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Use our Goliath Bet calculator to work out your winnings now.

The Goliath Bet Calculator will work out your winnings on your Goliath bet. Simply fill in the details and we will do all the hard work. 

With 247 bets on a Goliath, trying to work out the winnings yourselves is almost impossible but fear not, our easy to use and free mobile-friendly bet calculator can work it all out quickly and easily. Simply enter the results, odds and your stake and the returns will be generated.

Use the Goliath bet calculator now:

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How to Use the Goliath Calculator

  1. Make sure that on the bet calculator “Goliath” is selected on the ‘Bet Type’ dropdown
  2. The ‘Number of Selections’ should default to 8 selections
  3. Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection, either “Winner”, “Placed”, “Lost”, “Dead Heat”, “Void” or “Non-runner”
  4. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection, such as “4/1”, “14/1”, “5/2” (you can choose your odds format – such as decimal or fractional)
  5. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet, such as “£12”, “£24”, “£38” (if you prefer you can select “Total Combined Stake”)
  6. The Goliath bet calculator will then work out the total outlay (total stake), total return and total profit
Goliath Bet Calculator
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Frequently Asked Questions about a Goliath Bet

The most popular questions we get asked about Goliaths are:

What is a Goliath Bet?

The Goliath bet is a huge bet that consists of doubles, trebles, four-fold, five-fold, six-fold, seven-fold and an eight-fold accumulator. There is an incredible total of 247 bets spread across eight selections.

This enables experienced punters to enjoy large returns. Calculating the returns can become a little tricky because of the sheer size of the bet. There are numerous types of bets and that means that even if one pick loses, you’ll still have a good chance of winning an appetising reward.

One thing to consider when placing a Goliath bet is that you may need a large sum to stake. You will want to equally stake on each part of the bet and with there being 247 bets in total, it adds up.

A Goliath Bet Explained

The Goliath bet is known as one of the biggest possible bet types. You can select eight different games or events. This will then divide into 247 different bets, if you were to stake £1 on a win-only Goliath bet, then it will cost you a total stake of £247.

Here’s what you need to know about a Goliath bet:

  • It is a multiple bet used for numerous sports, including football and horse racing
  • You will need eight different selections
  • It will then use a full-cover strategy, consisting of 247 bets in total
  • Read on to find out how these bets are placed

There’s a lot of appeal to this bet, even if your picks do not come in, you have a good chance of seeing a return. It becomes difficult to calculate how much you’ll win and much of the task is then to work out your profit or loss – that’s why a bet calculator is your best option.

A Goliath bet is made up of:

  • 28 x doubles
  • 56 x trebles
  • 70 x four-folds
  • 56 x five-folds
  • 28 x six-fold
  • 8 seven-folds
  • 1 x eight-fold accumulator

As you can see Goliath betting gives you a lot of “bang for your buck! with 247 bets!

How to Place a Goliath Bet Online

These types of bets sound complicated, and in many ways they are. Regardless of there being over 200 bets and eight selections, you can easily place a Goliath bet, as below:

  1. Simply pick the eight selections you want in your Goliath bet
  2. Click on Goliath as an option
  3. Enter your stake
  4. Click place bet

That’s it!

If you are placing a bet in a local bookmakers you will have to fill a slip in and hand it to a cashier.

If you considering opening a horse racing betting account check out our guides to the best betting sites and find one to suit you. All of those listed in our guide also reached our list of best betting apps – which is the preferred way to bet for many.

How to Calculate the Winnings

Calculating the winnings is no easy feat so we recommend you use our official Goliath bet calculator to help you find out how much you’ve won. Alternatively, you can wait for the online bookmaker to pay-out – or try and work out 247 yourself!

How Many Selections Need to Win for a Goliath to Be Profitable?

There are no single bets within this Goliath. That means that you need at least two bets to win before being entitled to a return.

How much you have won, then comes down to the odds in the two winners (or placed horses if each way). Again, use the calculator to work out exactly how much you have won. Do note, that you need at least two results to come your way and if you want to profit they will need to be very big odds.

If you get several selections that win, you could be in for a good return.

Can I do an Each Way Bet?

A common question is whether or not you can do a Goliath each-way bet? You can, but bear in mind that this doubles the amount of bets that are placed and therefore your total stake as for every win-only bet, you will also be able to have an each-way bet.

If a horse places, then you still win but the odds will be significantly lower.

An each-way Goliath bet totals 494 bets.

Popular Questions

How many bets are in a Goliath?

In a Goliath there are 247 bets in total as below:

  • 28 x doubles
  • 56 x trebles
  • 70 x fourfolds
  • 56 x fivefolds
  • 28 x sixfold
  • 8 sevenfolds
  • 1 x eight-fold accumulator

How do you win a Goliath bet?

To win a Goliath bet at least two of your selections must be successful to get any return.

What is the Goliath bet?

A Goliath bet is a multiple bet which consists of 247 bets made up from eight selections.

Summary of Our Goliath Bet Calculator

It’s not a small bet, as the name suggests. A Goliath totals 247 bets spread over eight selections. There’s more chance of winning but you will have to stake a lot of money.

As previously mentioned if you stake £1, it will then total £247. You can place a Goliath bet with all the big bookmakers including 888 Sports, William Hill, bet365, Ladbrokes and more.

That said a Goliath is a hugely popular horse racing betting type, especially for those settling down to an afternoon of racing on TV.

If you place a Goliath – good luck and enjoy!

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