Scotland Racecourses

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We look at all the best horse racing courses to visit in Scotland so you can choose which to attend for a fun day out. 

Scottish racegoers have plenty of options with many great horse racing courses to choose from.

From the Scottish Grand National to the Ayr Gold Cup, there are many Scottish racing events to attend! You can find flat racing and national hunt events at all five racecourses in Scotland.

Our Scotland Racecourses guide explains all the leading racecourses in Scotland.

Check out the best racecourse in Scotland:

Scotland Racecourses

Scottish Racecourses List

Here is the full list of Scottish racecourses:

  • Ayr Racecourse
  • Hamilton Park Racecourse
  • Kelso Racecourse
  • Musselburgh Racecourse
  • Perth Racecourse

Ayr Racecourse

First opening in 1907, Ayr racecourse is a terrific venue hosting both flat and national hunt races throughout the year.

Its most notable races include the famous Ayr Gold Cup, and The Scottish Grand National, which attracts fans in the thousands each and every year.

Ayr racecourse offers many excellent hospitality options for its visitors too, and many comment on its excellent atmosphere when they visit.

So whether going as a keen horse racing fan or simply fancy a fun day out with mates, Ayr racecourse is definitely one of Scotland’s best.

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Kelso Racecourse

Boasting the title of “Britain’s friendliest racecourse”, Kelso racecourse is the perfect Scottish racecourse for a fun family day out for all.

First opening way back in 1734, Kelso racecourse remained a flat racing-only track all the way up until 1888, when Kelso changed to a national hunt only venue, and has been ever since.

The most notable races for Kelso racecourse come early in the year in February and March, when the Morebattle Hurdle and Premier Kelso Chase are both held.

So for a brilliant, warm atmosphere perfect for the family to enjoy, Kelso racecourse might just be the choice for you.

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Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park, opening back in 1982, is a famous thoroughbred racecourse located in Hamilton, Scotland.

Hosting the famous Glasgow Stakes, this particular venue is very popular with the Scots, and even has people from all over the UK travelling up to attend.

Racing takes place each year from May to September, so there are plenty of racing events for fans to look out for.

We’d definitely recommend taking a look at this great Scottish race course.

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Musselburgh Racecourse

Musselburgh racecourse, located in East Lothian, is the second biggest racecourse in the entirety of Scotland, just behind Ayr.

This venue, adored by many, is great fun to attend, with some of the biggest races of the year taking place here.

These include the likes of The William Hill Scottish Sprint Cup, and The Royal Mile Handicap.

So be sure to have a good look at Musselburgh racecourse if you’re considering a race day out in Scotland, as it’s one of the best on offer.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Musselburgh Race course for more information on tickets, fixtures and betting opportunities.

Perth Racecourse

And finally, our final Scottish racecourse on our list is Perth racecourse.

This venue, opening back in 1908, offers national hunt racing throughout the year.

Located in the beautiful Scottish countryside, this venue hosts some big racing events, including The Highlands National.

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Why Watch Horse Racing In Scotland?

There are many reasons why we’d recommend watching horse racing in Scotland, the first of which being the many areas of natural beauty throughout the entire country.

Many of Scotland’s best horseracing venues are located in the beautifully picturesque Scottish countryside, and it’s no surprise many choose to make a full weekend of it in Scotland when they do visit for the races.

Additionally, Scotland’s horse racing venues offer excellent atmospheres that sometimes can’t be found anywhere else, which is another great reason to attend a horse racing venue in Scotland.

Which Racecourse In Scotland Is The Best?

Typically, both Ayr and Musselburgh are seen as the best two horse racing venues in Scotland because of their size, excellent racing events, hospitality and more.

Despite this, the best racecourse in Scotland is subjective and does depend on many factors including your current location, what type of racing you’d like to watch, the type of venue you’d like to attend and more.

This is why we’d always advise those considering watching a horse racing event in Scotland to have a look through all of our reviews when it comes to Scottish horse racing venues, that way you’ll be able to understand what each venue offers, and which venue is right for you.

Popular Questions

Is Horse Racing Popular in Scotland?

Scotland is a very popular country for horse racing.

How many horse racecourses are there in Scotland?

There are five racecourses in Scotland.

The 5 Scottish racecourse names include Kelso Racecourse, Hamilton Park Racecourse, Ayr Racecourse, Musselburgh Racecourse and Perth Racecourse.

What is the oldest racecourse in Scotland?

Lanark Racecourse is the oldest racecourse in Scotland, founded by King William the Lion of Scotland.

What bets can you make on Scottish horse racing?

You can place a pick 6 bet, a type of wager offered by racecourses; it allows bettors to pick the winners of six consecutive races.

Another option is the Daily Double, a wager on the day’s first two races. It allows you to pick the winners of two consecutive races. To be a winner, you need to get both bets correct.

What words are related to horse racing in Scotland?

You will hear the following words if you are searching for horse races in Scotland:

  • Gallop
  • Furlong
  • Stables
  • Gate
  • Tote
  • Turf
  • Handicapper
  • Purse
  • Winning post
  • Musselburgh racecourse
  • Kelso racecourse
  • Edinburgh racecourse
  • Perth racecourse
  • Ayr Gold Cup

Summary of Scottish Racecourses

The biggest horse racing meetings attract massive crowds in Scotland.

We strongly recommend visiting if you have never attended a horse racing venue in Scotland.

If you are a horse racing fan, who likes attending the racecourse venues, check out our guides to all UK horse racing track guides or Irish racing track guides.

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