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Use our Lucky 15 Bet calculator to work out your winnings now.

Lucky enough to have won on a Lucky 15 bet? Work out what you have won with our Lucky 15 calculator.

To calculate your winnings, simply use our free Lucky 15 bet calculator below – entering the results of your four selections, preferred odds format and total stake – we’ll then work out your total return and total profits. Easy!

Use our Lucky 15 bet calculator now and work out your winnings:

Simply enter the above information into the table below and work out your total return and total profits now:

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How To Work Out a Lucky 15 Bet?

The winnings you would receive from a lucky bet are calculated by multiplying your stake by the odds on your 4 selections.

Here is how to calculate a lucky 15 bet:

  1. Make sure that “Lucky 15” is selected on the ‘Bet Type’ dropdown
  2. The ‘Number of Selections’ should default to 4 selections
  3. Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection, either “Winner”, “Placed”, “Lost”, “Dead Heat”, “Void” or “Non-runner”
  4. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection like “15/8 odds payout”, “12/1”, “15/2” (you can choose your odds format – such as decimal or fractional)
  5. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet, such as “£1”, “£3”, “£8” (if you prefer you can select “Total Combined Stake”)
  6. The Lucky 15 bet Calculator will then work out total outlay, total return and total profit
Lucky 15 Bet Explained by British Racecourses
Use our lucky 15 bet calculator for free now.

What Affects the Payout on a Lucky 15 Bet?

Your return from a Lucky 15 bet will essentially depend upon the following:

  • The number of winning selections
  • The betting odds of each selection
  • The stake wagered on the Lucky 15 bet

On a win lucky 15 bet, you might have selections with a 15/8 odds payout or 10 11 odds payout and the fractional odds reflect your winning payouts.

On an each-way lucky 15 bets, you might have selections with 20 to 1 odds or even 50 to 1 odds and with some bookies offering treble the odds for one winner you can return some big win payouts.

How to Place a Lucky 15 Bet?

Here is a step by step guide on how to place Lucky 15 Bet:

  1. Choose four racehorses you want to bet on
  2. Add all 4 selections (four selections) to your betting slip
  3. Look under the ‘multiple’ segment and tick ‘Lucky 15’
  4. Enter the stake that you want to bet (bear in mind your stake will be multiplied by 15)
  5. Double-check your choices and click ‘place bets’ if you are betting online or hand to a cashier at a betting shop

And don’t forget if you win to use our Lucky fifteen calculator (Lucky 15 cal) to work out your profit and winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular questions we get asked about the Bet Calculator Lucky 15:

What is a Lucky 15?

So, exactly what is a Lucky 15 bet? It is a popular type of horse racing bet – although it can be used in all forms of sports betting.

The term stems from the fact that the bet encompasses 15 separate bets, that come together to make up one main bet called a Lucky 15.

Unlike an accumulator bet not all of your selections have to win or be placed, this means by placing a Lucky 15, you automatically increase your chances of getting a return. It is also a fun bet and a firm favourite with punters all over the world.

To place this type of bet, you’ll need to choose 4 selections. From this the 15 bets are created, they are broken down as follows:

  • 4 x singles
  • 6 x doubles
  • 4 x trebles
  • 1 x fourfold accumulator

The more horses or selections that win, the bigger the returns.

Can I Work Out a Lucky 15 Manually?

Here is a formula to work out the winnings of a lucky 15 bet manually:

  1. Add 2 points to any winning odds selection (i.e. 5-1 =7, 12-1=14)
  2. Multiply the points together for how many winners you have (i.e. 3-1 winner and 4-1 winner = 5×6=30 points)
  3. Minus one point off the total points
  4. Multiply these points by your stake
  5. The total winnings are now worked out for your returns

For example, if you placed a correct score Lucky 15 bet with a unit stake of £1 (total stake £15) and all your selections were priced at 6/1, here’s what you could expect…

  • 1 winner and 3 losers would return £7, giving you a loss of £8
  • 2 winners and 2 losers would return £63, giving you a profit of £48
  • 3 winners and 1 loser would return £511, giving you a profit of £496
  • 4 winners and 0 losers would return £4095, giving you a profit of £4080

As you can see, there is potential to get great returns from a 15 bet, while still having that little reassurance that you could still get a decent return even if some of your selections lose. So, instead of placing an accumulator, why not try a Lucky 15 for your next bet?

As you can see, the bets above add up to 15, therefore your unit stake will be multiplied by 15 to make up the total stake for your bet. For example, a 10p Lucky 15 bet will cost you a total of £1.50.

If you are feeling lucky – maybe try this bet today? It is one of the most popular with the teams here.

Can You Do An Each-Way Lucky 15 Bet?

Yes, it’s also possible to do an each-way Lucky 15 bet, but as your stake is doubled with each-way bets, the same system applies to a Lucky 15. Therefore a 10p each-way Lucky 15 bet will be £3, whilst a 10p win one would be £1.50.

£2 Each Way Lucky 15 Bet Calculator Winnings
Lucky 15 ew calculator – easy and simple to use.

Each way lucky 15s are more difficult to work out your winnings because you have the win-win and place-place bets to calculate.

Luckily our each way lucky 15 calculator for Lucky 15s works for each way bets as well – s0 do all the heavy lifting for you – and work out all potential returns for your placed bets.

The lucky 15 free calculator will calculate lucky 15 winnings for EW bets which have a total of 30 bets.

What are The Benefits of a Lucky 15?

The benefit of a Lucky 15 bet is that they don’t all have to win to get a return.

It’s happened to all of us – we’ve put on an accumulator, all is going well and then there always seems to be that one selection that lets us down!

If that sound’s all too familiar, maybe it’s a time change things up a little by trying out a Lucky 15 bet.

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

It’s a very popular Saturday afternoon bet – obviously, the more that place or win the better – but it means your bet is active to the end.

Which Sports Can You Do a Lucky 15 For?

There’s a common misconception that Lucky 15 bets are reserved for racing or greyhounds, but that’s just not true. There’s nothing special about this style of betting, it is essentially a Yankee bet, but with the addition of 4 singles – therefore, you can place a Lucky 15 on anything you like.

You can even mix it up. So you could, in theory, have a horse race, tennis match, football and rugby.

Horse Racing Lucky 15s

The most popular bets on lucky 15s are the win wagered on horse racing and many punters enjoy this betting strategy.

With many online bookmakers offering double the odds or even triple the odds you only need to get one of the four horses to get their head in front for profit.

Football Lucky 15s

Lucky 15s on football betting is very popular.

Why not try to pick out 4 draws, or try choosing correct scores or first goal scorers?

If you do this, you’ll find that you can make a healthy profit, even if only 2 of your selections win.

Don’t forget to use our Lucky 15 calc to work out your winning as well.

Popular Questions

How many winners do you need for a return on a Lucky 15?

You only need one selection to win to on a Lucky 15 guarantee a return.

The more you have the better of course and a greater return – but just one winner or place will see you get a return.

Many punters ask “Do all horses have to win on a Lucky 15?” and as the bet includes singles unlike a Yankee then one winner or placed selection can get you a return.

Use our Lucky 15 calculator (free) to work out your winning as well.

What happens if you have a non-runner in a Lucky 15?

If you have a non-runner in a Lucky 15 is that your bet will still go ahead with the other three selections.

When placing Lucky 15s and one of your selections is a non-runner the bet will stand on any remaining selections. This means any single bets on non-runners will be void. The Double bets that contain a non-runner will become Singles, Treble bets become Doubles and the Accumulator will now be a Treble.

The lucky fifteen bets will still stand and go ahead but it will be calculated removing the non-runner, obviously, the number of multiple bets will also be decreased, a rule 4 won’t necessarily be applied.

Do you get a bonus on a Lucky 15?

You can get a bonus on a Lucky 15, it depends on the bookmaker how large this is but they often double the odds or even treble odds – if you only get one winner (sometimes called a bonus one winner consolation).

Here is a list of bonuses available for the various sports betting brands:

  • Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus –  is treble the odds for 1 winner and 10% added for 4 winners
  • Ladbrokes Lucky 15 Bonus – is double the odds for 1 winner and 10% added for 4 winners
  • The BetVictor Lucky 15 bonus – are for double the odds for 1 winner and a 10% additional bonus added for all 4 winners on your Lucky 15 bet
  • William Hill Lucky 15 Bonus – is double the odds for 1 winner and 10% added for 4 winners
  • Unibet Lucky 15 Bonus – is double the odds for one winner and 10% added for four winners
  • The Coral Lucky 15 bonus – is for double the odds for 1 winner and a 10% additional bonus added for all 4 winners on your Lucky 15 bet
  • Paddy Power Lucky 15 – offer no bonus or consolation is offered, so we do not recommend for Lucky 15s
  • Bet365 Lucky 15 offer – no bonus or consolation is offered, so we do not recommend for Lucky 15s

It’s always good practice to compare Lucky 15 bonuses to make sure you get the best deals available and any bookmaker bonuses.

This can vary from bookie to bookie, check out our full guide to all betting sites and see which one works for you.

How does a Lucky 15 work?

The easiest way to calculate a Lucky 15 is to use our free Lucky 15 calculator. You simply enter bet details and it will work it all out.

You can work it out yourself but it can be complicated working out 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four fold accumulator. That is before there are any non runners, a rule 4 deduction, bookmaker bonuses or a dead heat!

What Betting Betting Companies Accept Lucky 15 Bets?

There are plenty of sportsbook sites that enable you to place this type of bet so it’s worth looking out for if you join a new betting site.

Some of them also have their own Lucky 15 calculators (sometimes abbreviated to a l15 calculator) and Lucky 15 ew calculator options – such as the Ladbrokes Lucky 15 calculator, Betfred Lucky 15 calculator – so you need never worry about how to work out a Lucky 15 manually!

Here is a list of the best horse racing betting websites that offer Lucky 15 bets.


Use our Free Lucky 15 Betting Calculator today to work out your winnings.

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Good luck and congratulations on your win! We hope you enjoyed using our Lucky 15 calculator.