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Jenningsbet is a reputable betting website that are now offering the best odds guaranteed on the UK and Irish horse racing events. If you bet on horse racing using their markets, then you will be privy to the best prices.

When you take an early or board price, you can still get the payout of the starting price if it’s higher, we run through the terms and conditions in this article. 

Enjoy the best prices at Jenningsbet with a guarantee you cannot miss. More bookmakers are now showcasing this great deal, find out more today. 


Jenningsbet Best Odds

Have Jenningsbet Got Best Odds Guaranteed?

Jenningsbet provides all customers with best odds guaranteed (BOG) on horse racing. This is valid for betting on UK racecourses and also Irish horse racing.

To place the bet, it’s easy, put on a horse racing bet of your choice and get the best price. This does not require a qualifying bet or promo code. You won’t even need to opt-in, but it is wise to check the terms and conditions beforehand.

You’re unable to use free bets or welcome offer promotions alongside this guarantee. We expand on how to use the BOG promo throughout this article. Read on for everything that you need to know before wagering.

What Bookmakers Offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

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What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

Best Odds Guaranteed offers you the best odds, whether that is the board price or starting price.

When you put the bet on, on the day of the race, you’re able to enjoy peace of mind. That is because you get paid on whichever is the highest price. If you put the early price on at fixed odds, you still get the starting price if it’s bigger.

This is how it works; you arrive at Jenningsbet on the morning of the race that you wish to stake on. You take the early price, but during that day the odds go up, and the starting price is higher. If you win, you get paid out on the latter, and there’s no need to worry about price changes. You get paid the board price or starting odds price, it depends on which one is higher.

BOG promos provide lots of advantages with you always gaining from this offer.

How to Use Best Odds Guaranteed?

In terms of placing the bet, it’s easy. There’s no need for opting in, inputting a promo code or having to register for the first time.

The bet is available to all customers, place a bet on the horse racing, and you’re guaranteed the best odds. It isn’t exclusive to new customers, log in and place your bet.

It cannot be used alongside free bets and you cannot opt for ante-post bets.

Why Use This Bookmaker?

Although there are numerous bookmakers that now provide customers with BOG promotion, each of them have their own unique terms and features.

The key is to look at the horse racing markets that the bookmaker covers, what time you can place BOG bets from and what type of bets you can place.

At Jenningsbet you can place United Kingdom and Ireland Racing Bets. You’re paid your winnings within 24 hours too which is a bonus. Betting sites like these rarely offer such a rapid payout and you are also able to start betting on best odds guaranteed from 9 am.

This gives you plenty of chance to take advantage of the price changes throughout the day. If you get there in at 9 am, then you can take the early price and any price that rises on that day will be yours. This is the best way to capitalise on such an offer and make the most of bets placed.

Another Look at the Features

  • Bet on the day of the race
  • Place bets from the morning (9 am)
  • No Ante Post Bets
  • Take early price or starting price (SP)
  • UK & Irish Horse Racing
  • No Free Bets with this offer
  • For all customers (new customers and existing punters)
  • Use Each Way or Win Bets
  • T&Cs apply
  • Live to stream races


Jenningsbet is a well-known bookie, and they offer a complete best odds guaranteed promotion. Enjoy their range of horse racing coverage and other betting offers.

Anytime you place a bet on the racing, you will be thrilled to know that you are getting the best odds. Make sure that you bet on the day of the race to get this offer.

Also, check out the welcome offer and welcome bonus if you’re yet to join but again, remember free bets cannot be with the best odds guaranteed at Jenningsbet.