Betfair Best Odds Guaranteed

You know when you and your mate both put on the same racing bets and somehow, your mate gets the bigger price?

How about if you go into a bookmaker, put on a bet in the shop and then when you check online, you see the odds are better there?

You don’t have to deal with this pain, thanks to Betfair and their Best Odds Guaranteed offer.

Betfair Best Odds Guaranteed, which is also known as BOG betting is an awesome offer from Betfair and it’s available to everyone into UK and Irish horse racing betting markets and some UK and Irish greyhound racing.

How it works is really simple. You accept a price on a horse, but the starting price SP ends up bigger. No problem. Best Odds Guaranteed means Betfair will pay out winnings based on the better odds.

It’s not actually exclusive to Betfair, in fact, you’ll see a lot of the major bookies offering this (Paddy Power, being one). You used to see it a lot on football betting but now it mostly focuses on racing.

The offer is open to new and existing account holders. If you don’t currently have an account, you have a slight edge over existing punters because you’ll be able to take advantage of the first deposit bonus, which will aplly to the bigger odds.

The Betfair Best Odds Guaranteed offer only gets better. Betfair works in conjunction with Betfair’s Acca Edge which means you’ll see your money back in real cash if a selection doesn’t come through, in the form of a reduction of the odds.

That isn’t all. As well as Best Odds Guaranteed you’re able to get a free bet each time you pick a winner using the Betfair 3/1 offer.

How do I get Best Odds Guaranteed?

If you’re interested in this offer all you have to do is go to and place a bet on either UK or Irish racing, as you would normally. If your selection then starts at a better or bigger price, Betfair will honour the higher odds and you won’t have lost a penny.

The offer applies to all UK and Irish racing and the specific races that qualify for this promo are highlighted on the race card, to make it easier. The offer will be paid out in cash, but the maximum payout is £50 daily.

If you prefer to visit their shops, you could go and get the Betfred best odds races today in shops. We always recommend you check out what tips are around before you place your Betfred best odds meetings today.

Other Bookmakers that Offer a Best Odds Guaranteed Promotion

Betfair Bookies is not the only one to offer this promotion on a horse or greyhound race. The following online bookmakers also offer BOG offers:

What are the Key Terms to be Aware of Relating to Betfair Best Odds Guaranteed?

  • You must have a Betfair account
  • You must place a bet as you usually would on UK and Irish races only
  • Best Odds Guaranteed races will be labelled clearly on the race card
  • You will be paid out at the bigger odds, if there is a starting price difference
  • Your winnings will be paid out in cash, based in the bigger odds

The Verdict on Betfair Best Odds Guaranteed

Best Odds Guaranteed from Betfair is a wonderful thing for peace of mind with your guaranteed best odds.

If you have a look at tips and decide to place a bet on a horse, but the starting price ends up bigger, you don’t have to worry because you’ll be paid out at the increased odds anyway, and winnings are returned in cash. Simple.