live races for the sole reason that it gives them a unique type of energy. This leaves racecourses as hype as before. In the United Kingdom, you will discover a lot of places where you can watch a series of horse races in different seasons. Even if you go north or south of the country, you will find one that will suit your taste when it comes to the venue.
One of the famous racecourses in the UK is Warwick Racecourse. This is a horse race track in England hosting 25 meetings in a year. Many of these events are televised, so if you are looking for races you can watch without leaving your home, Warwick is the right choice. The first stand in this venue was constructed in 1808 and was recently renovated to meet the standards of The Jockey Club. Within the racecourse, you will find a golf driving range and a nine-golf course. This has been popular for people who like to take their dogs for a walk.

About Warwick Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

Betting sites are not new. If this is your first time hearing this kind of website, this is the best time for you to know about this. Betting sites were born in 1996 after online casinos and slots were introduced. That was the start of the period when people became accustomed to the new technology. Because of this advancement, people don’t have to go to racecourses personally to place their bets. They can now signup for an account and choose the race they want to bet in. For top betting sites in the UK, here are your options.
Ladbrokes is your first choice. This website gives £20 free bets when you deposit £5. Usually, this promotion is only available for new users who are 18+ above.
Next is 888 sport that gives free £30 bet when you deposit £10. For first time users, this is a good start already.
There is also Betfred allowing users to deposit £10 with complimentary £30 in free bets for new customers. However, like other websites, they only allow customers that are 18+.
Betway sports gives away up to £30 in free bets if you sign up as a new user.
Another betting website you can consider is bet365. You can get up to £100 in bet credits once you register as a member.

Where is the Warwick Racecourse?

The exact location is Hampton Street in Warwick. This racecourse is one of the oldest in the United Kingdom. Just a few steps from the town center, and you will reach this venue already. Warwick Racecourse is recognized as the holder of the first-ever meeting known as the National Hunt. It is a flat racecourse and is left-handed. Racers need the stamina to survive the sharpness of the racecourse.

What is the highest attendance at Warwick Racecourse?

The most massive crowd Warwick was able to hold more than 7,500 since 1970 when counting of the records began. This happened in New Years’s Eve of 2020. There were a 7-race program and different entertainment. Warwick prepared for this evening as it was expecting racegoers to be big this year. Extra measures were observed, and it was a delight for the venue because of the successful ending of the event.

How do I bet on horses at Warwick?

Betting on horses at Warwick is split into three categories: bookmakers, a tote, and betting sites. Bookmakers work the old way. There is a clear sign of the minimum bet, so betters can prepare how much they are going to put. There is also an odd screen for the next race. A tote, on the other side, is a pool of bets. Once you win, all different people with the winning tickets will receive a portion of the prize. Your last option is the betting sites, which is the most convenient of them all. You need an online account and a credit card to be able to place your bet.

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