Ludlow Racecourse

Ludlow Racecourse has a long history, and the first recorded race traces back to the year 1725. However, it is said that the soldiers from the 14th century matched their horses there. The racecourse is said to be one of the friendliest, and it is also one of few privately owned racetracks. Ludlow Racecourse has an Edwardian character, and it is a National Hunt course. The whole family can be entertained at the Ludlow racecourse, even if you don’t know much about racing. The atmosphere is excellent, and everyone is welcome. Everyone under 18 years can enter the racetrack for free. There is also great accessibility for those who have disabilities, which makes the racecourse great for everyone.

Where is the Ludlow Racecourse?

The racecourse is situated in Shropshire countryside, just outside Ludlow, and has a great view of Clee Hill and beyond. Ludlow Racecourse allocates more than one million pounds yearly, even if there are only races for around 60 days a year. On the other 300 days of the year, you can rent facilities and spaces for both Hospitality and Events. There is a team of friendly staff to help you get a great event. No matter if it’s a wedding, conference, charity ball or something else you will surely be satisfied with their services.

What is the highest attendance at Ludlow Racecourse?

The attendance at the racecourse is usually high as top trainers use to be at Ludlow Racecourse on race days. Philip Hobbs and Nicky Henderson are just two names worth mentioning. Even famous jockeys use to race at the course, such as Tom Scudamore, Richard Johnson, and Aidan Coleman. When it comes to the tracks, 70% of them are gravel based, and 30% are loam based. The track is known to be comfortable and free-draining, which makes it ideal for wet weather. When races with hurdles occur, the racecourse has padded hurdles, which reduces injuries on the horses. The racecourse also has mobile fences, and there are groundsmen to reassure that it’s safe to race there. Everyone will have a great time at Ludlow Racecourse, both visitors, horses, trainers, and jockeys.

How do I bet on horses at Ludlow?

Horse betting is very popular, and when visiting Ludlow Racecourse, you have plenty of chances to place bets. You can also check out Ludlow Racecourse Odds Betting Sites, as there are many betting sites that offer excellent odds on horseracing. You can bet on the Tote, which is betting from a pool of money instead of fixed-odds returns. How much you win will depend on the amount of money in the pool. Betfred between 2011 and 2018 held this way of betting.
On Ludlow Racecourse, there are many bookmakers available where you can place your bets on horseracing. The majority of the bookmakers have their stands in front of the Jubilee Stand, in the Fairway Café Area, or by the Paddock. Every different bookmaker has to display their odds so that you can choose the one which will be favorable to you. There will also be a person to take your bets as well as payout your winnings in case you bet on the right horse.
If you are a member of the Ludlow Racecourse, you will have other places to place your bets as well. In the Annual Members Lounge, there is a betting facility so that you don’t have to leave the site when you have reached there. There’s also a betting stand in the Fairway Bar and Café for members.
Maybe you want to know how you bet on-course as well? Well, first, you need to find a bookmaker with great odds on the horse of your choosing. Then you ask the bookmaker for your bet, say the name of the horse, and listen when the bookmaker repeats it to his clerk. In that way, you can correct him if there are any mistakes. Then you will receive your betting ticket, which is a receipt for your bet. Before you place a chance, you should check the terms at the specific bookmaker. Some on-course bookmakers do not accept each-way bets.
To visit Ludlow Racecourse and bet some money is an excellent experience for both young and old, but you can also choose to place your bets online. If you are at the racecourse, you can bet with your smartphone, as long as you select a bookmaker that offers mobile gaming.

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