Taunton Racecourse

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Where is the Taunton Racecourse?

It is located in Orchard Portman, 3 kilometers south of Taunton, Somerset, in the United Kingdom. Taunton Racecourse is the youngest national hunt racecourse in the United Kingdom. Taunton is also the latest racecourse to be opened in the UK until the Great Leighs course beginning in 2008.
Since the 18th century, the area has been hosting horse racing, with the first one taking place in Broomhay in West Monkton. The racing was brought to a stop during the Napoleonic wars in 1812 though, lack of intrigue was also a partial cause to the closure of the Broomhay course. The races continued to be hosted in Bridgwater, a location 11 miles north of Taunton until 1825 when the racing recommenced in Taunton. The racecourse was stationed on the place occupied currently by the King’s College. The course was highly placed by the annual sporting magazine that adulated the course exceptionally.
Race events were carried out for two days at the start of September. The site was disturbed by irresistible rainfall in 1838, which cleaned out every one of the races, and after two years, racing was moved to Trull Moor, where they proceeded for a further 15 years. After this, the racing games were moved back to Bridgwater and stopped at the beginning of the First World War
In 1927, at a gathering held in London, the Taunton Racecourse Organization was established and consented to make another racecourse on the land allowed for the reason by Viscount Portman. The site had housed Orchard Portman House, the seat of the Portman family. However, the house was devastated in 1840. A little church, which was a piece of the endowment, is as yet noticeable on the backstretch. The first event took place on 21 September 1927, and the first race, the “Shoreditch Selling Hurdle,” was won by Baalbek, possessed by Mr. Rayson.
At first, onlookers were housed in a simple wooden stand, which was generally encompassed by vast puddles of mud, yet the ground has been vigorously out graded. The Paddock stand and the orchard Stand were incorporated as well. AP McCoy stand was the latest stand that hosted food offices and is utilized for gatherings and meetings on days when race events are not taking place.

What is the highest attendance at Taunton Racecourse?

The recent highest attendance was registered last year, 2019, during the ladies’ day, where the Somerset County celebrated this day on the Taunton Racecourse grounds. The fine attendance details are not precise, but some outlets claimed the attendance was close to 11000 people. The Taunton environment is friendly, thus giving you the more reason why Taunton is your option. The ample restaurants and atmosphere proving impeccable hospitality services give you the motivation to try family outs in this fabulous racecourse.
More than 15 events take place at Taunton each year, beginning from November way through April, where they end at the end of April. Some of the typical events include a festive event in the course of Christmas and New Year. Taunton Racecourse layout is excellent, allowing for great views, the parade ring, and the winners’ enclosure are located in front of the grandstands. The races are aired on the Racing TV, and bookmaker streaming services are offered by a range of hosts including Bet 365, Betfair and William Hill. The course is a right-handed flat track.

How do I bet on horses at Taunton?

Betting should not be hard for you at all costs. Are you not attending the races at the Taunton Racecourse? Don’t worry at all; you can bet online at the comfort of your internet and follow the results live on the television on the racing channel. You are on the ground and can’t manage the traffic? Have no worries. If in attendance, all you have to do is a bet from the bookies located in the Taunton Racecourse.
Once you are armed with the predictions and tips offered by your betting site, you bet as per the predictions and involving your logic, of course, and you will be good to wait for the results. The tipsters from the betting sites analyze the profiles and stats of the participating horses the night and the morning prior to the race, what as an individual you are not capable of doing. After analyzing all the horses, the tipsters provide a detailed report based on the current day’s assessment, and the horse’s reputation, winning rate in the past.
Top trainers in Taunton Racecourse include Paul Nicholls, Harry Fry & Paul Nicholls trained three times and registered 61 winners from 196 racers. Harry Fry, on the other hand, registered 20 wins from 85 racers.

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