Monday Horse Racing

If you are a racegoer and want to know about the best horse race meetings on Monday we have you covered.

In our Monday Horse Racing guide, we run through everything about race meetings on a Monday.

What is the best horse racing meeting for Monday races?

Monday’s horse racing meeting is the night racing held at Windsor Racecourse.

Monday Horse Racing Tips

The best horse racing tipsters for Monday horse racing are:

  • David Dooley
  • Get Your Tips Out

Monday Horse Racing Fixtures

Here is the horse racing calendar for Monday Races in 2023:

Date Weekday Course
2/1/2023 Monday Lingfield Park
2/1/2023 Monday Newcastle
2/1/2023 Monday Ayr
2/1/2023 Monday Plumpton
9/1/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
9/1/2023 Monday Taunton
9/1/2023 Monday Ayr
16/1/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
16/1/2023 Monday Fontwell Park
16/1/2023 Monday Hereford
23/1/2023 Monday Kempton Park
23/1/2023 Monday Southwell
23/1/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
30/1/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
30/1/2023 Monday Hereford
30/1/2023 Monday Plumpton
6/2/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
6/2/2023 Monday Carlisle
6/2/2023 Monday Fontwell Park
13/2/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
13/2/2023 Monday Catterick Bridge
13/2/2023 Monday Plumpton
20/2/2023 Monday Newcastle
20/2/2023 Monday Carlisle
20/2/2023 Monday Lingfield Park
27/2/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
27/2/2023 Monday Ayr
27/2/2023 Monday Plumpton
6/3/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
6/3/2023 Monday Wetherby
6/3/2023 Monday Southwell
13/3/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
13/3/2023 Monday Plumpton
13/3/2023 Monday Stratford-On-Avon
13/3/2023 Monday Taunton
20/3/2023 Monday Southwell
20/3/2023 Monday Taunton
27/3/2023 Monday Lingfield Park
27/3/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
27/3/2023 Monday Wincanton
3/4/2023 Monday Newcastle
3/4/2023 Monday Lingfield Park
3/4/2023 Monday Ludlow
10/4/2023 Monday Redcar
10/4/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
10/4/2023 Monday Chepstow
10/4/2023 Monday Fakenham
10/4/2023 Monday Huntingdon
10/4/2023 Monday Plumpton
17/4/2023 Monday Kempton Park
17/4/2023 Monday Redcar
17/4/2023 Monday Windsor
17/4/2023 Monday Kelso
24/4/2023 Monday Pontefract
24/4/2023 Monday Windsor
24/4/2023 Monday Hexham
24/4/2023 Monday Kempton Park
1/5/2023 Monday Bath
1/5/2023 Monday Windsor
1/5/2023 Monday Beverley
1/5/2023 Monday Kempton Park
1/5/2023 Monday Warwick
8/5/2023 Monday Ayr
8/5/2023 Monday Southwell
8/5/2023 Monday Windsor
8/5/2023 Monday Worcester
15/5/2023 Monday Musselburgh
15/5/2023 Monday Catterick Bridge
15/5/2023 Monday Windsor
15/5/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
15/5/2023 Monday Southwell
22/5/2023 Monday Carlisle
22/5/2023 Monday Redcar
22/5/2023 Monday Windsor
22/5/2023 Monday Market Rasen
22/5/2023 Monday Ffos Las
29/5/2023 Monday Leicester
29/5/2023 Monday Redcar
29/5/2023 Monday Windsor
29/5/2023 Monday Cartmel
29/5/2023 Monday Huntingdon
5/6/2023 Monday Thirsk
5/6/2023 Monday Windsor
5/6/2023 Monday Ayr
5/6/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
12/6/2023 Monday Lingfield Park
12/6/2023 Monday Pontefract
12/6/2023 Monday Windsor
12/6/2023 Monday Southwell
19/6/2023 Monday Carlisle
19/6/2023 Monday Lingfield Park
19/6/2023 Monday Nottingham
19/6/2023 Monday Windsor
19/6/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
26/6/2023 Monday Chepstow
26/6/2023 Monday Windsor
26/6/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
26/6/2023 Monday Southwell
3/7/2023 Monday Musselburgh
3/7/2023 Monday Pontefract
3/7/2023 Monday Windsor
3/7/2023 Monday Southwell
10/7/2023 Monday Chepstow
10/7/2023 Monday Ayr
10/7/2023 Monday Ripon
10/7/2023 Monday Worcester
17/7/2023 Monday Ayr
17/7/2023 Monday Windsor
17/7/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
17/7/2023 Monday Newton Abbot
24/7/2023 Monday Ayr
24/7/2023 Monday Beverley
24/7/2023 Monday Windsor
24/7/2023 Monday Cartmel
31/7/2023 Monday Ayr
31/7/2023 Monday Ffos Las
31/7/2023 Monday Lingfield Park
31/7/2023 Monday Newton Abbot
7/8/2023 Monday Ayr
7/8/2023 Monday Carlisle
7/8/2023 Monday Ripon
7/8/2023 Monday Windsor
14/8/2023 Monday Kempton Park
14/8/2023 Monday Windsor
14/8/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
14/8/2023 Monday Hamilton Park
21/8/2023 Monday Catterick Bridge
21/8/2023 Monday Windsor
21/8/2023 Monday Brighton
21/8/2023 Monday Bangor-On-Dee
28/8/2023 Monday Chepstow
28/8/2023 Monday Epsom Downs
28/8/2023 Monday Ripon
28/8/2023 Monday Southwell
28/8/2023 Monday Cartmel
4/9/2023 Monday Brighton
4/9/2023 Monday Chepstow
4/9/2023 Monday Southwell
11/9/2023 Monday Newcastle
11/9/2023 Monday Brighton
11/9/2023 Monday Newton Abbot
11/9/2023 Monday Perth
18/9/2023 Monday Kempton Park
18/9/2023 Monday Brighton
18/9/2023 Monday Thirsk
18/9/2023 Monday Worcester
25/9/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
25/9/2023 Monday Hamilton Park
25/9/2023 Monday Leicester
25/9/2023 Monday Warwick
2/10/2023 Monday Bath
2/10/2023 Monday Newcastle
2/10/2023 Monday Hamilton Park
2/10/2023 Monday Newton Abbot
9/10/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
9/10/2023 Monday Pontefract
9/10/2023 Monday Windsor
9/10/2023 Monday Stratford-On-Avon
16/10/2023 Monday Kempton Park
16/10/2023 Monday Musselburgh
16/10/2023 Monday Windsor
16/10/2023 Monday Yarmouth
23/10/2023 Monday Southwell
23/10/2023 Monday Pontefract
23/10/2023 Monday Windsor
23/10/2023 Monday Plumpton
30/10/2023 Monday Southwell
30/10/2023 Monday Leicester
30/10/2023 Monday Redcar
30/10/2023 Monday Huntingdon
6/11/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
6/11/2023 Monday Kempton Park
6/11/2023 Monday Hereford
6/11/2023 Monday Plumpton
13/11/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
13/11/2023 Monday Carlisle
13/11/2023 Monday Kempton Park
20/11/2023 Monday Kempton Park
20/11/2023 Monday Exeter
20/11/2023 Monday Leicester
20/11/2023 Monday Plumpton
27/11/2023 Monday Kempton Park
27/11/2023 Monday Ludlow
4/12/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
4/12/2023 Monday Ayr
4/12/2023 Monday Plumpton
11/12/2023 Monday Chelmsford City
11/12/2023 Monday Ayr
11/12/2023 Monday Lingfield Park
18/12/2023 Monday Wolverhampton
18/12/2023 Monday Musselburgh
18/12/2023 Monday Plumpton

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Monday Horse Racing Fixtures in Ireland

Here is the Irish horse racing calendar for Monday Races in 2023:

Date Day Track
16/01/2023 Monday Punchestown
30/01/2023 Monday Punchestown
06/03/2023 Monday Leopardstown
10/04/2023 Monday Cork Racecourse
10/04/2023 Monday Fairyhouse
17/04/2023 Monday Tramore
24/04/2023 Monday Naas Racecourse
01/05/2023 Monday Curragh
01/05/2023 Monday Down Royal
08/05/2023 Monday Roscommon
15/05/2023 Monday Killarney
22/05/2023 Monday Roscommon
29/05/2023 Monday Ballinrobe
05/06/2023 Monday Gowran Park
05/06/2023 Monday Listowel
12/06/2023 Monday Roscommon
19/06/2023 Monday Kilbeggan
26/06/2023 Monday Ballinrobe
10/07/2023 Monday Roscommon
17/07/2023 Monday Killarney
24/07/2023 Monday Ballinrobe
31/07/2023 Monday Galway
07/08/2023 Monday Cork Racecourse
07/08/2023 Monday Naas Racecourse
14/08/2023 Monday Ballinrobe
28/08/2023 Monday Downpatrick
04/09/2023 Monday Roscommon
11/09/2023 Monday Galway
18/09/2023 Monday Fairyhouse
18/09/2023 Monday Listowel
25/09/2023 Monday Roscommon
25/09/2023 Monday Down Royal
02/10/2023 Monday Fairyhouse
30/10/2023 Monday Wexford
30/10/2023 Monday Galway

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Monday Horse Racing Tips

The top-rated horse racing tipsters for Monday horse racing predictions are:

  • David Dooley Tips
  • Get Your Tips Out
  • Robin Goodfellow
  • Andy Holding

If you are looking for horse racing tips for Monday race meetings we highly recommend following David Dooley’s tips who has continuously shown an annual profit over the past 4 years of tipping.

Upcoming Monday Horse Racing Meetings

The best place to get the upcoming Monday racecards are:

The racecards will show the horse racing entries for Monday’s horse race meetings.

Check out our guide to the full list of UK horse racing cards in March 2023.

All the best betting mobile apps now show the latest racecards in real-time inside their iPhone or android apps.

Monday’s racecards will provide all the runners, jockeys, trainers, silk colours, betting odds and times of the horse racing events.

Horse Racing Results Monday

The best place to get the latest horse racing results for Monday’s horse race meetings are:

All the best online betting websites now show the latest results in real-time on the website or within the mobile app.

Monday’s fast results will provide the winner, odds, jockey, trainer, purse (prize money), and places of the runners and riders.


Monday is great for horse racing.

Popular Questions

Are betting shops open on monday?

All the major off-track betting shops are open on Mondays.

Check out the nearest bookmakers to your location for your chosen betting brand:

What Horse Racing Is On TV Monday?

The best places to watch horse racing on a Monday vary depending on the race meetings.

Here are the places that will be showing the horse races:

The television channels Sky Sports Racing and RacingTV have the rights to show horse racing at the UK racecourses or Irish racecourses. So you will need to check which television has the rights at the specific horse racing track.

Where can I Place Bets On Monday Horse Races?

There are a number of places where you can place bets on Monsay horse races.

The most convenient option is likely to be an online betting site. This will allow you to place your bets from the comfort of your own home.

If you would prefer to place your bets in person, then you can visit a horse racing track or wager bets in the high-street off-track betting shops.

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