Tote Jackpot

The Tote Jackpot, simply put, is a bet where the punter aims to select the first six winners at a horse race meeting, as selected specifically by The Tote.

What to find out more about this horse racing bet type? Read on.

Tote Jackpot Bet

What is Jackpot Bet?

A Tote Jackpot is a simple to understand and popular bet. Basically, a punter chooses six horses in the first six races at a horse racing meeting. To win on this bet, all the horses must win.

Picking six winners is obviously very tricky so the payout so if you do win is normally very generous.

That said, you can pick more than one horse per race but the more selections you have, the higher the stake will be.

A Jackpot works in a similar way to a Tote Placepot in terms of how winnings are calculated.

Overview of a Jackpot Bet

  • A punter must pick the first six winners at a chosen Tote Jackpot meeting
  • This is a daily bet
  • The Tote Jackpot has a minimum winning prize pool of £10,000 which is divided out between the winners
  • A minimum bet stake is 50p
  • If you wish you can create more permutations of a bet and have more than one horse in a chosen race
  • As you would imagine the more horses you select in each race the more your bet will cost, however, your chance of winning will also increase as you have more bases covered

About Tote Jackpot Winnings

The Tote works out its winnings by pooling the number of bets placed.

Essentially the amount of money placed across the country on this daily bet goes into a prize pool. As in a Placepot, 28% is removed for admin charges and then the remaining 78% (or £10k minimum) is divided out amongst the winners. This naturally means that the size of winnings vary from day to day.

This means the more winners the smaller the payout, so if possible with these bet types it’s always good to try and find a weak favourite or more of an outsider that other people don’t identify, so a few other punters get knocked out and your prize share would increase for you.

What Happens If My Horse is a Non-Runner in a Jackpot?

If your horse is non-runner your stake will be moved on to the SP favourite.

How Do You Place a Tote Jackpot Bet Online?

Simply head to their official website and click on the Jackpot link. from here you click on your horse selection and these will be added to your bet slip. When you have completed that simply enter your stake.

How Do You Place a Jackpot Bet in a Betting Shop Or On Course?

It’s easy simple, you will just need to fill in an official Jackpot bet slip at your local betting shop or UK racecourse and then hand this in at the counter where your bet will be placed.

Interesting Facts about Tote

The Tote was actually created in 1928 by none other than Sir Winston Churchill, who was a huge fan of having a flutter on horse racing as well as a horse owner. Betfred purchased the Tote in 2011 and bought the company out from government-ownership and the company continues to fo from strength to strength.


The Tote Jackpot is a hugely popular daily bet in the UK.

The bet is very difficult to win – picking six straight winners is not easy – and for that reasons the payout is good.

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