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Berkshire is a stunning county and boasts some magnificent racecourses. We take a look at them all in our Berkshire racing guide and give you all the information you need if planning a visit. 

Berkshire is home to two of the most famous racecourses in the world – Ascot and Royal Windsor – which hold many race days that attract huge crowds 12 months of the year.

Our Berkshire racecourses guide explains all the leading racecourses in and around Berkshire county.

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Berkshire Racecourses

Berkshire Racecourses List

Here is the full list of racecourses in and around the Berkshire area:

  • Ascot
  • Windsor
  • Newbury


Ascot is one of the more popular racecourses in the UK and is home to the world-famous Royal Ascot racing event, Britain’s most valuable race meeting.

Ascot is a terrific race course that attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers every single year, with its excellent hospitality, venue and most importantly, race events.

The course itself at Ascot is flat, designed for national hunt races throughout the year.

Founded in 1711 by Queen Anne, Ascot racecourse has a prestigious history that dates back centuries. During that time, there have been some historic moments taking place at this famous racing event, and it’s no surprise it’s so popular here in the UK.

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Windsor racecourse, also known as Royal Windsor, is another of the great race courses situated in the Berkshire area.

This particular racecourse is one of only two figure-of-eight courses in the United Kingdom, the other being Fontwell Park.

Windsor’s most notable races take place throughout the middle of the year, beginning in May with The Royal Windsor Stakes, and ending in August with The Winter Hill Stakes.

The first race at Windsor took place back in 1866, and since then, Windsor races has only grown in popularity as a racing event to attend in the UK.

Interestingly, this racecourse has also been the location for some famous films and TV shows, including the likes of Last Orders and Midsomer Murders.

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Newbury is the third and final racecourse in and around the Berkshire area, offering excellent facilities and a brilliant day out for race-goers.

The first race at Newbury took place back in 1805, with the first annual race at Newbury taking place exactly 100 years later in 1905.

This venue has been home to some amazing races over the years, and some amazing entertainment too, with artists such as Westlife, Olly Murs, Craig David and more performing at this venue.

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Why Watch Horse Racing In Berkshire?

Berkshire is a great location to watch horse racing and there are some great options of racecourses to choose from. But not only that, Berkshire is a beautiful, picturesque area of the United Kingdom, so many choose to make a full weekend of it when visiting Berkshire for the races.

And finally, with its close proximity to London, those who either live in the capital or are simply visiting on holiday can easily make their way to many of the Berkshire racecourses via public transport, with transportation to and from London very easy.

Which Racecourse In Berkshire Is The Best?

Ascot is the most popular racecourse in Berkshire for those looking for the biggest races to view, however that doesn’t necessarily make it the best racecourse to visit in Berkshire.

Factors such as the convenience of location, atmosphere, ticket availability and more all play a part in which racecourse will be best for you.

As a result, we’d always recommend taking a look at each of the racecourses in Berkshire to make up your own mind on which location suits you best.

Berkshire Racecousres Facts

  • Berkshire is home to some of the UK’s most prestigious racecourses, including Ascot, Windsor and Newbury.
  • The first recorded race meeting in Berkshire took place in 1711 at Newbury racecourse.
  • Ascot racecourse is the most famous in Berkshire and is known for its royal connection and annual Royal Ascot meeting.
  • Windsor racecourse is the oldest in Berkshire, having been founded in 1879.
  • Newbury racecourse is the largest in Berkshire, and hosts both flat and national hunt racing.
  • Lambourn is known as the ‘Valley of the Racehorse’ and is home to many of the county’s top trainers and stables.
  • Berkshire is also home to the Royal Berkshire Polo Club, which was founded in 1874.
  • The largest racecourse is Ascot, which covers 420 acres.

Popular Questions

Is horse racing popular in Berkshire?

Berkshire is a very popular county for horse racing.

How many horse racecourses are there in Berkshire?

There are three racecourses in Berkshire.

The 3 Berkshire racecourse names include Ascot, Newbury and Royal Windsor.

Who organises horse racing at Berkshire racecourses?

Newbury Racecourse PLC is a group that oversees many horse racing events in Berkshire.

The horseracing site, Newbury Racecourse, boasts the largest conference and events centre in Berkshire, with over 3,800 sq.

How much do jockeys get paid per race in Berkshire?

In most cases, a jockey in a Berkshire race will earn 8% of the winning prize money.

It doesn’t matter the speed at which they crossed the finish line, just that they were first.

What sights are near Berkshire racecourses?

You can find the following sights near Berkshire racecourses, such as Ascot Racecourse.

  • Reading Museum.
  • Basildon Park estate.
  • Beale Park.
  • Bucklebury Farm Park.
  • California Country Park.
  • Dinton Pastures Country Park.
  • The Herb Farm.
  • Legoland.
  • River Thames.
  • Windsor Castle.

Final Thoughts – Berkshire Racing

Berkshire is blessed with 3 great racecourses, all of which offer something different but are all popular and brilliant.

If you have never attended a horse racing venue near Berkshire, we strongly recommend visiting the 2024 Royal Ascot Festival. You will get to experience the excitement and energy of the competition; you can mingle with owners and horses!

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