Betway Best Odds Guaranteed

Betway have joined the forces with a Best Odds Guaranteed promotion but they’ve taken this idea and ran with it. This well-known bookmaker provides customers like yourself with the best odds on the UK and Irish Horse Racing, plus they allow you to place any bet type.

This is an exciting prospect with many betting options and the best odds guaranteed (BOG). In this article we take a closer look at the bookmaker and their offer.

Read on for everything that you need to know about the BOG promo at Betway.

Do Betway have Best Odds Guaranteed?

Betway have the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion. It is a guarantee that ensures that you get the best odds on your pick and provides you with peace of mind.

When you place a bet on UK or Irish horse racing events, you will be guaranteed the best price. Pick the early price and if the starting price is higher, then you get the bigger price. This is great and makes betting a lot easier, plus Betway have some features of their own that separate them from the pack.

Best Odds Guaranteed is easy to follow and essentially ensures that you get the best odds even if they chance. For instance, if you were to place a bet at 2/1 but the odds increase to 4/1 then you will get the latter. Vice versa, if your early price goes down by the time of the starting price or board price, then you will still have the early price. It’s a win-win situation for punters.

Imagine if you and a friend placed the same bet, £10 on a 2/1 pick but you used the Betway BOG offer and your friend didn’t. After taking an early price of 2/1 you then realise that the Starting Price (SP) is now 4/1. Your horse wins and you’re paid your winnings – your friend will profit £20 on the 2/1 whereas your guarantee means that you double the winnings with £40 profit.

What Bookmakers Offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

There are a number of bookmakers that display Best Odds Guaranteed. This includes:

How to Use Betway Best Odds Guaranteed?

Using Best Odds Guaranteed is simple, you can place a bet on a horse and you will automatically qualify for the best odds. There are things that you need to know, you can’t not place trifecta or enhanced odds bet alongside this promotion.

You won’t need to input a promotional code or opt-in, it is easy to place a bet and then you get best odds guaranteed on all UK and Irish horse racing.

It has never been easier to get you hands on these types of deals, we reveal why we believe Betway to be one of the best bookmakers to offer the BOG deal.

Why Use This Bookmaker?

There are lots of different bookmakers that offer best odds guaranteed on horse racing but we believe that Betway is one of the best to utilise.

That is for a number of reasons, we take a look at them as an overall bookie, what time they allow you to place your bet and what bets you can place.

At Betway they provide the chance to bet on each-way bets, single bets and multiple bets. You’re unable to wager on enhanced odds, ante-post or any tricky trifectas. Read the full terms and conditions for everything that you want to know.

You can make a bet on the day of the race, it starts from 9am. Our team advise you to take the earliest price possible and if the price SP is bigger then you will be given that.

Existing and new customers can enjoy this deal, there is no need to register as new or activate a promo. The guarantee can not be matched with free bets or any other offers. There is no acca insurance or ant post bets with this promotion.

Bets must be placed on the same day of the race and cannot be wagered beforehand.

Another Look at the Features

  • Bet from 9am on the day of the race
  • No promo needed
  • No Ante Post Bets
  • Does not include non runner no bet
  • Take Early Price, Board Price, Singles & Multiple Bets
  • UK & Irish Horse Racing
  • For all customers
  • You can place each way bets

How to Claim

Claiming is easy, follow our steps:

  1. If you’re yet to register with Betway then do so, if you’re a member simply log in
  2. Be sure to read through the best odds guaranteed terms
  3. Then, place a bet on horse racing it must be UK, Irish and not International meetings.
  4. The rest will be taken care of, sit back and enjoy the best odds.

Betting Tips for Higher Odds

Getting the higher odds when using Betway Best Odds Guaranteed is a simple task. You place the bet and the promotion takes care of the rest. One integral factor is to place the bet as early as possible, in order to make the most of the best odds you will need to get the price early.

The early price will then be secured, you can then ride the fluctuation throughout the day and leave with the bigger odds. If you capture a great price and the odds go down, you still get the fixed odds. Obviously, it works the opposite way too.

With Betway opening bets from 9 am, you can bet from the morning of the race.


This bookie is one of the rare betting sites to allow each way and winning bets. Plus bets combined can make a multiple bet. You will need to check what ones are eligible with the UK, Ireland Best Odds Guaranteed.

We recommend that you can take a bet with Betway and secure those early odds, you will always be able to get your hands on the early price or starting price.