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Looking for the best Outsider Tips today? Well, you are in the right place as we uncover the racing outsiders worthy of a bet.

Our team of betting experts search through race results and past performances to help find horses that bookmakers may have overlooked in the betting and who we believe have a chance to win at generous odds.

We use racecourse analysis, form analysis, ground insights and insider knowledge to spot outside bets and give our followers the best betting advice.

Whether you’re an experienced punter or a novice, our advice can assist you in making wise choices and possibly increasing your winnings.

As a knowledgeable sports bettor, if you like to wager bets on horses at outsider prices you should check the list of top bookies for EW betting online.

Discover some value bets in our Outsider Tips for today’s horse racing:

Outsider Tips for Today

Here are the Today’s Outsider Tips.

MeetingTimeNameBet Slip
Curragh (IRE)18:50Pier PressureAdd to BetSlip →
Curragh (IRE)20:20BrainsAdd to BetSlip →
Downpatrick (IRE)17:05BayonettaAdd to BetSlip →
Downpatrick (IRE)17:35Jinxs LinkAdd to BetSlip →
Downpatrick (IRE)18:05Roman ParishAdd to BetSlip →
Hereford19:00SeasmokeAdd to BetSlip →
Pontefract20:15Glistening NightsAdd to BetSlip →

What is an Outsider Bet?

An outsider also referred to as a ‘longshot’, is a contender in a race with low odds of winning, as it is perceived to be less competitive than its opponents.

It is important to note that the term ‘outsider’ is relative, as there is no set limit to define a horse as such.

As a result, an outsider is typically offered at comparatively high odds.

It is often good to put an EW outsider bet into a horse racing multiple.

What is the smartest bet for Outsider Tips in horse racing?

The outsider tips are typically horses with bigger prices that should outrun their betting odds.

As the selection will be a longer price in the betting market, the horse racing tipsters feel offers good value for money and they are popular with horse racing fans.

The smartest bet when wagering money on Outsider Tips is to punt on an each-way bet slip.

The knowledgeable sports bettors place the E/W bets using bookmakers paying additional places like these:

Many of the above have offers or valid welcome offer options for new UK customers, so follow the links to find out more today, you may have to enter a valid promo code.

What is the Difference Between an Outsider and Dark Horse Bet?

An outsider is a horse with the longest odds (or big odds) who is unlikely to win the race by the betting market.

On the other hand, a dark horse is a horse whose potential is largely unknown due to its lack of experience or less impressive past performance.

It may have unexposed qualities or potential for improvement, perhaps due to being lightly raced or trying a new distance, for instance.

Despite not being one of the favourites, a dark horse is thought to have a greater chance of success than an outsider. Our tipster make informed decisions on these horses on day to day races through to the Cheltenham festival.

How Often Do Outsiders Win?

Outsider horses are less likely to win races as they are perceived to have a lower chance of success.

That said, upsets and surprises happen in horse racing, with longshot horses occasionally beating the odds and winning races.

The exact frequency with which this occurs will depend on many factors, varying from race to race.

How To Look For Outsider Tips?

Looking for outsider tips in horse racing can be challenging and time-consuming, but a few methods can help increase your chances of finding a horse that could surprise the favourites and win the race. Here are some tips:

  1. Do your research: Research the horses and their form to identify any trends or patterns that could suggest a potential outsider. Look for horses that have improved or performed well under similar conditions in recent races.
  2. Consider jockey and trainer: A lesser-known jockey or trainer can sometimes indicate an outsider, but it’s important to check their past performance to determine if they have a good track record.
  3. Look at the odds: Outsider horses often have the highest odds, so look for horses offered at long odds but have the potential to do well in the race.
  4. Analyse the race conditions: Certain conditions, such as a long distance or a heavy track, can favour outsider horses with stamina and endurance. Look for horses that have experience and success in similar conditions.
  5. Monitor insider information: Keep an eye on the latest news and rumours from the horse racing industry, including any insights from trainers, jockeys, or stable staff. Insider information can sometimes provide an edge in identifying potential outsiders.

It’s important to remember that betting on outsiders can be riskier than betting on favourites, and there is no guarantee that an outsider will win.

However, by researching and following these tips, you can increase your chances of finding a horse with the potential to surprise the field and win the race.

Betting on Outsider Tips

If you are looking to place outsider bets check these top UK bookies out:

Summary of Outsider Racing Tips

Outsider bets are a popular bet for gamblers in the UK, allowing them to increase their payout by betting on something that is not favoured to win.

By finding the best providers of tips for Outsider bets, you can make informed selections and increase your winning chances.

Check out our recommendations and Outsider tips, or why not construct your own bet?! It can be a lot of fun.

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