Fakenham Racecourse

With patrons such as the Prince of Wales, Fakenham Racecourse, located in Norfolk is a left-handed course of great notability. The course runs for around a mile and is famed for the Point to Point event.
In 1999, there was a brief period of greyhound racing at the course, however, this was very short-lived and no longer takes place today, most likely owing to the fact that the greyhound racing was not affiliating with any official sporting body.
The Fakenham racecourse first found its origins back in the very early 1900s when the very first race meeting was held at the venue. In the 1950s, the original grandstand was erected and renovations were made to the paddocks and the parade ring.
In the 1960s, the racecourse began to struggle financially and so part of the grounds were let out to various other sporting businesses in order to raise the money to keep the racecourse alive.
Over the years, various members of the royal family have been attracted to the racecourse and today it sees more annual memberships that many other courses in the country, proving its popularity. This is also displayed in the local community, who regularly hold events such as weddings in one of the function rooms at the racecourse. You will also find restaurants and food outlets catering to every taste, ideal for a meal on race day.
One interesting feature of Fakenham Racecourse is its high-quality camping and caravan site which is ideal for those looking to incorporate race day into their getaway.

Where can I find Fakenham Racecourse?

Fakenham Racecourse is located in the town of Fakenham in the county of Norfolk, England. This is a very accessible part of the country and can be reached by road easily by using the yellow AA signs which are displayed on race days. The racecourse can be reached by following the B1146 road also known as the East Dereham road.
On arrival at the venue, customers will find a good amount of free parking. However, for those who intend to frequent the racecourse on a regular basis, there is a members car park which is charged per car, at £8.
The Fakenham Racecourse also has good links to public transport with train stations in nearby Kings Lynn and Norwich. From both of these places, there are good bus routes leading directly to the racecourse.
If the lap of luxury is a little more your style, there is a helipad located in the center of the racecourse which can be used by those traveling in this manner.

What is the highest attendance at Fakenham Racecourse?

Fakenham can lay claim to having around three million visitors each year, with an average of just under 4000 at each race day. This figure has been exceeded on occasion with some reports of more than 4500 attendees at some events.

How can I bet on horses at Fakenham Racecourse?

Like many racecourses, if you are attending an event, there is the option to place your bets on the day, on-site. Fakenham is no exception to this rule. The Tote is something which is common in the racing world and is a type of bet where all monies are pooled and then shared out between any winning tickets at the end of the race. There are various different types of bet which can be placed on the Tote including win only, each way, place and exact. The Tote is a good idea for those who are not overly invested or for those who are new to betting since prices start from just £2 per bet.
If you are unable to attend the race on the day, or simply if you prefer, there is the option to place a bet online using one of many bookmakers websites. One such example of this is William Hill, a well-known bookmaker whose website is full of useful information regarding betting odds, results and much more. A list of races taking place at Fakenham will be shown and your betting options will be displayed. This is a good way to place bets on the go and, as mentioned for those who cannot attend the race itself.

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