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Of all the many and varied features and qualities that today’s punters look for in a betting website or app, a cash-out feature is often high on the list.

As betting has become increasingly popular and mainstream, gamblers are always looking for an opportunity to gain an advantage over bookies. Cash-out offers the chance to do this. This feature is offered by top bookmaker Betway Sports.

Back in the day, gambling was an all-or-nothing affair. Punters could place single and multiple bets on a range of sports, then wait for the results to come in. If the bet was successful, happy times for the punter. If not, it was the bookie who was left grinning at the point of bet settlement.

The march of technology in the 21st Century has changed countless industries, though, and the betting markets are no exception. The use of betting sites and apps over the net means that live, in-play bets become increasingly important. The latest addition to this development is the use of the cash-out feature on the best betting sites.

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What is Betway Cash Out?

Cash-out is a chance to claim winnings on a bet before a wager comes to its natural end. The bet settlement figure will not be the full odds, but your bookie will offer you a compromise on how much you can expect to take home from your qualifying bet.

Football matches are arguably the most popular wagers that attract cash out. Let’s imagine that you have bet on a match between Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur through the Betway app or website, placing £10 on Leicester to win at odds of 3-1.

In the 80th minute, the scoreboard has Leicester City ahead 1-0. Great – 10 minutes left to hold on. If they do so and win the game, you’ll receive £40 from Betway – £30 in winnings, plus the return of your bet credits stake.

Alas, in a game of football, multiple things can influence the outcome – and 10 minutes can feel like a long time. If Leicester have a player sent off and another go down injured, and Tottenham apply more and more pressure to their goal, you could understandably grow nervous. It only takes one goal for your entire bet to fall apart.

Betway cash out will give you the opportunity to make an offer and accept a win in this 80th minute. Maybe you’ll be offered odds of 1.5-1 for a Leicester win if you cash out early. If you accept this offer, it’s as though the match ended at that exact point and you placed your bet at 1.5-1. You’ll receive £25 from Betway – a return of your stake and £15 in winnings.

You could think of this as being £15 down on what you’ll win if they hold on to their lead until the final whistle. Remember, though, until the final whistle blows, those winnings are just theoretical. If Tottenham were to equalise, you’ll be up by £25 as such an outcome will leave you with nothing. As with all elements of gambling, you’ll need to weigh up the risk and reward and make your decision.

Betway Cash Out Betting

Does Betway Offer Partial Cash Out?

The cash-out option is an increasingly important addition to the betting canon for most punters.

As that became increasingly popular and commonplace, however, more needed to be done to stand apart.

Partial cash out became important to anybody enjoying in-play gambling – and Betway offers this feature

What is Betway Partial Cash Out?

Partial cash out is a way to essentially hedge your bets. You can use some of your qualifying deposit to cash out, leaving the rest to wait until the final whistle.

Let’s return to our example above – a £10 bet on Leicester City to beat Tottenham Hotspur, placed at odds of 3-1. Partial cash out in the 80th minute could involve keeping £5 on this outcome and cashing £5 early at odds of 1.5-1.

  • If Leicester City win in this instance, you would receive £32.50 (2 x £5 returned stakes, £7.50 in winnings from your cashed out bet, £15 in winnings from your original bet)
  • If Leicester City do not win in this instance, you would receive £12.50 (£5 returned stake and £7.50 in winnings from your cashed out bet. The stake and winnings applied to Leicester City winning were applied to a losing bet, and thus redundant)

The latter outcome may not feel too appealing. Eliminate your stake and you’re basically only up by £2.50. Still, that’s surely better than nothing? Think of it as a £2.50 free bet to place on a future event.

Is Betway Cash Out Only Available on Football?

Not at all – punters can cash out on any number of sporting events, including British or Irish horse racing. If you’ve been waiting for National Hunt season and want to place a handful of bets on the Grand National festival, including the Betway Easter Classic, you’re more than welcome.

We just used football as an example for two reasons – many new UK customers are drawn to betting sites by football wagers, and it’s a much longer sporting event than horse racing. Any sport with overall odds can enjoy the benefits of a cash out, including the most prestigious races.

How Does Betway Calculate Cash Out Value on a Qualifying Bet?

Your cash-out offer will depend upon the real-time odds at the time.

These will rise and fall based on what is unfolding on the pitch, race track or venue in question. Part of the skill of maximising the benefits of cash out is knowing when to push the button and make the move.

What Tcs and Cs Apply to Betway Cash Out?

As with any betting platform, Betway has particular rules surrounding its cash-out feature. If you wish to take advantage of this customer offer, be aware of the following:

  • You can opt to cash out on a single bet or multiple punts, but in the instance of a multiple bet at least one event needs to finish before bet settlement
  • If you’re betting on horse racing, you are restricted to win only outcomes – most betting sites, Betway included, will not allow an each-way bet to settle via cash out
  • If you choose to cash out, you will immediately settle your bet at the odds provided by Betway
  • The decision to cash out is final. Make sure you’re certain that you want to accept an offering before pushing the button
  • Betway reserves the right to withdraw the option to cash out on any event, at any time, without warning
  • Betway may dictate that payment method exclusions apply to cashing out – do not be surprised if you cannot cash out on a punt placed using an e-wallet service. If in doubt, stick to cashing out on debit card deposits
  • Free bets may not qualify for cashing out. New customers will be keen to unlock free bet offers, but that first bet should be considered a reward in and of itself – check the rules carefully
  • Best Odds Guaranteed is a separate promotion and is not eligible to be used with any cash-out offer

How to Claim Betway Cash Out

If you’re keen to take advantage of Betway’s cash-out feature, here’s how to use Betway Cash Out:

  • If you do not already have one, open a new account with Betway
  • Using your login, sign in to the Betway site or app
  • Add a qualifying deposit to your Betway account number
  • Place a qualifying bet
  • Watch the events connected to your wager unfold in real-time
  • If you want to cash out, look up your unsettled bets on the app or website
  • Cash-out your bet and collect your winnings

Cash-out can make betting a little more fun and secure, especially for new customers that are learning how to make the most of the feature. Always practice responsible gambling, though – even with the safety net of cashing out, betting losses are real.

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Summary of Betway Cash Out

Most betting sites offer similar rules and regs surrounding cash out, including minimum deposit funds, limited use of free bets and payment method restrictions. The Betway cash-out option is perfectly fair and reputable, and if used safely and as an opportunity to play responsibly, it can add an extra layer to your gambling experience.

Here are the pros and cons of the Betway Cash Out Value button they have.

  • More control of your sports bets
  • No cash-out options free bet offers