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This exciting approach to betting involves placing bets on three horses in different races, with the potential to win big if all three come in first.

With expert insights and analysis, Horse Racing Treble Tips gives you the information you need to make smart, informed bets on the best horses in the most exciting races.

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Treble Tips for Today

Here are the Today’s Treble Tips.

MeetingTimeNameBet Slip
Ascot15:45Diamond RainAdd to BetSlip →
Ascot17:40King'S GambitAdd to BetSlip →
Leopardstown (IRE)19:50EphesusAdd to BetSlip →

What is a Treble Bet?

A treble bet is where three single outright selections are combined into one multiple bet.

All three selections from the treble bet are required to win for the bet to be successful.

If just one of the selections from a treble bet loses, then the total treble bet is lost.


  • Bigger payout – As you are combining multiple selections, there is potential for a big payout
  • Boost the odds – Heavy favourite odds can be boosted significantly
  • High ROI not needed Don’t need a high ROI to return profit


  • One and done – It only takes just one selection to lose for the entire bet to be lost
  • Harder strategy – Can be much harder to implement a strategy
  • Higher chance of losing – High chance of longer period without a winning bet

How is a Treble Bet Worked Out?

A treble bet is worked out by wagering the return from each leg on the next leg as a stake.

All winnings from the first bet are placed on the second bet as a stake, then the winnings from the second bet are placed on the third. This will then give you your potential winnings.

What is an Each Way Treble Bet?

An each way treble is made up of stakes on three different selections in a horse race. You are wagering on three selections to win and place.

As you are placing two bets on a horse to win and place, your stake will be doubled.

So for example, if you are looking to place £5 on an each-way treble, you stake will be double to £10 as you are placing £5 for the win and £5 for the place.

How to Calculate a Treble Bet

To calculate a treble bet, add each of the three odds together, multiply them together and subtract one for your stake.

For the quickest calculation, check out our Treble Bet Calculator. Simply fill the necessary fields with your bet details and let the calculator work its magic.

Summary of Treble Bet Tips

Treble bets are a popular bet for gamblers in the UK, allowing them the chance to increase their payout by combining three bets from the same or multiple sporting events.

By finding the best providers of tips for Treble bets, you can make informed selections and increase your winning chances.

Check out our recommendations and Treble tips, or why not construct your own bet?! It can be a lot of fun.

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