Hamilton Park Racecourse

The Hamilton Park Racecourse is a resort-like thoroughbred racecourse full of high-end dining and activities. They pride themselves in their unique dining options, including two restaurants, and their experience packages, ranging from bronze to gold, which includes admission, parking, and food vouchers. Racing starts around May, and each year includes 18 action-packed fixtures that run until October, all to enjoy with the family. Due to the nature of the course, Hamilton Park only lends itself to flat racing exclusively, which means that horses dod not race with hurdles or obstacles.
One cool feature is the on-site weather station that provides live weather updates every 30 minutes. Additionally, Hamilton Park prides itself on clean facilities. The most common hangout area is the Parade Ring, where there is a bar area and seated area with an overview of the greenery, specifically designed for the guests.
Hamilton Park Racecourse held its first race in 1782 while situated at a locale just outside of Chatelherault. The area closed in 1907 after upgrading to 3 fixtures earlier in 1785. In 1926, they moved to a new locale after lying dormant. Using thousands of fundraised pounds, the course opened its doors in July of 1926, exceeding 30,000 guests over one weekend. It was only the second course in Lanarkshire, yet one of Scotland’s most famous (the other course then closed in 1977).

Hamilton Park Racecourse Location

Lanarkshire is a historic county of south-central Scotland. It grew as a city in the 19th century, along with the iron and steel industry. Lanarkshire is one of Scotland’s most populous counties. The racecourse is located in Hamilton, to the south of Glasgow. Hamilton has three railway stations, each designated to travel outwards. The town of Hamilton also has many nature trails and parks for tourists to enjoy.
<h4> Highest Attendance at Hamilton Park Racecourse
Like many other UK Racecourses, Hamilton Park holds a Ladies’ Day to encourage women to bet and join them for a beautiful day of racing and dining. Hamilton park’s most massive turnout, besides their opening day, is Ladies’ Day. Ladies’ Day 2018 hosted over 10,000 women who flocked to watch the races and enjoyed the Hamilton Park experience. This experience was “record-breaking,” including a performance by Heather Smalls, and a “Best Dressed Ladies” competition. Ladies’ Day is aimed at changing attitudes in the horse racing sport, exhibited by their inclusion of female jockeys, which is not very common in racecourses in the area.

The Betting Process

Standardized horse betting has been implemented in many betting sites across the UK. This means that for Hamilton Park, betting consists of a race card that can be purchased along with the tickets and food vouchers online or obtained the day of at arrival. The map includes horse names, the meeting place, the amount, etc. When filling out a betting card (called “racecards”), you must declare to the teller the meeting number, the horse’s name, the amount — all of this information can be found online and is non-specific to one racecourse. Additionally, many racetracks now offer online betting services that allow you to place bets on the horses through the internet faster.
To be part of Hamilton Park’s betting system, though, a membership is required. It is an easy sign-up on their website, and different tiers to choose from, including Annual and corporate groups. What you get with this membership are race vouchers, parking passes, and admission to all of their premiere (18) races, as well as monthly prize, draws. The most important thing to obtain, though, is the racecards that are needed for betting. The racecards come with most of the memberships, including corporate membership.
Another way to receive access to betting at Hamilton Park is to become an owner yourself! Racing, owning, and training, is less expensive than one tends to think, through shared ownership and syndicates. Being part of the Hamilton Park family comes with the PASS cards, which allow special access to specific parts of the venues designed for owners, and allow VIP treatment and seating, as well as complimentary food, drink, and vouchers. Being an owner has its benefits.

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