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Insured bets offer horse racing enthusiasts added security.

With Insurebet betting bonuses you can protect your investment by ensuring a return on your stake even if your selected horse doesn’t win, making horse racing more enjoyable for punters.

Insurance betting in horse racing is a bet on a horse to win, but you get your stake back (rather than losing the bet) if it grabs a place that meets the t&c’s for the number of horses.

Many of the best horse racing bookmakers online offer the insurebet betting promotion in May 2024.

What does InsureBet mean?

Insurebet is insurance against your horse being beaten if your horse finishes placed.

Insurebet 2 Place is your stake returned if your selection finishes second and backs the horse to win.

Insurebet 3 Place is your money back if your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd and wagered the racehorse to win.

The InsureBet bonus can vary between online betting sites so we always advise to check the terms and conditions, as the number of runners in the race can affect the money-back bonus terms.

Insured Bet vs Acca Insurance

The main difference between an insured bet and acca insurance is that the insured bet is on a single selection and acca insurance is 4+ picks.

Insured bet is a single horse racing bet type where you get your stake back if your horse finishes in a place and backed the racehorse to win.

Acca insurance is a free bet if one leg loses on an accumulator bet. For more information check out our guide to acca insurance betting promotions.

Insure Bet Meanings

Here are the terms and conditions connected to insure bets.

  • Insure bet 2 places meaning – If the horse finishes second, the stake will be returned on horse racing win bet types (aka cover bet 2 places)
  • Insure bet 3 places meaning – If the horse finishes second or third, the stake will be returned on win bets (aka cover bet 3 places)
  • Insure bet 4 places meaning – If the horse finishes second or third or fourth, the stake will be returned (aka cover bet 4 places)
  • Insure bet 5 places meaning – If the horse finishes 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th, the stake wagered will be returned as a free bet (aka cover bet 5 places)
  • Insure bet 6 places meaning – If the horse finishes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th, the amount wagered will be returned as a free bet (aka cover bet 6 places)

What is the Cover Bet Strategy?

The cover bet strategy uses the insurebet bonus where you wager a cover bet on your next most fancied horse in a race and if it does not win you still get your money back.

It hedges your bets than just choosing one selection in a race and many of the best horse racing tipsters advise cover bets as a profitable betting strategy.

What is a Cover Bet Type on Bet365?

The Bet365 cover bet is insurance against your horse being beaten if your horse finishes placed.

The price for the selection to win the race is less than for Win and Each Way markets, but money back if your selection finishes second.

Our Double Result offer will apply to this cover bet market, although Best Odds Guaranteed does not.

What is an insure bet on Skybet?

An Insure Bet on Skybet guarantees your stake back if your horse finishes second or third.

Enjoy added security while betting on your favourite horses.

Skybet terms for insure bets are:

  • In the event of a horse being withdrawn, not under starter’s orders, stakes in that selection will be returned.
  • Bets for the remaining horses in the race will be subject to a deduction in accordance with Tattersall’s Rule 4 based on the win price of the withdrawn horses at the time of withdrawal.
  • Stakes can be returned as cash in bet wallet or free bets (depending on the bonus)
  • BOG bonuses does not apply to this market
  • Dead Heat Rules apply to this market.

What is an insurebet on Paddy Power?

Paddy Power’s Insurebet ensures your stake is returned if your horse finishes second or third, providing peace of mind while betting on horse racing.

The Paddy Power insurebet bonus is a consolation for those narrow defeats but offers slightly lower odds than just betting on the horse to win.

You can insurebet betting promotions in the “All Markets” section alongside the Faller Insurance, Place Only, and Betting Without markets.


In 2024, leveraging bonuses like Insurebet can be a savvy strategy for punters in the world of sports betting.

Hedging bets using bonuses like Insurebet is a smart move for punters in 2024.

With the volatility of sports outcomes, this feature offers a crucial safety net.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting out, protecting your investments is paramount.

Insurebet ensures that even if your horse doesn’t win, you can still recover your stake, whether they finish second or third. This not only mitigates potential losses but also allows you to explore riskier betting options with confidence.

By utilising bonuses like Insurebet, you can explore a broader range of wagers without the fear of losing your entire stake. This approach empowers punters to diversify their cover bet strategies and make more informed choices.

You can combine bets, such as placing one on a favourite to win and another on an underdog with strong odds. If the favourite prevails, you profit from their victory, but if the underdog surprises, the Insurebet ensures you get your stake back. This dual approach maximises your chances of winning.

The world of sports betting is highly competitive, and bookmakers are constantly vying for your attention with enticing promotions. By taking advantage of bonuses like Insurebet, you not only enhance your betting experience but also increase your overall value. It’s a smart financial decision, especially when you consider the potential gains and the added layer of security it offers.

With the ever-changing landscape of sports betting, this approach ensures you remain adaptable and competitive in the market, making it a prudent choice for both novice and experienced bettors alike.

Leveraging bonuses like Insurebet to hedge your bets in 2024 is a strategic move for punters. It safeguards your investments, enables you to explore diverse betting options, and potentially enhances your returns.