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Looking for today’s Sky Sports Tips? Check out our page.

Sky Sports cover a lot of racing on their channel and if you are looking for an afternoon or evening of watching racing in this way, you’ll probably want to get some expert tips to help you unearth a winner.

So instead of blindly betting on horses with no real strategy, look no further than this Sky Sports tips for horse racing betting page.

Our top independent tipsters have done all the hard work and our tips are presented in an easy-to-use table below. This is updated with fresh tips every single day.

With expert insights and analysis from top analysts in the industry, our Sky Sports tips provide valuable information to help you make informed betting decisions.

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Sky Sports Tips

Sky Sports Tips for Today

Here are the Today’s Sky Sports Tips.

MeetingTimeNameBet Slip
Chepstow12:40Knight Of AllenAdd to BetSlip →
Chepstow13:10Casa No MentoAdd to BetSlip →
Chepstow13:40Wise GuyAdd to BetSlip →
Chepstow14:15King TurgeonAdd to BetSlip →
Chepstow14:50King Of BrazilAdd to BetSlip →
Chepstow15:32Lady BalkoAdd to BetSlip →
Chepstow16:40GoguenardAdd to BetSlip →
Newcastle12:55Young At HeartAdd to BetSlip →
Newcastle13:30Horn CapeAdd to BetSlip →
Newcastle14:05GardenerAdd to BetSlip →
Newcastle14:40Beneficially YoursAdd to BetSlip →
Newcastle15:25Glory HightsAdd to BetSlip →
Newcastle16:30Six One NineAdd to BetSlip →
Newcastle17:05Battle Born LadAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton17:10ProfitmanAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton17:40Orchard ParkAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton18:10ToxicAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton18:40Locked N' LoadedAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton19:10Star Of Lady MAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton19:40Gogo YubariAdd to BetSlip →
Wolverhampton20:10TwoforthegutterAdd to BetSlip →
Yarmouth15:40HandelAdd to BetSlip →
Yarmouth16:25No RetreatAdd to BetSlip →
Yarmouth16:55At LibertyAdd to BetSlip →
Yarmouth17:30Stone CircleAdd to BetSlip →
Yarmouth18:00Notre DameAdd to BetSlip →
Yarmouth18:30Cuban HarryAdd to BetSlip →
Yarmouth19:00NorthcliffAdd to BetSlip →
Yarmouth19:30Dion BakerAdd to BetSlip →

How do you pick your Sky Sports Tips?

We pick our Sky Sports tips by looking at various factors, these include:

  • Horse form
  • Breeding and horse potential
  • The ground conditions
  • The racecourse
  • The Jockey
  • The trainer

We also look at horse racing statistical data to give even greater insight.

Is Sky Sports Racing good?

Sky Sports Racing is hugely popular with Sky subscribers, and its coverage of the racing is fantastic.

The teams at Sky Sports offer insightful knowledge to help you make a balanced decision.

Placing a Bet on Skys Sports Racing

If you are looking to place a bet on Sky Sports check out these top online bookies.

Summary of Sky Sports Racing Tips

Our teams make daily selections on the racing shown on Sky Sports. These are updated on this page every day.

The Sky Sports presenters and pundits also have their own tips and points of view which are perhaps worth checking out.

So, whether you’re an experienced punter or new to horse racing betting, our Sky Sports Tips will give you some confident selections to try and bag you a winner or two.

Check out our recommendations and bet tips, or why not construct your own bet?! It can be a lot of fun.

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