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Our team of US horse racing tipsters brings you all the racing analysis and predictions for every race at Parx Racecourse.

Our unrivaled American Horse Racing betting predictions provide you with detailed analysis and verdicts for every Parx race.

Our Parx Betting Tips have been a huge success, with large profits for level stake bets.

Predicting the outcome of a race at Parx race track can be a difficult task, and our expert horse racing tipsters use an array of form data and time and receive inside information from jockeys or trainers if a thoroughbred racehorse is working nicely.

Our Parx predictions range from odds-on bankers to an outsider selection for each way bets.

In our Parx Horse Racing Tips guide, we provide all the best chances of a winner across all the races.

Today’s Parx Horse Racing Picks

Here are our Parx horse racing picks for races today.

NameMeetingRace No.Time
No Race Fixtures found today

All our Parx Horse Racing Tips are free of charge and provide the best advice for today’s thoroughbred racing.

Our Philadelphia horse racing tips today provide one selection for every race.

Parx Racecourse Guide

Parx Casino and Racing is the official name for the race track, formerly based in Philadelphia Park. The huge complex is the biggest in Pennsylvania, based in the Northeast of Philadelphia.

The casino is open 24 hours a day, and there are plenty of places to enjoy food and more. The Pennsylvanian state has one of the leading US horse racing betting venues, Parx Race Track.

It is the home of first-class thoroughbred horse racing, which includes The Pennsylvania Derby. Find out more about the track and complex via their official site on the Philadelphia Racing website.

Parx Live Racing Schedule

Here are all the horse racing fixtures and schedule for Parx Racecourse.

DateHorse Racing TrackTime ZonesTrack Code
9/23/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
9/25/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
9/26/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
9/27/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/02/2023Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/03/2023Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/04/2023Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/09/2023Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/10/2023Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/11/2023Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/16/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/17/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/18/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/23/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/24/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/25/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/30/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
10/31/23Parx RacingEDTPRX
11/01/2023Parx RacingEDTPRX
11/06/2023Parx RacingESTPRX
11/07/2023Parx RacingESTPRX
11/08/2023Parx RacingESTPRX
11/13/23Parx RacingESTPRX
11/14/23Parx RacingESTPRX
11/15/23Parx RacingESTPRX
11/20/23Parx RacingESTPRX
11/21/23Parx RacingESTPRX
11/22/23Parx RacingESTPRX
11/27/23Parx RacingESTPRX
11/28/23Parx RacingESTPRX
11/29/23Parx RacingESTPRX
12/04/2023Parx RacingESTPRX
12/05/2023Parx RacingESTPRX
12/06/2023Parx RacingESTPRX
12/11/2023Parx RacingESTPRX
12/12/2023Parx RacingESTPRX
12/13/23Parx RacingESTPRX
12/18/23Parx RacingESTPRX
12/19/23Parx RacingESTPRX
12/20/23Parx RacingESTPRX
12/26/23Parx RacingESTPRX
12/27/23Parx RacingESTPRX

Philadelphia Park Racecourse Guide

Philadelphia Park is also known as Parx Racecourse, or the entire complex is known as ‘Parx Casino & Racing’, offering a casino and food places next to the racetrack.

Philadelphia Park is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – and is open 24-7.

Biggest Philadelphia Parx Racecourse Races

The Philadelphia racecourse is recognised for major derby races – including the Pennsylvania Derby in late September. This Grade 1 race is famous throughout the US and is known for its excitement.

You will also be able to enjoy the Gallant Bob Stakes, which is now a Grade 2 and is always highly anticipated. You will also find plenty of other documented races with plenty of skill and excitement.

Parx Picks Today Freebee

Check out today’s free tips, our tipsters are constantly looking for the best horse racing picks. You can check back here for all our tips and ways to profit from Parx Racecourse picks.


What is the history of the Parx race track?

Parx Racecourse was established in 1974 formerly known as Keystone Racetrack. In 1984 the track was purchased by International Thoroughbred Breeders and changed the name and design of the track.

Parx Racecourse Details

  • Parx Address: 2999 Street Rd, Bensalem, PA 19020, United States
  • Parx Number: +1 215-639-9000


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The Parx horse racing tips will be informative, with plenty of helpful advice that will assist all punters, whether you are a novice or a professional gambler.

Parx racing is available throughout the season, and this was initially called the Keystone Racetrack before being renamed Philadelphia Park in 1984.

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