Dundalk Stadium Odds Betting Sites

Dundalk Stadium is a racecourse of two halves, featuring both horse and dog racing and is the only all-weather track of its kind in Ireland. The stadium prides itself on being ‘more than just a racing venue’ and offers a variety of hospitality options on site. Visitors to the stadium will be met with a wealth of bars as well as three different eateries including fast food, a carvery, and a beautiful restaurant.

The Dundalk stadium has a long history of over 120 years but has undergone many reworkings during that time. In 2007, Dundalk stadium underwent a complete renovation and refurbishment which totally changed the feel and purpose of the site, after been originally opened four years previously, in 2003. The stadium boasts a fully floodlit poly-track surface which is coated with a wax surface, making it modern and innovative. The full track is a total of 10 furlongs but also features a smaller sprinting track at 5 furlongs. The racecourse features stables that can house up to 130 horses and kennels for many greyhounds.

Many racecourses only operate full time throughout the spring and summer seasons and that is where Dundalk is special. The course really lights up during the winter months when visitors can attend a flat race at least once each week.

In 1999, the stadium was brought out and the greyhound racing was introduced, this stadium is the only dual-purpose racecourse in the whole of Europe, making it somewhat unique and interesting.

Where is the Dundalk Racecourse?

The Dundalk stadium can be found in the town of Dundalk which is located in County Louth, Ireland. The racecourse can be accessed by using the M1 and N25 roads respectively if visitors are arriving by car. When driving, the racecourse can be reached from Dublin in just 45 minutes and from Belfast within an hour. There is a good amount of parking at the stadium and visitors have the option to safely leave their vehicle overnight should they so wish.

If traveling by train, the stadium is accessed via the Dundalk train station, usually by the Enterprise high-speed rail network. For air passengers, Dublin airport is just a 40-minute drive from the stadium. There is a bus service which can be taken from the airport, which runs directly to the stadium, making arriving at the venue quickly and simple.

What is the highest attendance at Dundalk Racecourse?

During the renovations of Dundalk, the maximum capacity was improved, creating space enough for 7500 people. The stadium is filled to capacity most weeks due to the popularity it holds.

As well as the grandstand, the stadium offers The View restaurant which can seat up to 400 people, ideal for those colder nights when you want to watch the race in comfort.

How do I bet on the horses at Dundalk Stadium Racecourse?

As with all racecourses, visitors can place bets on-site before any race begins. With race and horse/dog information readily available, it is simple to place a bet with onsite bookmakers. It is important to retain your receipt in order to be able to claim any winnings you may have earned, so always keep this safe. Part of the fun of race night is in the betting, however, this is not the only way to take part.

For those who cannot attend the stadium, or for those who prefer, bets can be placed online before the race begins. A good place to start when betting online is an independent website that offers full information on each race and the horses/dogs taking part. One such site is www.oddschecker.com which provides the aforementioned information as well as displaying results after each race.

This website and many others like it also provide links to free bets. These offers are usually for those who are a new sign up to the website of a bookmaker and are used as an incentive to bet. However, even for those who already hold an account, many of these independent websites have offers in place.

Once you have gathered all the information that you require, you can click through to the bookmakers’ website of your choice and place your bets. There are areas of each website that are dedicated to a specific sport or venue and so finding your way around is as easy as placing the bet itself.

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