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The printable betting slips you get from Tote when wagering a horse racing bet are your receipt to use when collecting your winnings.

The Tote horse racing betting slip comes in all various designs and the marksense totepool bet slips are very easy to fill in with marking your selection number from the racecard.

Most horse racing punters enjoy wagering the “Multi Legs” bet types like the placepot and jackpot.

Both the land-based bookies and the horse racing tracks have Tote Betting Slips.

In our guide on Tote Betting Slips, we provide all the information needed to get your head around the tote direct marksense tickets for Tote sports betting slips.

Various Tote Bet Slips

Here is a collection of Tote bet slips with the famous blue colour sportsbook bookies pens.

Tote Bet Slips

Here is a mixture of Tote’s betting slips for bets on horse racing events.

Totesport Betting Slips

Here is a mix of Tote betting slips including the placepot, jackpot, scoop 6, exacta, quadpot and totewin bet types.

Tote's Betting Slips

Here is a mix of Tote bet slips including the place pot, jack pot, scoop6, exacta, quad pot and tote win bet types.

Tote Betting Slips

Tote Placepot

Blank Tote Placepot betting slip.

Blank Tote Placepot Betting Slip

Placepot bet slip filled in.

Tote Placepot Betting Slip

If you are looking to wager a Tote placepot online you can do this by following the step-by-step guide:

  1. Login to your Tote Mobile App
  2. Click on Multibets
  3. Click Tote Placepot
  4. Select your horse race meeting
  5. Mark your picks in legs 1,2,3,4,5,6
  6. Add your stake to the bet slip
  7. Click place bet

For more information check out our guide to Tote Placepot bets or visit the list of best placepot bookmakers.

Tote Placepot7

Blank Tote Placepot7 betting slip.

Tote Placepot 7 Blank Betting Slip - Tote's Placepot7 Bet Slips

Placepot7 bet slip filled in.

Tote Placepot 7 Completed Betting Slip - Tote's Placepot7 Bet Slips

Tote Quadpot

Blank Tote Quadpot betting slip.

Blank Tote Quadpot Betting Slip

Quadpot bet slip filled in.

Tote Quadpot Betting Slip

Tote Scoop6

Blank Tote Scoop6 betting slip.

Blank Tote Scoop6 Betting Slip

Scoop6 bet slip filled in.

Tote Scoop6 Betting Slip

Tote Jackpot

Blank Tote Jackpot betting slip.

Blank Tote Jackpot Betting Slip

Jackpot bet slip filled in.

Tote Jackpot Betting Slip

Tote Exacta

Blank Tote Exacta betting slip.

Blank Tote Exacta Betting Slip

Exacta bet slip filled in.

Tote Exacta Betting Slip

Tote Trifecta

Tote’s trifecta blank betting slip.

Tote Trifecta Blank Betting Slip

Tote Trifecta bet slip filled in.

Tote Trifecta Filled In Betting Slip


Tote’s win betting slip is called the ToteWin.

ToteWin Betting Slip

The Totewin betting slip is a win single on the first race at Chester Races.


Tote’s Place betting slip is called the TotePlace.

TotePlace Betting Slip

The TotePlace betting slip is a place single bet on the third race at Naas Races.


Tote’s each-way betting slip is called the ToteEachWay.

ToteEachWay Betting Slip

The ToteEachWay betting slip is an each way single on the second race at Galway Races.


Whether placing bets via land-based bookies or on the horse racing track it is easy with lost and found search to get paid out on your winnings.

A great tip for all sports bettors is to take a photo of your bet slips so you have a copy of the bet ID code.

The horse racing ticket is your receipt to easily collect your winnings from any Tote cashier.

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