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Our Tote Placepot Pointers provide daily tips and choose one horse in each race across all UK and Irish horse racing meetings.

Punters enjoy placing Tote Placepot bets as can return huge winnings and keep an interest in all races on the racecard.

All our daily tips including Today’s Lucky 15 Tips and Yankee Tips Today are predicted by leading racing industry professionals.

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Today’s Tote Placepot Tips

Tote Placepot Tips Today

Here are today’s Tote Placepot Tips:

Ascot14:30Mountain BreezeFriday
Ascot15:05Elite StatusFriday
Ascot15:45Opera SingerFriday
Ascot17:05Forever BlueFriday
Ascot17:40Space LegendFriday
Ascot18:15Woodhay WonderFriday
Ascot18:15Dorney LakeFriday
Down Royal (IRE)16:50Kilmood SusanFriday
Down Royal (IRE)17:25She'S QualityFriday
Down Royal (IRE)17:55Mary ShoelacesFriday
Down Royal (IRE)18:30KekeFriday
Down Royal (IRE)19:00IowntheballFriday
Down Royal (IRE)19:35Giuseppe CassioliFriday
Down Royal (IRE)20:10ClarinbridgeFriday
Goodwood17:45Soldier'S HeartFriday
Goodwood18:20Pure Of HeartFriday
Goodwood18:50Lexington KnightFriday
Goodwood19:25Open SecretFriday
Goodwood20:00American BayFriday
Market Rasen13:35Barrons LandFriday
Market Rasen14:05G A HentyFriday
Market Rasen14:40Imperial RuleFriday
Market Rasen15:15Callin Baton RougeFriday
Market Rasen15:55MylesfromwicklowFriday
Market Rasen16:35Climate PrecedentFriday
Market Rasen17:10Spot On SophFriday
Newmarket (July)18:03Biniorella BayFriday
Newmarket (July)18:35Global AssetFriday
Newmarket (July)19:10Mythical GuestFriday
Newmarket (July)19:45RhetoricalFriday
Newmarket (July)20:20RebaattFriday
Newmarket (July)20:55Wonder KidFriday
Redcar13:45Sunny OrangeFriday
Redcar14:15Pearl SandsFriday
Redcar14:50Master RichardFriday
Redcar15:30James WebbFriday
Redcar16:45Pendlebury LaneFriday

Today’s tips are updated every day that racing takes place in the UK & Ireland and covers flat, jumps and all-weather racing. We cover everything from small local weekday events to all the major UK racing festivals.

What is Tote Placepot Bet?

A Tote Placepot Bet is a type of horse racing bet that requires a punter to select one or more horses to place in the first 6 races of a horse racing meeting.

The aim of the Tote Placepot Bet is to pick a horse that will place in each of the 6 races.

This is usually the first 2, 3 or 4, depending on the number of runners and the specific rules of the race. Place your Tote bet today.

Things You Need To Know Before Wagering a Placepot Bet

Here are some important factors you need to know before wagering a placepot bet:

The list of things to do were all voted by our professional horse racing tipsters as essential prior to wagering placepots online.

How To Win A Tote Placepot Bet

To win a Tote Placepot Bet, the punter must successfully select at least one horse to place in each of the first 6 races of the meeting.

If all selections are placed, the bettor will receive a share of the Placepot pool, which comprises the total stakes on the bet.

The size of the Placepot pool and the amount paid out to winning bettors can vary depending on the number of winners and the total amount of money staked on the bet.

How We Select Tote Placepot Tips

Selecting Tote Placepot Bet Tips requires a combination of knowledge and strategy. Here are some tips on how to select winning Tote Placepot bets:

  1. Study the Form: One of the most important factors in selecting Tote Placepot tips is studying the horses’ form. We look at their recent race results, as well as their performances on different types of tracks and over different distances.
  2. Consider the Odds: We consider the odds of each horse when making your selections. While you want to choose horses with a good chance of placing, you also want to look for value, which means selecting horses with a higher chance of placing than the odds suggest.
  3. Look for Consistency: Consistency is key when selecting Tote Placepot tips. We look for horses with a consistent record of placing in races and avoid horses known for being inconsistent or unreliable.
  4. Analyse the Racecard: We look closely at each racecard in the Placepot. Consider factors such as the number of runners, the race’s distance, and the track type. These factors can have a significant impact on the outcome of the race.

How Much Does a Tote Placepot Bet Cost?

The minimum stake for a Tote Placepot Bet is usually £1, and the minimum number of selections required is one horse in each of the six Placepot races.

The overall cost of a Tote Placepot Bet depends on the number of horses selected in each race and the stake placed on each selection.

To calculate the total cost of a Tote Placepot Bet, you need to multiply the number of selections in each race to get the number of bets, then multiply that by the stake per bet.

For example, if you select two horses in each of the six Placepot races, you would be placing 64 bets (2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 64). If your stake per bet is £1, the total cost of your Tote Placepot Bet would be £64 (64 bets x £1 stake per bet = £64 total stake).

It’s important to note that Tote Placepot Bets are subject to deductions, which can vary depending on the total amount of money staked on the bet and the number of winning tickets. These deductions cover taxes and fees and can impact the money you receive if your bet is successful.

How are Placepot Payouts Calculated?

Tote Placepot payouts are calculated using a dividend system.

After deducting a reserve fund, the money staked on winning tickets is divided among the winners.

The dividend is then calculated by dividing the total pool by the number of winners, and each payout is determined by multiplying the dividend by the stake.

If the total pool after deductions is £100,000, and there are 100 winning tickets, the dividend will be £1,000.

It’s important to note that the dividend for each winning ticket will depend on the stake placed on the ticket. For example, if a winning ticket has a £1 stake and the dividend is £1,000, the payout will be £1,000 multiplied by the stake, which in this case is £1, resulting in a payout of £1,000.

Is a Tote Placepot Bet Worth It?

The Tote Placepot Bet is a popular bet among horse racing fans because it offers the potential for a large payout for a relatively small stake.

It requires a certain amount of skill and strategy to pick winning horses across multiple races.

Summary of Tote Placepot Tips

We hope you have enjoyed our Placepot tipping page.

We provide daily tips for this hugely popular bet type so be sure to check back.

Check out all the related Tote Pool Betting related posts.

Summary of Placepot Tips

The Tote Placepot is one of the most popular pool bets, where you have to pick a horse to place in each of the first six races at a meeting.

We hope you have enjoyed our free placepot tipping service.

Check out our guide to Totes Placepot Bet.

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