William Hill Near Me

If you wanted to place a bet and were wondering ‘Is there a William Hill near me?’ then finding out the answer couldn’t be simpler.

We have compiled the phone number and the opening times for each of the branches too.

William Hill Shop Locator

Here is William Hill betting shop locations in the UK.

William Hill has many betting shops on the high street and here shows the list of William Hill shops.

How Many William Hill Shops in the UK?

There are now over 2,300 licensed William-Hill betting offices in the United Kingdom alone, but the company are a globally recognised brand.

William Hill has to be one of the first companies that come to mind when associated with the word ‘bookies’.  From sponsoring horse racing events to boxing, to Premier League football teams, the brand is a household name.

They are the largest operating bookies in the UK, with a 25% share of the market and have been a part of the high street since 1934.

With over eighty years experience and a loyal following of punters, William-Hill continue to be a trusted and respected market leader in the bookkeeping arena.

Nearest William Hill to my Location

William Hill locations are very commonplace. When you’ve been established for over eighty years and have a quarter of the market share, people tend to remember you!

Chances are, searching for the nearest William-Hill to my location will be easier and closer than you realise. With over 2,300 licensed shops and a 25% share of the market, finding one of these bookies in your vicinity should be relatively straightforward.

But if you are having difficulty in locating one of the stores, simply use our directory page. This includes an alphabetical list of all the different locations.

You will have a list of addresses, opening times, phone numbers and a map of all the William Hill’s in your area. It couldn’t be easier.

Bookies Near Me Now

So, you’ve got a tip from a friend that’s red hot and you need to place a bet as soon as possible.

Is there a William Hill bookies near me now? The chances are good that there is.

The brand has been a presence on the high street for the better part of eighty years and has an impressive 25% share of the UK market, so finding a shop shouldn’t be too difficult.

In fact, there are usually at least seven or eight William Hill’s within a five-mile radius, so placing that bet and getting that big win should be pretty straightforward.

Shops Opening Times

William Hill shops opening times will vary from one shop to another. Factors such as the day of the week will determine the opening hours (Sunday can be a shorter working day for some shops), and Bank Holidays may also affect the opening hours of some shops.

The main reason for the varying times though is the location. Shops that are inside a shopping centre, for example, may have to abide by the opening hours of that centre, whereas high street shops are not restricted by such boundaries.

If you are not sure of the opening hours of your local bookies, make sure to check out the directory on our site.


Prices and odds can and will vary according to the location of the store and what it is you are actually betting on.

The brand strives to give the best odds available, but they are subject to change which is why it is always advisable to ensure that you are happy with the price and the odds that you have been given before going through with placing a bet.

Local Bookmakers

Your local bookmakers are more than just somewhere to place a bet. It’s a place to socialise, to discuss, to have friendly banter with others and none of that is possible if the bookies itself is not inviting.

The list shows all the william hill bookmakers locations but we also have an all bookies near me page which highlights every single betting shop in the UK.

The brand may be one of the biggest bookmakers in the United Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean that they have lost their identity within the community.

As well as providing up to the minute technology, games, and bandits and a wide variety of sports, slots, games and casinos to bet on, William-Hill realises this means nothing if the punter is not at ease within their shops.

That is why they pride themselves on having a relaxed but responsible atmosphere, which is why the William-Hill near me can just as easily be the local bookmakers.

William Hill Branch

Your nearest William Hill branch is probably closer than you think. We have realised that it was a hard ask of people to know where all the stores were, so to help their punters we developed the ‘shop locator’ directory page.

Instead of typing in William-Hill near me into a search engine, all you have to do is have a look for your local store using our directory page.

What could be simpler? Visit your nearest shop for more information on playing slots and games, to place bets, and of course, to get up to date odds on all the latest sporting events.