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Wow!! What you are about to understand about the Tote is going to blow your mind.

For many years I have never liked wagering horse racing bets on the Tote because I felt the dividend payouts were only better for outsider selections.

Can the Tote company now really compete and be better than the traditional fixed odds bookies?

No, I don’t just mean placing Tote Placepot bets or the Tote Jackpot bets. I actually mean win bets also with the Tote Win bet type.

In this comprehensive guide on whether Tote betting is better than fixed-odds bookmakers, I am going to explain why the new Tote Horse Racing bonuses have made the website and Tote Betting Mobile App a superb choice in April 2024.

Is Tote betting better?

It is better to place bets on the Tote Vs Fixed Odds bookmakers for horse racing bets in the UK and Ireland.

The savvy horse racing punters would never wager bets on the Tote because you never really knew what odds you were going to get on your selection until after the race.

You would not go and buy a car without knowing the price first – and this is what it felt like when placing bets on the Tote.

The tote price is also subject to big late bets, which can alter the odds significantly.

But now with the amazing bonus feature of the Tote SP Guarantee any shrewd sports bettor can get the best of both prices.

Tote Guarantee - Better Than SP On Every Race

You get the higher Tote dividend on your horse or you get the starting price betting odds if those are higher.

It is better to bet on the Tote in comparison to traditional fixed odds bookmakers because now with Tote Guarantee you get the best of both with higher payouts.

Reasons Tote Betting Is Better Than Fixed-Odds Betting

Here are several reasons why Tote Betting Is Better Than Fixed-Odds Betting:

  • The Tote dividend is often bigger than the SP for less popular selections
  • Placepots are only available on the Tote Parimutuel Bets
  • Scoop6 bets are not offered anywhere else than the Tote
  • Tote Plus bonus feature pays 10% higher than fixed-odds SP
  • Tote Guarantee provides a guaranteed payout of at least the fixed odds starting price
  • Tote Place is not available on fixed odds betting
  • Tote minor operator cut in running the pool bets is partly  reinvested in horse racing sponsorships to support the sport
  • Tool Pool Betting Tournaments enable players to compete in a social environment
  • The World Pool enables bettors from all over the globe to bet in a single pool with a multi-million-pound betting experience

Tote Trifecta Pays Higher Than Straight Tricast Bets

Tote Trifecta is usually bigger than straight tricast bets.

Tote Trifecta Pays Higher Than Straight Tricast Bets

If you bet 1,2,3 in the correct order with or on the Tote betting mobile app you will normally get much higher payouts.

Tote Exacta Pays Higher Than Straight Forecast Bets

Tote Exacta is usually bigger than straight forecast bets.

Tote Exacta Pays Higher Dividends Than Straight Forecasts

If you bet 1,2 in the correct order with Tote Exacta you will normally receive much higher payouts.

ToteWin Pays Higher Than Fixed-Odds Win Bets

ToteWin is usually bigger than fixed odds winning bets.

Tote Wins Pays Higher Dividends Than SP Odds

If you wager a win bet with ToteWin you will normally receive much higher payouts.

Tote Plus Guarantees Higher Payouts

With the Tote+ bonus, you get 10% bigger dividends when you bet with directly on the website or via the Tote betting app.

10% Higher Payouts When You Bet With Tote+

It is crazy value to think with you get paid out on the higher dividends or the starting price – then ontop of this you can be paid 10% more on your winnings with Tote Plus.

Just take a look at the Grand National odds with a comparison between Tote dividends vs Starting Price odds.

Tote Plus Pay 10% Higher Dividends

Then with 10 percent added ontop of the dividends, it is very clear to see why the savvy sports bettor is wagering their money via bets.

Is the Tote good value?

Traditionally, the Tote has been viewed as a better option when backing an outsider, but less so when backing one of the favourites.

This is because the leading horses in a race typically attract a disproportionate amount more in bets.

The more bets wagered on a selection in pool betting – the less the share is between everyone.

The Tote is now amazing value for horse racing bets because you will often receive a bigger payout or the winning dividends, but with The Tote Guarantee it means that even when the bookmaker’s SP is larger than the Tote dividend, will top up bet returns online so that you are never worse off.

Tote (Parimutuel) Vs Fixed Odds Betting

The main difference between Tote and Fixed Odds is you are betting into the Tote Win pool, unlike the odds offered by a fixed-odds bookmaker.

The Tote Win dividend is determined by what proportion of money wagered into the pool and the volume of bets placed on the winner.

The Tote pool betting is different from traditional fixed odds bookmakers, in that it is betting from a cumulative pool of prize money rather than on fixed odds return. This means you place your bet and your stake goes into a ‘central pool’ of money.

Is the Tote better than fixed odds?

In April 2024 the horse racing community voted the Tote to be better value than fixed odds betting with the new SP guarantee bonus being the primary factor.

Tote vs SP - Get The Best of Both

Fixed odds betting is more risky for the bookmaker than the Tote, because the profit margin is not guaranteed and the bookmaker’s profit will not be the same for every outcome.

Tote betting is a form of pari-mutuel betting whereby all bets of the same type go into a pool and the Tote takes a cut of the central pool pot.

The Tote dividends fluctuate according to how much money is wagered on each runner.

Many horse racing bettors used to prefer placing bets with a fixed-odds betting company. But since the relaunch of under Alex Frost he has transformed the Tote pool betting, as it is one of the oldest and best-loved betting brands in the UK.

Types of Tote Bets

Here are all the types of bets you can wager on the website, ToteSport Betting App, or on course with the Tote.

  • Totewin is when you back a horse to win
  • Toteplace is when you back a horse to place (the number of places depends on the number of runners)
  • Exacta Pick is the first and second in the correct order
  • Reverse Exacta Pick is the first and second in any order
  • Combination Exacta Pick is more than two horses with the aim of getting the first and second
  • Trifecta Pick is the first, second, and third in the correct order
  • Reverse Trifecta Pick is the first, second, and third in any order
  • Swinger Pick is two horses to finish in the first three in any order (races of six-plus runners)
  • Placepot Pick is horses before the first race starts to place in the first six races at a meeting
  • Quadpot Pick is horses to be placed in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth races at a meeting before the third race starts
  • Jackpot Pick is horses to win in the first six races at any UK meeting
  • Scoop 6 Pick is the winner of six nominated races each Saturday (the races aren’t all at the same meeting). Scoop 6 races are generally shown live on terrestrial TV


The debate of whether the Tote or Fixed Odds is a better value has always been a great debate in the horse racing industry.

But now the Tote Guarantee means your dividend will never be worse than the SP and Tote Plus pays an additional 10% higher there really cannot be any debate again.

The Tote, formerly known as Totesport, is a huge reason for the existence of horse racing in the UK and Ireland with huge sponsorship deals helping the UK Racecourses and Irish Racecourses to survive.

As a collaboration of global Totes, The World Pool enables horse racing punters from all over the globe to bet into a single central pool, which results in enormous liquidity and provides an even-greater worldwide betting experience.

If you have not yet signed up with Tote betting company we strongly recommend registering with the latest Tote welcome bonus offer.

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