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We have reviewed all the best horse racing racecourses to visit in Surrey, which has some of the most stunning racecourses anywhere in the world. 

Surrey has plenty of amazing race days for horse racing fanatics or even casual fans, from Derby days to a great day for ladies.

Our Surrey Racecourses guide explains all the leading racecourses in and around Surrey county.

Find out more Surrey racecourses:

Surrey Racecourses

Surrey Racecourses List

Here is the full list of racecourses near Surrey:

  • Sandown Park
  • Epsom Downs
  • Lingfield Park
  • Kempton Park

Sandown Park

Sandown Park is one of the main 4 racecourses in the Surrey area. Opening back in 1875, this racecourse is actually famous for being the first in the UK to charge everyone that attends.

Located in Esher, Surrey, Sandown Park is home to flat and national hunt racing each year.

It’s not just the horse racing that takes place at Sandown Park either. This venue has been the host for many bands over the years, including the likes of UB40, Simply Red, Girls Aloud and much more.

The horse racing is what Sandown Park is truly known for though, and many spectacular race events have been run here over the years.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Sandown Park Racecourse for more information on tickets, fixtures and betting opportunities.

Epsom Downs

Epsom Downs, also known as “the downs” by locals and those in the know, is the most popular racecourse in the Surrey area, and is home to Group 1s racing taking place from April through to June.

This particular location was attended by Queen Elizabeth most years during her reign, and is known to be a bit of a royal favourite.

First opening back in 1661, this race course is drenched in history and prestige, and is the race venue we recommend the most within the Surrey area.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Epsom Downs Racecourse for more information on tickets, fixtures and betting opportunities.

Lingfield Park

Lingfield Park racecourse offers flat, all-weather and national hunt racing in the heart of the British countryside, what more could you ask for?!

This venue is quite new by modern standards, opened by The Prince of Wales in 1890, where racing has been held each year since.

Racing takes place all year around, so there are plenty of excellent race events you can make the most of each year.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Lingfield Park racecourse for more information on tickets, fixtures and betting opportunities.

Kempton Park

And finally, there’s Kempton Park.

Kempton Park is another brilliant option for those looking for a racing venue to attend in the Surrey area, doubling up as a licensed entertainment venue too.

This particular venue offers several notable racing events each year, including The King George VI Chase, The Coral Trophy Handicap Chase and The Sirenia Stakes.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Kempton Park Racecourse for more information on tickets, fixtures and betting opportunities.

Why Watch Horse Racing in Surrey?

There are many reasons why you might decide to watch horse racing in the Surrey area, the first of which being Surrey’s beautiful countryside.

Many flock to Surrey for the weekend to enjoy the horse racing, as well as to spend time in the beautiful British landscape.

Additionally, Surrey is home to some of the finest racecourses in Britain, such as The Epsom Downs.

This famous racecourse, amongst others, is another great reason to check out the horse racing in Surrey.

Finally, with the fact that Surrey is close to London, it’s an easy option for those that live locally to travel to and from the capital to Surrey, too.

Which Racecourse In Surrey Is The Best?

The answer to which racecourse in Surrey is the best is a bit difficult, however, the one we’d recommend the most is definitely The Epsom Downs, as its atmosphere, venue and racing events are second to none.

Despite this, the racecourse that suits you best may be the most local, or alternatively, you may prefer a quieter racing venue, in which case we’d recommend taking a lot at the other local racecourses on offer to ensure you’re getting the perfect race day out that you’re looking for.

Surrey Horse Racing Fixtures 2023

Here is the horse racing calendar for Surrey Horse Races in 2023:

2/1/2023MondayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
4/1/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
6/1/2023FridayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
7/1/2023SaturdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
7/1/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
7/1/2023SaturdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
11/1/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
11/1/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
13/1/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
14/1/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
14/1/2023SaturdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
17/1/2023TuesdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
19/1/2023ThursdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
20/1/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
21/1/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
22/1/2023SundayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
23/1/2023MondayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
25/1/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
27/1/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
28/1/2023SaturdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
28/1/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
1/2/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
3/2/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
4/2/2023SaturdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
4/2/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
4/2/2023SaturdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
8/2/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
10/2/2023FridayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
11/2/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
14/2/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
15/2/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
16/2/2023ThursdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
17/2/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
18/2/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
20/2/2023MondayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
22/2/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
24/2/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
25/2/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
25/2/2023SaturdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
1/3/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
1/3/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
3/3/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
4/3/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
7/3/2023TuesdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
8/3/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
8/3/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
10/3/2023FridayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
11/3/2023SaturdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
15/3/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
18/3/2023SaturdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
25/3/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
27/3/2023MondayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
29/3/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
29/3/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
31/3/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
1/4/2023SaturdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
3/4/2023MondayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
5/4/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
7/4/2023FridayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
8/4/2023SaturdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
12/4/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
17/4/2023MondayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
18/4/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
19/4/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
24/4/2023MondayKempton ParkEvening – Jump – Turf
25/4/2023TuesdayEpsom DownsAfternoon – Flat – Turf
26/4/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
28/4/2023FridaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
29/4/2023SaturdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
1/5/2023MondayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
3/5/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
4/5/2023ThursdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
9/5/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
10/5/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
13/5/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
16/5/2023TuesdaySandown ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
24/5/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
25/5/2023ThursdaySandown ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
30/5/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
1/6/2023ThursdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
2/6/2023FridayEpsom DownsAfternoon – Flat – Turf
3/6/2023SaturdayEpsom DownsAfternoon – Flat – Turf
3/6/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
6/6/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
7/6/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
10/6/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
12/6/2023MondayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
14/6/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
16/6/2023FridaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
17/6/2023SaturdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
19/6/2023MondayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
22/6/2023ThursdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
24/6/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
28/6/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
1/7/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
5/7/2023WednesdayEpsom DownsEvening – Flat – Turf
6/7/2023ThursdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
7/7/2023FridaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
8/7/2023SaturdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
12/7/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
12/7/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
13/7/2023ThursdayEpsom DownsEvening – Flat – Turf
18/7/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
20/7/2023ThursdayEpsom DownsEvening – Flat – Turf
26/7/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
26/7/2023WednesdaySandown ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
27/7/2023ThursdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
31/7/2023MondayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
2/8/2023WednesdaySandown ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
3/8/2023ThursdayEpsom DownsEvening – Flat – Turf
5/8/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
9/8/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
10/8/2023ThursdaySandown ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
12/8/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
14/8/2023MondayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
15/8/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
16/8/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
17/8/2023ThursdayLingfield ParkEvening – Flat – Turf
18/8/2023FridayEpsom DownsAfternoon – Flat – Turf
23/8/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
28/8/2023MondayEpsom DownsAfternoon – Flat – Turf
30/8/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
30/8/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
2/9/2023SaturdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
6/9/2023WednesdayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
6/9/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
8/9/2023FridayKempton ParkEvening – Flat – AWT
9/9/2023SaturdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
13/9/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
14/9/2023ThursdayEpsom DownsAfternoon – Flat – Turf
15/9/2023FridaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
16/9/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
18/9/2023MondayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
20/9/2023WednesdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Flat – Turf
22/9/2023FridayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
26/9/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
27/9/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
1/10/2023SundayEpsom DownsAfternoon – Flat – Turf
4/10/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
5/10/2023ThursdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
11/10/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
16/10/2023MondayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
18/10/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
22/10/2023SundayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
25/10/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
1/11/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
1/11/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
2/11/2023ThursdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
6/11/2023MondayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
8/11/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
12/11/2023SundaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
13/11/2023MondayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
14/11/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
15/11/2023WednesdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
18/11/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
20/11/2023MondayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
21/11/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
25/11/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
27/11/2023MondayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
30/11/2023ThursdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
5/12/2023TuesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
6/12/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
6/12/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
8/12/2023FridaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
9/12/2023SaturdaySandown ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
11/12/2023MondayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
13/12/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
13/12/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
20/12/2023WednesdayKempton ParkFloodlit – Flat – AWT
20/12/2023WednesdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
23/12/2023SaturdayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT
26/12/2023TuesdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
27/12/2023WednesdayKempton ParkAfternoon – Jump – Turf
31/12/2023SundayLingfield ParkAfternoon – Flat – AWT

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Popular Questions

Is Horse Racing Popular in Surrey?

Surrey is a very popular county for horse racing.

Epsom racecourse is one of the busiest all-weather racing tracks in Surrey; if you want a great day at the races, check it out!

How many horse racecourses are there in Surrey?

There are four racecourses in Surrey.

The 4 Surrey racecourse names include Sandown Park, Epsom Downs, Lingfield Park and Kempton Park.

Which surrey racecourse hosts the derby?

The Epsom Derby is held at Epsom Downs Racecourse; it is held on the first Saturday of June every year.

Epsom racecourse is a popular racecourse in Surrey, so if you are looking for a fun day’s racing, head on to one of their events!

Is there a horse called Surrey Territories?

Yes, Surrey Territories is a horse that has run in 18 races.

His jockey is Neil Callan, and one of his trainers is B R Johnson.

The three-year-old racehorse has placed four times, coming second, but has never been a winner.

Are there racehorse stables in Surrey?

There are many stables in Surrey where owners can house their fillies, colts, geldings, and ponies.

How many furlongs are Surrey racecourses?

On average, Surrey racecourses are five to seven furlongs! However, the length of each race may vary depending on the event and location.

Summary of Racecourses in Surrey

The biggest horse racing meetings attract massive crowds in Surrey.

We strongly recommend visiting if you have never attended a horse racing meeting.

If you are a regular racegoer who likes attending the racecourse venues check out our guides to all UK horse racing tracks or all Irish horse racing tracks.

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