Betfred Money Back 2nd

From the time spent analysing and selecting your chosen horses or greyhounds, to placing your bets at the bookies. A large part of the enjoyment of betting is the process and the prospect of whether your predictions of a horse race or match shall be right.

Then, of course, the catalyst is the potential possibility to win some money! Nothing quite beats the feeling of winning and subsequently wondering how you will spend your earnings. In juxtaposition to this, there is the downside to losing when betting.

Which can play an active part in tarnishing your mood for the day. This is especially true when you’re watching the race (or game), and an SP favourite appears to be in with a winning chance of reaching the finish line first, but sadly your horse finishes in 2nd place. At this moment, inevitably, your heart and hopes may sink.

Thankfully though, you can count on Betfred. This company offers its members a fantastic opportunity to avoid the dread of losing and claim your money back.

If your selected horse or greyhound finishes in 2nd place, Betfred shall give you your money back. This is an offer open to both new and existing customers. It helps alleviate the risk and worry of losing your bet.

This is what is referred to as the Betfred money back 2nd offer. This money-back offer applies to specific bets up to a maximum of £25. 

Selected Races Only

Where can you use this offer?

To use this offer, you must choose a qualifying race from the options available on the Betfred website.

This usually includes a handful of races on the weekend and popular events such as the Cheltenham Festival. Once you’ve sized up your selections and checked the info and stats on your horses that you believe have the highest opportunity of winning.

You place your bet and sit back with an air of confidence that your selection. Whether it falls in 1st or 2nd place, means no money is lost.

Terms And Conditions For The Betfred Money Back Offer

  • The Betfred money back 2nd offer only applies to selected greyhound and horse racing events. You can preview the selection on the Betfred website.
  • This offer shall only count towards your first bet on a race.
  • Betfred opens up the offer to not just new customers, but existing loyal customers too.
  • A refund of your stake shall automatically be credited within 24 hours to your Betfred account.
  • Please be aware that there is a time limit to use the money you have received back. And it must be used within 7 days from the moment your Betfred account is credited with your refund. If you don’t use the refunded amount within 7 days, the credit shall be void.

Sign Up For Free Bets

Looking to get free bets?

Making use of the offers and value Betfred offers is wise for new and existing players. And so, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up for the £30 in free bets promo code available from Betfred too.

If you’re a new customer, this is a great way to ease you into the world of betting. Furthermore, it gives you some free money to play with on most horse racing events, matches and games that pique your interest.

To claim your free £30 bets, first of all, you must be over 18. You must also live either in the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland.

Following this, you can either register your details to sign up for an account at Once your account is set up, you simply add £10 to your account and select your first bet using the £10 in one betting transaction (the odds of the bet must be 1/1 or higher).

However, the bet must be placed on sportsbook markets and not on the following games; numbers, lotto, poker, bingo, tote pool and casino. After your selections have been made and your bet has been settled, you can expect to receive your free £30 bet within 10 hours.

With your free bet money in your Betfred account, you can explore the gaming opportunities and place your wagers on a choice of bets be it an each-way bet, singles, doubles and so forth in hopes of winning some prize money.

However, please keep in mind that your free bets can not be used in conjunction with any other Betfred offer, for example, the money-back 2nd offer.

Non-Runner Refunds Rules

Alongside Betfreds offers above, there are other events you may be entitled to a refund on your bet.

One of these scenarios is if your selected horse or dog becomes a non-runner. A non-runner is defined as a day-of-race bet on a horse/greyhound that did not take part. In this scenario, your bet is declared void, and your stake shall be returned to you.

However, for an Ante Post bet; a bet placed days before the racing course markets opening (usually because the prices of a particular horse or greyhound are deemed more favourable to punters).

Should your selection not take part in the race, in opposition to the day-of-race bets, your chosen horses/dogs shall be considered losers. In this case, you will not be due a refund.

For a non-runner in a double bet, special doubles may apply that allow the bettor the opportunity to win based on their remaining selection. In some scenarios, if there is a non-runner, a deduction may affect the starting price.

Get your Money Back 2nd Offer

Want to get your money back 2nd offer?

Betfred is a favourite amongst punters for a reason, along with its ease of use online, a wide assortment of games and selections to bet on, and information and statistics about the selections performance history.

Betfred also strives to offer its customers relief from the burden of losing their money. This is seen with the various offers and conditions explained above.

And of course, as mentioned above for new customers, there is an incentive to try your hand at betting with their offer of a free £30 to use however you wish.

Therefore if you need a boost of cash to start betting, and/or a pick me up when your chosen greyhound or horse selection has fallen into 2nd place, Betfred shall be an excellent option for you.

Other Bet Types

Here is the full list of horse racing betting types: