Right Handed Racecourses

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We look at right-handed racecourses in the UK in our in-depth guides.

Right-handed racecourses in the UK are a significant part of the horse racing industry.

When and where were the first right-handed racecourses built in the UK?

The first right-handed racecourses in the UK, such as Ascot and Ayr, were constructed during the early stages of formalised horse racing in Britain.

These venues played a pivotal role in shaping the modern racing landscape, with Ascot Racecourse, known for its elegant royal connections, standing out as one of the most prestigious locations for flat racing in the world.

Ayr Racecourse, steeped in rich Scottish tradition, added a unique flair to the racing calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Right Handed Racecourses?

Right Handed Racecourses are horse racing tracks that are designed to be run in a clockwise direction. This means that the horses will be turning to their right as they run.

How many Right Handed Racecourses are there in the UK?

There are a total of 48 Right Handed Racecourses in the UK, making it the most common type of racecourse in the country.

Can left handed horses race on Right Handed Racecourses?

Yes, left handed horses can race on Right Handed Racecourses, however, they may find it more challenging as they are used to turning to their left. On the other hand, right handed horses may have an advantage on these tracks.