Catterick Racecourse Odds Betting Sites

The Catterick Racecourse also referred to as the Catterick Bridge Racecourse, is one of the oldest known racecourses in Yorkshire. It is located in Richmond North and has been hosting meetings since as early as the mid 17th century, with the first recorded race on April 22nd, 1783. The permanent racecourse was build in 1813. Catterick Racecourse hosts year-round racing, of which there are 17 Flat meetings and 10 National Hunt meetings scheduled. In addition to the horse racing schedule, Catterick Racecourse is also a home for music concerts, expos, weddings, conferences, and many other events on the property.

How to place bets at Catterick Racecourse

Catterick Racecourse hosts Tote betting, which is similar in odds configuration to the national lottery system. A bet is placed on a cumulative pool of money versus a fixed return amount. Each bet type has its pool, and the odds are figured by the number of people placing bets, the amount they bet, and what amount they bet on which horse. The tote betting system has quite a bit of jargon used, so it can sometimes be challenging to understand when beginning as a race spectator. Therefore, we have broken down some of the commonly placed bets and a brief description of what they entail for ease in understanding the odds and your bet.
Win- You place a bet on one specific horse to win in one particular race.
Each Way- You place a bet on one specific horse to either place or win in one particular race.
Place- You place a bet on one specific horse to place, and also the spot that it will place in one particular race.
Double- You place a bet on 2 horses to win in 2 different races on that day.
Exacta- You place a bet on 2 horses to win in the top 2, and their order to win, in one race on that day.
Trifecta- You place a bet on 3 horses to win in the top 3, and their order to win, in one race on that day.
Swinger- You place a bet on 3 horses to place in the top 3 in any order in one specific race on that day.
Quadpot- Pick 4 horses and bet that they will place in races 3, 4, 5, and 6 on that day.
Placepot- You pick 6 horses that will place in the first 6 races on that day.
Jackpot- You pick 6 winning horses from several Jackpot races on that day.
Scoop 6- You pick 6 winning horses from several Scoop 6 races on that day.
You can place your bet on the race at a tote station, which are marked in different locations around the racecourse. Or, you may set your bet online, on the official racecourse website. Fractional odds regularly see odds for winning in the UK. Fractional odds are represented with two numbers, with the first number signifying the amount you could win, and the second number represents the amount of money it is to place your bet.
For example, 10/1 means you could win $10 on a $1 bet placed. More significant numbers, like 17/2, indicate a horse is less likely to win the race, whereas if the second number in the fraction is higher, like 4/11, the horse is more favored to win the race.
Sometimes, odds are viewed in the decimal method. In this case, there is only one number, which you multiply by the amount you want to bet to determine the amount of money you would win on the bet. The smaller the total number, the more likely the odds are your bet will win.
To choose a horse to bet upon, some view the stats on the racecard. This will give you statistics like the horses’ performance in the past few races, and the horses’ performance in similar conditions on the same track. Others bet the odds, either by decimal or fractional configuration. Some turn to industry tip experts, like The Racing Post, for tips on which horses to bet. Finally, some folks like a horse or jockey’s name or the number of letters in the name match their own, or any other reason they decide to choose a particular horse to bet upon. The sky is the limit in reasons to gamble one specific horse, and the choice is all yours to make.

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