What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Bet Slip

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Whether you’ve wagered a bet at your local bookie or placed bets with the on-course bookmaker, you’ll be given a slip of paper (i.e. betting slip receipt) that signifies the bet that you’ve placed.

It is very common for sports bettors to lose their betting slip receipts in the UK.

Most days a cashier in a high street bookmaker needs to give customers a lost claim form.

The great news is it’s easy for a cashier to search and find a lost betting slip and payout the winnings if they can determine you were the rightful owner.

One advantage of wagering bets online is you will never have the problem of losing a bet slip when wagering with the top-rated horse racing betting sites online your bets are saved electronically in your betting wallet.

In our guide on What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Bet Slip, we will explain the next steps to receiving your winnings even if you have lost your betting slips.

Can I Still Be Paid If Lost My Winning Bet Slip?

The good news is that you do have options if you have lost your winning betting slip to still be paid out.

The chances, if you like a flutter, are that you’ll lose a winning bet slip at least once or twice in your life.

If you lose the piece of paper with your winning selection on you can still claim the money that is rightfully yours.

Different on-course bookies or high street betting shops have a lost betting slip policy in place which usually involves completing a lost claim form.

What to do if you lose your betting slip in a high street bookmaker?

If you lose your bet slip wagered in a high street bookmaker you can head back into the betting shop and tell them that you’ve lost it.

The bookmaker will be able to search the system to see if it is on there, allowing you to claim it once you’ve filled out the necessary paperwork to do as much.

When you wager a bet in a land-based bookmaker, the cashier working behind the till will scan your betting slip which saves an electronic version of your bet which is saved on the bookmaker’s database.

The electronic database allows the betting company to figure out what their exposure is over an event at any given moment.

A cashier can easily search the electronic bet database which filters like stake wagered, time of the bet, selection names or date.

Lost Your William Hill Bet Slip

Check out the full William Hill Lost Betting Slip Policy.

If you’ve lost a betting slip with William Hill all you need to do is complete a lost claim form and write out your exact bet.

A cashier at William Hill Betting Shop can search for the stake and selections to find a copy of your bet.

Winnings will be made as soon as they can determine you are the rightful owner of a winning ticket.

Lost Your Tote Bet Slip

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What to do if you lose your betting slip on the racecourse?

If you lose your bet slip wagered on the racecourse you need to call the Betting Ring Manager on duty that day.

The racecourse Betting Ring Manager is independent of the bookmakers and works for the Administration of Gambling on Tracks Limited.

When you call the betting ring manager their main role is to resolve disputes and try to monitor on-course betting.

You have 30 days to dispute any lost betting slips from a racecourse in the UK, after which claims will be at the discretion of the bookie.

Claiming Someone Else’s Winning Bet Slip

It is illegal to claim someone else’s winning betting slip as your own.

Here are some interesting facts about previous claims of winning betting slips:

  • Do not post a photo of your winning bet on social media before collecting your winnings
  • Do not claim someone else winning bet because this is illegal
  • Most bookies have CCTV so the footage will catch out people claiming someone else’s bet slip
  • It is considered theft if someone drops a winning betting slip and you pick the slip up and cash it in

Most bookmakers have it in their terms and conditions that the contract is between them and the person who placed the bet with them.

An important part of that betting contract says:

We reserve the right to seek criminal and contractual sanctions against you if you are involved in fraud or dishonest or criminal acts and will make such reports as necessary to the relevant authorities

The t&c’s bet contract is mainly because of money laundering legislation, with Know Your Customer rules forcing bookies to have a better idea of who it is that is betting with them.


Whether placing bets via land-based bookies or on the horse racing track it is easy with lost and found search to get paid out on your winnings.

A great tip for all sports bettors is to take a photo of your bet slips so you have a copy of the bet ID code.

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