Betfred Best Odds Guaranteed

Part of gambling successfully is getting to know which perks bookies, such as Betfred grant and which ones are worth taking advantage of to enable you to get a bigger return on the price you pay.

But it doesn’t have to take days to get clued up on gambling.

It only takes some reading your half to understand what offers are out there from gambling companies, what days they’re valid, what countries, and selections they apply to.

And so, you’re here primarily because you’ve come across the term best odds guaranteed (BOG) but have little to no idea what this means and how it applies to you.

This post will explain what it means, what bookmakers provide best odds guaranteed and tips to get the best out of the promo code too.

What is Betfred Best Odds Guaranteed?

Basically, the betfred best odds guaranteed offer allows you to get the bigger, better price, regardless of what the odds are when you place your first bet, or what the starting price is.

You’ve more than likely seen this term a lot on various bookmaker’s websites, print advertising, and so forth for both UK and Irish racing. What this means is, if the odds change between the time you’ve placed your bet up until the SP, you shall win the highest price on the best odds regardless. Here is an example;

If the steed you’ve backed has odds at 6/1, and you pay a price of £10. However, the odds fluctuate and increase to 10/1. You shall receive the winnings for the better odds price of 10/1 at £100.

In opposition to this, if your original odds when you backed the horse were 6/1, but the odds drift down to 3/1 as the starting price, and your horse wins the bet, then you shall still receive winnings based on your 6/1 odds.

Betfred BOG

With Betfred, you can use BOG and pay the price for your bet on the day of the race after 7 am. You have a choice between UK and Irish races.

However, ante-post bets, Lucky 15, Luck 31, and Lucky 63 bets do not apply.

Ante-post bets will be explained below.

The same rules explained above for best odds guaranteed apply with Betfred. You will get paid for the best odds, from the moment you place your bet up until the starting price is depicted.

Ante-Post Bets

As mentioned above, the best odds guaranteed are widely rejected for ante-post bets.

Ante-post bets are wagers placed by punters who want to take advantage of the favourable prices that are offered to customers before the horse or greyhound betting market has opened.

Recap On Best Odds Guaranteed

There are points to consider before choosing what bookmakers’ best-guaranteed offers are best suited to you. For instance, the variations between the times of when you can make your bet differ between bookies.

Furthermore, some bookmakers put limits on the bonus price for this offer.

Access to Bet

Other aspects to think about are what bookmakers provide access to bet on the races you are most interested in making a wager on. You shall find that most gambling companies will provide horse racing events for you to bet on, but some will not offer it for greyhound racing events.

These aspects should, of course, be considered when you are deciding what bookmakers are best to use to claim the BOG offer from. But to give you some extra confidence int he offers provided, here are some details of the advantage of using BOG over placing a bet without taking up this promotion.

Bigger Return

Imagine a scenario where you and a relative bet on the same colt, filly or mare at the same time of day. You have decided to use the best odds guarantee from Betfred, in hopes of a bigger return on your investment.

Your friend, however, has decided to use a bookmaker who doesn’t use the best odds guaranteed offer. If you both bet £10 on the horse and the odds were 1/1 at the time of betting. But the starting price raises significantly when the race begins.

The result is you receive a bigger return based on the starting price odds the winnings and your friend only wins based on the original odds they placed because they didn’t use the BOG.

Punters Profit

The point to make here is punters have the opportunity to make a significant profit with bookmakers such as Betfred that provide BOG. And to set themselves up for a bigger return on their investment as opposed to choosing a bookmaker that doesn’t provide this option.

Having read this post, you should be able to apply your knowledge to the betting field and claim the BOG offer to your an advantage to boost your odds of potentially winning more money. It’s essential, however, that you ensure you select the BOG offer when you place your bet and that this offer can rarely be used in conjunction with other promotions.

For example, Betfred add a £30 credit to your account following your first wager of a £10 bet. And last but not least, of course, bear in mind that all bookmakers are inclined to remove and close the offer at any time they please.

Other Bookmakers that Offer a Best Odds Guaranteed Promotion

Betfred Bookies is not the only one to offer this promotion on a horse or greyhound race. The following online bookmakers also offer BOG offers: