A Guide to Racehorses

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Racehorses are thoroughbred horses who compete in professional races in the UK, Ireland and across the world.

The history of the racehorse goes back hundreds of years and the sport of horse racing is a pastime enjoyed by people from all backgrounds.

In this racehorse guide we look at key facts surrounding these stunning animals.

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Types of Racehorses

  • Foal – a foal is a
  • Yearling
  • Filly
  • Mare
  • Colt
  • Stallion
  • Horse
  • Sire
  • Dam
  • Broodmare
  • Broodmare dam
  • Broodmare sire
  • Maiden

Racehorse Colours

  • Bay
  • Black
  • Roan
  • Grey
  • White

Phrases to Decescribe Thoroughbreds

  • Sprinter
  • Miler
  • Stayer
  • Hurdler
  • Chase
  • Junveile Hurdler
  • Novice hurdler
  • Novice chaser
  • Staying chaser

Distances of Horse Races

Breeding of Racehorses