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General Information and History of the Newcastle Racecourse

The Newcastle Racecourse is a horse racing heaven for any horse racing enthusiast who loves to place a good wager. This pristine racetrack has a sleek and elegant layout, which makes the Newcastle Racecourse an ideal place to watch a good horse race as it ensures that every seat in the stadium is the best seat. The Newcastle Racecourse has been home to many famous horse races since it was its initial beginnings in 1882. The townspeople of Newcastle opened the Newcastle Racecourse upon Tyne. The townspeople of Newcastle upon Tyne decided to construct and operate a permanent horse racing track after the sport became popular 350 years before the reign of King Charles II. King Charles II was the king of Great Britain from his crowning in 1727 until his death in 1760. King Charles II was an avid horse racing fan. This is especially true for horse races that involved 5-year-old stallions running 3-mile heats. King Charles II adored this method of horse racing so much that he officiated this method of horse racing under his control in 1753 at, where else, but Newcastle upon Tyre. The Newcastle Racecourse is best known for its multiple horse races that are held annually throughout the year. The most famous of these annual horse races in undoubtedly the Northumberland plate. The Northumberland plate has been held annually at the Newcastle Racecourse since it’s the first race in June of 1833. Since then, Newcastle Racecourse is home to 60 horse races every year. Multiple owners have owned the Newcastle racecourse. Currently, the Newcastle Racecourse is owned by the Arena Racing Company, which is also called the ARC Racing and Leisure Group. The Arena Racing Company or the ARC Racing and Leisure Group gained the rights to the Newcastle Racecourse in December of 2013. This was just a year after this privately-owned English company was founded by the merging of two significant and separate privately-owned English companies. These two companies were the Arena Leisure company and the Northern racing company. At Newcastle Racecourse, one can see both flat and national hunt horse racing.

Where is the Newcastle Racecourse?

Despite what people might initially believe from the name, the Newcastle Racecourse isn’t technically located in Newcastle, England. Newcastle Racecourse is located in Gosforth park, which is located just to the north of the town of Newcastle upon Tyne, which itself is located in Great Britain, or more specifically in England. Newcastle upon Tyne is a prominent city in the Tyne and Wear district of North East England. Newcastle upon Tyne is the most populated city in the Tyre and Wear district. Newcastle Racecourse has a very convenient location. Newcastle Racecourse is 6 miles away from Newcastle International Airport. Newcastle Racecourse is only 2 miles away from Newcastle Central Station, Regent Centre, and Four Lane Ends Metro Stations.

What is the highest attendance at Newcastle Racecourse?

Newcastle Racecourse is a state of the art racecourse. That being said, this gorgeous venue has become a widely popular site to many people, both locally, nationally, and globally. Due to this, Newcastle Racecourse is always undergoing renovations to accommodate its growing number of patrons that increase every year. Currently, Newcastle Racecourse can provide over 1000 attendants. The largest attendance ever recorded for a horse race held at Newcastle Racecourse was 15000, which occurred at one of their most popular events, which were Ladies day. Ladies’ day is still held annually at Newcastle Racecourse on any day between the last week of June to the first week of July.

How do I bet on horses at Newcastle Racecourse?

Betting on horses at any race that is held at Newcastle Racecourse is simple and easy. One way to bet on a horse race at Newcastle Racecourse is through Newcastle Racecourse Odds betting sites. These betting sites include websites such as On these websites, a horse race watcher can easily go online and virtually bet on their preferred racing horse. This method of betting can be done in the comfort of Newcastle Racecourse as they provide free wifi connectivity. Another way in which someone can bet at a race that is held at Newcastle Racecourse is at Newcastle Racecourse itself. The employes who are employed at Newcastle Racecourse are trained professionals who are certified to carry outside table betting during the horse races that occur at the Newcastle Racecourse venue.

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