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Exotic Bets on Tote are types of bets made on parimutuel horse races on one than one horse selection.

The multiple selection of horses needs the punter to predict a combination of winners or placed horses must be predicted in order to receive a big win payout.

Horse racing bettors love Tote Exotics because you get the chance of a large payoff, with only small stakes wagered.

The more unlikely the winning combination, the higher the winning payout.

In our Types of Exotic Tote Bets guide, we explain every bet type available on the website or Tote Mobile Betting App.

What are Tote Exotics?

Tote Exotics is betting on multiple horses in one or more races.

Tote exotic bets staked on a horse race ‘exotic’ market are pooled together into a central pool.

The Exotic Bet central pool of money is divided by the number of winning tickets to provide a winning dividend payout.

Here are all Types of Tote Exotic Bets:

  • ToteExacta
  • ToteTrifecta
  • ToteSwinger
  • ToteJackpot
  • ToteScoop6
  • TotePlacepot
  • ToteQuadpot

The types of exotic tote bets come in brackets of single race Toe exotics and

Single Race Tote Exotics

Here are all the single-race Tote Exotics bet types:


The ToteExacta has several versions, but the most basic one is the Straight Exacta. In a Straight Exacta, the bettor makes a single bet by picking the first two horses to finish in the correct order.

Another simple version is the Reverse Exacta, which is similar to a reverse forecast. It involves placing the same bet again in the reverse order.

Since this covers two possibilities, it requires two stakes.

Alternatively, the bettor can choose a Combination Exacta, where two or more horses are selected to finish first and second.

This type of bet allows for multiple winning combinations because the bet is placed on two, three, or more horses to finish in any order.

It’s important to note that for each additional permutation, the stake is multiplied. For example:

  • Horse A wins, Horse B places
  • Horse A wins, Horse C places
  • Horse B wins, Horse A places
  • Horse B wins, Horse C places
  • Horse C wins, Horse A places
  • Horse C wins, Horse B places

In this scenario, there are six different permutations, so the stake would be multiplied by six.

Lastly, the option of a Banker Exacta is available. With this bet, the bettor selects the horse they believe will win, referred to as the banker, and can cover the permutations for any number of other horses to finish second.


The ToteTrifecta is the equivalent of a tri-cast in fixed-odds betting. It involves actively selecting the first three horses to finish, unlike the Exacta which only requires picking the first two.

You can actively place a Straight Trifecta by correctly choosing the order of the first three horses.

Another option is a Combination Trifecta, where you add additional horses to the bet, covering more permutations.

Alternatively, you can opt for a Banker Trifecta, where you designate a specific horse to finish first while covering various combinations of horses for second and third place.

It’s important to keep in mind that in the case of the Exacta and Trifecta if any horse among the chosen runners is declared a non-runner, the corresponding line featuring that horse becomes void.

This means that even if you accurately select the first two horses in a Trifecta, the bet would be void and would not qualify as an Exacta.


The objective of a Tote Swinger bet is to actively select two horses that will finish among the top three positions in a race. This type of bet is offered by the Tote and is applicable to races with six or more runners. The winning combinations for a Tote Swinger bet are as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd place
  • 1st and 3rd place
  • 2nd and 3rd place

You have the option to place a Tote Swinger bet with more than two horses, increasing your chances of correctly predicting two horses among the top three finishers.

The number of bets involved in your Swinger bet will grow as you consider each possible combination of two runners from the total number of runners you have selected.

Multiple Race Win Tote Exotics

Here are all the multiple-race win Tote Exotics bet types:


The Tote Jackpot bet involves the task of selecting the winners of six different races. However, it differs in its format.

The Jackpot is a daily pool administered by the Tote, where bettors are required to predict the winners of the first six races from a single UK meeting, which is chosen by the Tote on a daily basis.

If you find it difficult to decide on a horse for any particular race, you also have the option to choose the horse that goes off as the favourite.

In the event that your original selection becomes a non-runner, you will automatically receive the unnamed favourite for that leg of your bet. If there are multiple favourites, the co-favourite with the lowest racecard number will be considered.

As with any Tote bet, you have the flexibility to perm your wager.

This means you can choose to include multiple horses in one or more races. However, it’s important to note that perming your bet will significantly increase your stake. For example,

place a £1 stake per line and select two choices in each of the six races. In such a scenario, the calculation would be as follows:

£1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = £64 total bet.


ToteScoop6 is the flagship Tote bet held every Friday and Saturday. To win, punters must correctly predict the winners of six races chosen by the Tote across UK cards.

Each line costs £2, and the bet often accumulates substantial prize pools, especially in the absence of winners, leading to rollovers worth millions.

Winners of Scoop6 are also eligible for the bonus prize, which can also amount to millions. This extra prize is awarded to those who correctly pick the winner of an additional race on the following Scoop 6 day.

The higher cost of the Scoop6 is due to its inclusion of a place fund alongside the win fund. This means that if all your selected horses are placed, you still have a chance to win prize money, often reaching tens of thousands of pounds.

While winning the Scoop6 is challenging, the potential return depends on the prize pool and the number of winners, rather than your stake.

Unlike fixed-odds betting, the Tote transforms your selections into a lottery-like ticket. For example, suppose there is a Scoop6 prize pool of £1 million, and your six selections have combined odds of 4049/1. To win the same £1 million with fixed-odds bookmakers, you would need to stake £246.91 with significantly lower odds.

The Tote Scoop6 only costs £2 per line, offering odds equivalent to 500,000/1 if you are the sole winner with the same six horses.

It’s important to note that winning the full figure is not guaranteed, as others may have chosen the same winning line. However, for your £2 to be better spent at a regular bookmaker, 124 people would need to select the same winning line as you.

Multiple Race Place Tote Exotics

Here are all the multiple-race place Tote Exotics bet types:


The Placepot stands as one of the highly favoured bets offered by the Tote, known for being the most popular exotic bet and frequently accumulating substantial prize pools.

This bet necessitates the selection of a horse to be placed in all six predetermined legs of a race card.

It is common to perm the bet by including multiple horses in multiple races, further enhancing the chances of winning.

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The final wager is the Quadpot, which may initially sound like a Tote variation of the four-fold accumulator.

However, it actually serves as a consolation pool for individuals who were unable to win the Placepot after the first two races.

The rules for the Quadpot remain largely similar, but it applies to races three to six.

Which bookie is best for exotics?

The best bookie to place exotics with is Tote as they offer the Tote Plus betting bonus.

The Tote bookmaker offers up to 10% higher payout when wagering directly on the website or website.

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Tote exotic bets offer punters an exciting opportunity to engage in horse racing. With a variety of selections available, punters can create their own unique combinations on a race card with multiple legs.

These bets contribute to the Tote pools, which are formed during a meeting and include contributions from others.

Punters become part of the action as they forecast the outcomes of races, with the option to select two or three runners as their favourites to secure wins.

The potential winnings in these exotic bets depend on the amount staked, the results of the races, and the rules set by the Tote.

Punters eagerly await the returns, as the dividends can be significant, especially when their combination exacta or Tote Scoop6 bets come through. Some punters prefer to explore a wide range of favourites, while others might focus on specific runners they believe have a higher chance of placing.

For example, if a non-runner occurs in one leg of a bet, the Tote provides a reason to ensure fairness and adjust the dividends accordingly.

These factors, along with the thrill of each leg of the bet and the potential winnings, make Tote exotic bets a favourite among punters looking to enhance their horse racing experience.