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Use our Canadian Bet calculator to work out your winnings now.

Our Candian bet calculator works out your winnings on this popular type of bet. Our calculator is mobile-friendly and easy to use, so find out how much you have won on horse racing today. 

If you have won on a Canadian it can be tricky working out what to expect from the bookies but fear not, you can use our free and easy to use calculator to work out what you can expect back. Simply enter your results, your stake, odds format preference, the betting odds and we will do the rest!

You can find out your results on our quick and easy horse racing results page.

Use the free Canadain bet calculator now:

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How to Use the Canadian Bet Calculator

Here is the step by step guide how to use our Canadian bet calculator:

  1. Select “Canadian” on the ‘Bet Type’ dropdown
  2. The ‘Number of Selections’ should default to 5 selections
  3. Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection, either “Winner”, “Placed”, “Lost”, “Void” or “Non-runner”
  4. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection, such as “3/1”, “8/1”, “7/2” (you can select fractional or decimal odds)
  5. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet, for example, “£40”, “£2”, “£5”
  6. The Canadian Bet Calculator will work out total outlay, total return and total profit

Canadian Bet Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian Bets

Here are the most popular questions we get asked about Canadian Bets:

What is a Canadian Bet?

A Canadian bet is similar to a Yankee. It consists of five selections and 26 different bets.

It gives punters a chance to enjoy returns without all of the 5 selections winning or placing.

So How Can I Place one of These Bets?

The Canadian bet is made up of:

The bet seems complex but it is simple to place a Canadian bet online or in a betting shop, simply choose your five selections then click on “Canadian bet”. It will automatically make it into the bet above.

If you are in a shop, such as a Ladbrokes betting shop or a William Hill shop, you will need to fill in a betting slip and hand this to the cashier.

The Canadian Bet Explained in Detail

This type of bet is similar to a Yankee bet and a Lucky 31. The difference is it entails five different selections and a total of 26 bets.

It’s also known as a Super Yankee, due to its resemblance and the fact that it offers more bets.

In summary, a Canadian or Super Yankee offers:

  •     Five different betting selections
  •     In total there will be 26 bets spread across these choices
  •     The bets are 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and a five-fold accumulator

This type of punt allows you more chance of winning as not all your selections have to win or place.

A Canadian is more expensive than an accumulator; that’s because of the number of bets.

This Super Yankee or Canadian – needs a minimum of two winning choices to guarantee a return. Each runner has an equal effect on the return from this bet meaning that a single loss can cause a huge impact on the overall winnings. Like the Lucky 31, The Canadian boasts a range of bookmaker bonuses.

Are Canadian Bets Worth It?

Canadian bets are a very popular betting type because you get multiple chances of winning.

They are popular with people settling down to an afternoon of watching racing on TV!

The reason Canadians are popular is that you only need to get two placed horses if wagering an equally divided each-way bet.

The winnings accumulate very quickly when you start to get a few winners and the odds multiply to attractive winning returns.

How to Place a Canadian Bet Online and in A Betting Shop

As complicated as it sounds, it’s actually a very easy bet to place. It’s a thrilling one due to the chances of winning.

Follow these simple steps when placing a bet of this nature.

  1.     Find the five selections you wish to place. Add them to your bet slip.
  2.     Enter the stake in the Canadian box under multiple bets.
  3.     Confirm the bet. It’s that simple!

That obviously applies to online betting but you can of course place at a local bookmakers. So now you know how a Canadian bet works, why not try it next time you’re betting on racing?

Which Bookmakers Accept a Canadian bet?

All online bookies accept Canadian bets.

The most popular bookmakers who wager Canadian Bets with bonuses are:

If you are looking to place a Canadain bet online the below bookies are the current best online bookmakers, check them out today as all have some fantastic offers for new customers:

We always strongly recommend placing bets with bookies offering best odds guaranteed – which all the above offer. All of the above all also have great associated online betting apps.

Popular Questions

How do you work out a Canadian bet?

The best way to work out a Canadian bet is to use our free Canadian calculator.

If you want to find out how much you’ve won manually then you will need to times the odds of each winning bet. You will need to check the winning doubles, trebles, four-folds and accumulator.

  1. Multiply the odds of the winning doubles. Then do the same for trebles, four-folds and the accumulator.
  2. You can then add all of the amounts together to total the returns – that will be your profit.
  3. We recommend calculating this on an official Canadian bet calculator online for ease.

What is a Canadian bet?

A Canadian bet is five selections and 26 different bets, these are:

  • 10 x doubles
  • 10 x trebles
  • 5 x four-folds
  • 1 x five-fold accumulator

It gives punters a chance to enjoy returns without all of the selections winning or placing in.

What bets make up a Canadian?

The following bets make up a Canadian:

  • 10 x doubles
  • 10 x trebles
  • 5 x four-folds
  • 1 x five-fold accumulator

Is a Canadian a good bet?

We think a Canadian is a good bet as it’s exciting and the winnings can really build up as you get more winners.

It is a popular weekend for many punters who watch the racing on TV.

Summary of The Canadian Bet (Super Yankee) & Calculator

The Canadian bet calculator (also known as a Super Yankee calculator) is a fast way to calculate winnings from your 5 selection bet.

You just need to enter your bet details; betting odds and odds format, and wager and it will work out your winnings and total return.

Other similar bet types, where you select five selections, are a Lucky 31 bet and a Super Flag bet so check those out today as well.

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