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British Racecourses allows horse racing enthusiasts to experience the thrill of the Tote’s incredible Placepot bet.

This fantastic opportunity allows punters to win big on multiples by placing relatively small stakes.

To top this off, Tote has introduced Placepot Insurance to give its punters peace of mind when betting online.

With Placepot Insurance, if you find yourself eliminated after the first race, Tote Horse Racing has got you covered.

The Tote will refund your stake up to £10, ensuring you don’t walk away empty-handed. This exciting offer applies to a chosen meeting each day.

How To Take Advantage Of Tote Placepot Insurance

Tote Placepot Insurance is available Tote Stayers Club members only.

Once you are a member of Tote Stayers Club, simply select your six horses for Placepot as you normally would at the chosen meeting.

If you are eliminated in the first race of the day on the card, you will be refunded your money up to £10 as a free bet. You can expect to receive your free bet within 24 hours, giving you another chance to win.

Your entire bet must lose on the first race to qualify for the refund.

Please note that if any of the horses are in the first leg of your permutation place, the refund will not apply.

Tote wants to ensure fairness and that only those truly eliminated receive the benefit of Placepot Insurance.

It’s important to note that this promotion is exclusively available to selected customers aged 18 years and over who are residents of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Tote value responsible gambling and adhere to all relevant regulations and guidelines.

We invite you to take advantage of this incredible offer and enjoy the thrill of horse racing with the added security of Tote Placepot Insurance.

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Tote Placepot Insurance offers peace of mind to punters by providing a safety net in case their first leg doesn’t go as planned.

With this feature, you can receive your stake back if your initial leg loses, ensuring you are reimbursed for your bet.

It’s a valuable opportunity to compensate for an unfavourable start and continue enjoying the excitement of the Placepot bet.