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Are you looking for more information on the best female horse racing jockeys around? We answer all your questions and look at some of the best lady jockeys racing today as well as those that have retired.

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Who are The Current Best Female Jockeys Riding Today?

The current leading female jockeys riding today on the flat and national hunt are listed below:

  • HollIe Doyle – a top flat racing jockey who has had multiple success on the UK and international stage, Hollie has burst onto the scene as one of the best jockeys in the world. Exceptionally strong she is enjoying success everywhere she goes.
  • Rachael Blackmore – the pin-up of national hunt racing and the first female rider to win a Gold Cup, Rachael has a legion of fans and is hugely popular with punters and fans of the sport.
  • Hayley Turner – a top ambassador for racing and a great jockey, Hayley retired a few years ago but recently returned to the saddle as she missed it so much. She has had success on the biggest tracks and on the biggest stages.
  • Bryony Frost – a huge personality in the jumping game and perhaps best known for her great with relationship the popular horse Froden. racing is in her blood and as a retained rider for Paul Nicholls she gets to ride great horses on the biggest days.

How Much to Female Jockeys Earn?

There is no set amount that a female jockey earns. As with their male colleagues, each jockey’s fee is dependent on variables such as their experience, skill level and race history.

A female jockey would typically earn a fee for each ride, which can start at around £200 for a jumps race and £400 for the flat, on top of this a jockey would take a percentage of any winnings on the horse, this is normally around 10%

Why are They Not More Female Jockeys in Racing?

There are lots of females that work in the racing industry, although as jockeys there are certainly less professional female jockeys than their male counterparts.

Male and female jockeys are given the same training and opportunities so it is difficult to give an overarching reason why this would the case.

Have there always been Female Professional Jockeys in Horse Racing?

There has always been female jockeys in racing although it is probably over the 10 years with the likes of Hollie Doyle and Rachael Blackmore that they have really gone into the public spotlight. Before them, the path was carved by people such as Charlotte Brew who rode as an amateur in the Grand National.

Do Female Jockeys Make Less Money than Male Jockeys in Horse Racing?

The amount a jockey earns is dependent on their own experience and skill so some female jockeys earn more than men, and some male jockeys earn more than women. The gender of the jockey has nothing to do with their ability to earn per se.

What is the Difference between Male and Female Jockeys in Horse Racing?

In terms of opportunities there’s no difference between male and female jockeys in horse racing. The decision of which jockey an owner or trainer wants to use is totally up to them.

What are Some Famous Female Jockeys in Horse Racing?

The most famous female jockeys riding today are Rachael Blackmore, Holliw Doyle, Bryony Frost and Hayley Tuner.

What female jockey has the most wins?

Currently, Hollie Doyle is the female jockey with the most wins.

Has a female jockey ever won the Derby?

No female jockey has currently won the English Derby.

Have any female jockeys won the Triple Crown?

No female jockey has won the US Triple Crown.

Has a female jockey ever won the Gold Cup?

Yes a female jockey has won the Gold Cup, this was Rachael Blackmore who won it 2022 riding A Plus Tard.


Female jockeys ride all over the world and the UK and Ireland currently boast some great experienced and up-and-coming female riders.

Over the last 20 years, female jockeys have started to enjoy more sustained success and compete in the biggest races and festivals.

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